Modern Witches: Coven [ WIP : updated 12-09-18 ]



I like what you have so far in the demo, and I’m really looking forward to more in the future. Great job with the storytelling so far, and the options for customization are great too (nice touch with the gemstones for eye color, that was really clever).


Can’t wait for the next update!


Love the customisation, brilliant introduction, will keep me eyes on future updates. As mentioned before tho, going to stats results in ever-loading freeze (using chrome).


Are the gemstones used common? I have never heard of some of them before and I don’t mind going on google to search what color the ones I didn’t know of have but maybe other people might.


When I stated reading the updated version I thought it was another wip lol, a looot changed it seems How dare you change my G kiss scene, about the gemstones, the ones for dark eye colors are not very common so I had to look it up, I enjoyed the new version, the prologue has me intriguedso the mc killed G in another life hum, looking forward to this wip , can’t wait to meet a coven