Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! (A Meta-fictional Adventure)

(WIP Cover Art)

What will you do when you discover that rewriting your mother’s unfinished story creates a plot hole in the real world?

Grab your plot armor and join your twin sibling and friends in a meta-fictional adventure! Explore different story worlds—from fantasy and sci-fi, to mythology and mystery. Will you discover your mother’s secrets? Or will villains, plot twists, and character development prevent you from getting your happily ever after?

Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! is written as a love letter to all the kids-at-heart out there, who’d like to revisit their childhood and reimagine it as one big trope-filled fantasy adventure. It’s light-hearted, it’s whimsical, but it also aims to explore, deconstruct, and reconstruct the more serious tropes and themes on what it means to be a character in a story (such as character deaths and the abundance of orphan protagonists).



:star: Explore different story worlds!

  • Choose from 8 different origin story genres: Fantasy, Fairytales, Sci-Fi, Mythology, Horror, Mystery, Superheroes, and Adventure

:star: Meaningful choices and immersive customization!

  • With a character-driven, first-person narrative that offers plenty of flavor text, your choices will not only change the narrative, but also your character’s vocabulary and tone as well.

:star: Fight legendary creatures!

  • Go toe-to-paw against the Big Bad Wolf, outgrabe the Jabberwock, and send the Lernaean Hydra back to its constellation!

:star: Encounter adorable companions along the way!

  • Piglets, dragons, and everything mice! Bring your favorite stuffed toy to life! Rescue a baby that fell from a stork!

:star: Complete side-quests!

  • Help out dwarves and halflings in a civil war, join a pirate gang in a post-apocalyptic spaceship graveyard, and solve the mystery of your mother’s secrets!

:star: Inevitable puppy love subplot!

  • Have crushes on your classmates (or those you meet in your adventures), or stay oblivious and just be friends with everyone.

:star: Dynamic stats screen, inventory, and personal diary!

  • Keep track of all your important choices, secrets discovered, as well as your magical treasure collection!

:star: Musical scenes and unique character art!


:rainbow: Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole!

Current word count including code: 96,000+
Average words per playthrough: 32,000~
Latest Update (Feb 8, 2021)

Ver. 2.14 Highlights

  • First half of Chapter Two is completed!
  • Survey Results have been updated with new data.
  • Pronoun pin is now optional.
  • Removed Generous and Selfish traits.
  • Slightly reduced frequency of Tagalog words/phrases.
  • Fixed more bugs and typos, including the looping locker scene.

A complete update log can be found in the demo.

Playthrough Codes

When you finish the demo, you will see a code that you can submit to a survey. I’ll be sharing the data collected at the end of the demo, where you’ll see the percentage of people who picked the same choices as you. It’s not necessary to submit a code, but you can submit as many codes as you want!

Here’s the link again if you missed it!

What's in the next update?

:star: Check out the latest update post!


Your Family

Your Twin: Your 11-year-old opposite-sex twin sibling. Your twin has a customizable appearance and personality depending on several variables, but they will always have a different opinion about your mother. You and your twin will be 12 years old by the end of the story.

Mommy Maggie: Your mother. She’s the reason you and your twin love bedtime stories so much. She started writing her own bedtime story where you are the two main characters, but she never finished it. She left you and your twin when you turned 4 years old to work abroad, or at least, that’s what she said. She promised to return when you turned 8, but she never did.

Your Father: You’ve only seen your father through pictures, and your mother seems reluctant to tell you the truth about where he is. But she seems to be very sure of one thing: that he loves both of you.

Auntie Julie and Uncle Robert: Your mother’s estranged sister and your auntie’s husband. Your mother left you with them before she went abroad. They were reluctant at first, but eventually they grew to love you as their own children.

Kuya Patrick: Your 17-year-old cousin. He may be a little irresponsible at times, but he treats you and your twin as his own siblings, mostly because he grew up as an only child. Ever since your mother left, he’s been the one telling you bedtime stories, although he has been busy with school work recently.

Your Friends

(Work in Progress)

Wayne Dela Cruz

(Male, 11-12 years old)
Preferred Personality: Silly and Stubborn

The group baby. Wayne is an attention seeker who loves teasing his friends. He is the type of friend who will do the stupidest things just because it’s stupid, but he can also be very stubborn when being told what to do. He lives with his single father, after his mother broke up with him. While silly and very playful, he is also secretly a mama’s boy, who wishes to build spaceships, time machines and flying ice cream trucks with his mother.

Wayne is the shortest boy in class, and he says it’s because he’s a leap day baby. He got his nickname when he was little, when he couldn’t pronounce the ‘r’ in rainbow properly. He is a romantic at heart and loves teasing Roselyna. His favorite story genre is fantasy.

Roselyna Del Rosario

(Female, 11-12 years old)
Preferred Personality: Emotional, Reliant, and Precocious

The group mommy. Roselyna’s motto in life is, “Eat, Pray, Hug!”. She loves eating sweets and is a total cuddle bug. Roselyna is emotionally sensitive, and although she likes to please people due to her insecurities, she can be spoiled and manipulative at times. She lives with her religious parents who adopted her since she was a baby.

Roselyna is the shortest girl in class, and likes to describe herself as “huggable and fluffy”. She’s been bestfriends with Wayne since preschool, and wishes she had a brother like him. Her favorite story genre is fairytales.

John Michael Magbantay Jr.

(Male, 10 years old)
Preferred Personality: Disciplined and Sensible

The group daddy and youngest member of the group. Proud class president, grade rep and future valedictorian. JM is an overachiever, hoping to earn his father’s love and trust, who sees him as an unwanted child from his now missing mother. He also lives with his step-mother, and his naughty and nice step-siblings, Brandon and Beatrice.

While he doesn’t like enforcing the rules, he is very strict, and he only tolerates Wayne and Lily’s antics because they’re friends. His favorite story genre is mythology.

Lilyanne Punzalan

(Female, 13 years old)
Preferred Personality: Manipulative and Independent

The de facto leader and the tallest and oldest member of the group, much to JM’s chagrin. She is the class secretary, and acts as the group’s secret-keeper. Lily likes to play detective, and tries to spend as much time as possible away from her adoptive mothers, who don’t want her to find out what happened to her birth parents.

Lily is a bit of an introvert, but she prefers the term, “selectively social”. She has dimples when she smiles, which Wayne likes to make fun of. Her favorite story genres are sci-fi and mystery.

Brandon/Beatrice Gardner

(Male/Female, 11 years old)
Preferred Personality: Honest and Emotional

The group’s nemesis and JM’s step-sibling. A former member of the group, B wants to take revenge on the friends who betrayed them. Brandon and Beatrice are two different characters, but who is which depends on your choice. The other one you don’t pick will be JM’s supportive little step-sibling.

Crush Options

Currently you can have a crush on Wayne, Roselyna, JM, Lily, and Brandon/Beatrice. At least four more will be introduced later.

If puppy love is not your thing, each character has a friendship route too which has similar scenes, so you won’t miss out on anything.

This section will be updated once Chapter Two is complete!

Supporting Characters

Ma’am Bianes: Your adviser and favorite English teacher. Although she is a little corny and cheesy sometimes, you wish all the teachers would be like her.

Randelle: Your section’s resident gossiper, and one of your seatmates. They’re one of those people who never runs out of stories.

Francesca: The class treasurer, and one of your seatmates. She is usually pretty quiet, but she seems more comfortable when talking to you.

(This section will be updated as more characters are introduced.)


If you enjoyed it (or hated it), I’d really appreciate it if you drop me a like and some feedback (here or through PM). It encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. :heart:

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, I’ll try to consider each feedback. I can’t solve what I’m not aware of, after all!

Feedback I'm looking for (You don't have to answer each one, of course):
  • How did you find the writing style?
    • Did you find the non-English dialogue confusing?
  • Was there any point in the story where you felt bored?
  • What do you think of the personality system in general?
    • Was there a choice that gave you a different personality stat increase from what you thought?
    • Was there a scene where your MC acts inconsistently, or out of character? (For example, a cold MC acting friendly towards someone they don’t like?)
  • Are the characters’ voices (Wayne, Roselyna, Lily, JM, B) distinct from each other?
    • If you like or dislike any of the characters, it would be helpful to tell me why!
  • Do you have any theories about what happened to B, or why the twins’ mother really left?
  • Do you have any headcanons about your twins? I’d love to hear about them! I’m always looking for more banter and interactions to put into the story.

Tumblr & Discord

I will be having one in the near future! Stay tuned!

i remember playing the previous demos before and i’m really liking everything so far.

While the previous demos gave me the taste of the thought process and feelings of my MC (and to an extent, their friends), this version makes me feel more intuned with my MC.

i also like that the MC has a lot more interactions with their twin, their friends (well 3 out of 4 of them) and some other characters that weren’t in the previous demos like their mother, their teacher and their classmates.

Edit: is it okay to post fanart here?


Thanks for the feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad you like the new demo! And yup, I had a lot of fun developing both the new and old characters, and they have a lot more personality now. Who was your favorite character so far?

Please do! :blush:

i don’t know if i have a favorite character yet but i would love to be friends with Roselyna and i’m excited to meet Lily.

Some fanart:

Remy (left) and Ryan (right)
Picrew by haruaki


Hi, I just wanted to ask if you still needed testers? I didn’t play the original demo but this sounds absolutely fascinating. I look forward to hearing more about this game!

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Heyo if you still need testers im down i haven’t played the original demo but this seems fun to play.

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The original demo is still on dashingdon so you can try it

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If you still need tester I’ll test


I haven’t read the first demo- though I am about to see if I can track it down on Dashingdon to try- but I’d love to test if you have an available spot.

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@Abe Omg I love them so much! Thank you for sharing them! :blush:

I can’t wait to finish Chapter 2 so I can introduce Lily! She’s a very complex character even if she doesn’t sound like that at first, and there’s actually a plot-related reason she’s the last to be introduced. Also, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to be friends with Roselyna. Hehe.

I appreciate everyone who has expressed interest so far, and I’ve already sent the link to them. There’s still plenty of spots left!

I didn’t link the old demo because I’ll admit that it wasn’t very good, and it’s not really representative of the story anymore since I did a total rewrite.


You have the best stat screen I ever seen, absolutely gorgeous. I would like to choose our gender and name earlier ( I confused because I don’t know if this/that will decide my MC name/gender )


@Buraida_Zubair Hi! Are you talking about the old demo? I can give you the link to the new one if you want!

@Manaxaggd Aww, thanks. It’s even more better now! I’ve addressed this in the new demo–do you want the link too?

Uhh i might be intrested

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i guess i never mentioned the stats screen before but i really do love how it looks. With the font used for the headers and the particular stats you used really did match with the RPG-like style you were going for.

i also like the inclusion of traits per (well for the lack of a better word) category. You know i mentioned this before but it does make it easier for me to visualize about my MC and their twin.

You also did a good job in writing the kid characters as kids and creating a rather fun atmosphere. It's rather refreshing.

I’d be interested in giving feedback if you still need someone!

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All of the characters really feel real, and I love all the different ways it’s possible to interact with them. The way you react with your twin feels really natural. The stats and the enter and exit texts for various characters really add to the feeling of the game. It’s really interesting and unique.

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@Abe has said what I would, so she speaks for both of us … thank you for a refreshing story.

I also really like the (temporary) cover art… I would consider making it permanent.


Yeah, so you know that handwriting choice? I’m actually planning to make 4 different headers for each style! :smile:

And it’s fun writing their dialogue! One of my biggest problems in writing is actually including the action/dialogue beats since I can easily just have walls of dialogue. (It’s even harder to do with all the constant branching/merging.)

MC’s voice took me quite a while to pin down because of the different personalities, but I think all of them sound consistent so far.

@feather_light Thanks for the feedback! Do you have a favorite character so far?

Also, I’m interested to hear your (and everyone else’s) MCs and their relationship with each other!

@Eiwynn Thank you for gracing me with your presence! :blush:

I might use it somewhere else, but I actually have a WIP of the cover art in the demo. I guess it doesn’t hurt to post it here too.

WIP Cover Art (Very mild spoilers)

Also, quick update: There’s only 2 slots left! I can increase it, but I’ll have to wait for the first round of feedback first.


I haven’t played the (older version) game, but i’d like to be a beta tester if you still have a spot!

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Well I do love talking about my favorites and my MC soooo…

My personal favorite is Wayne so far. Haikus, teasing, might be crushing on my best hug-friend for life… what’s not to like? Roselyna’s a close second. I mean… hugs. JM’s cool, but not the type of character I usually prefer. He’s not unlikable, just not my cup of tea.

I’ve somehow already managed to find myself two sets of twins I’m rather attached to in my playthroughs. Maddie (the MC) and Mason, and Luke (the MC) and Reyna. (If I have time later today I’ll try my hand at some fan art).

Maddie’s more of the shy type. She’s the younger twin, and her and Mason are really close. She’s a rule follower and extremely organized. Loves Roselyna’s hugs with a passion, and doesn’t see Wayne’s appeal. She’s still waiting for her Mama to come home. Her stuffed puppy’s name is Sparky, and her brother’s is Stormy.

Luke on the other hand is an extravert. He’s the older twin, and has a love-hate relationship with Reyna. He’s always been fairly independent, and not a big fan of hugs. Totally on board with Wayne’s attitude, but JM isn’t his favorite person… He threw out his Mom’s family picture, and doesn’t bother checking his texts. His dino’s name is Luke Jr., and his sister’s is Belladona.

If I do get around to that art, I’ll make sure to share it :wink:

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