Modern Witches: Coven [ WIP : minor update 23-09-18 ]



I like what you have so far in the demo, and I’m really looking forward to more in the future. Great job with the storytelling so far, and the options for customization are great too (nice touch with the gemstones for eye color, that was really clever).


Can’t wait for the next update!


Love the customisation, brilliant introduction, will keep me eyes on future updates. As mentioned before tho, going to stats results in ever-loading freeze (using chrome).


Are the gemstones used common? I have never heard of some of them before and I don’t mind going on google to search what color the ones I didn’t know of have but maybe other people might.


When I stated reading the updated version I thought it was another wip lol, a looot changed it seems How dare you change my G kiss scene, about the gemstones, the ones for dark eye colors are not very common so I had to look it up, I enjoyed the new version, the prologue has me intriguedso the mc killed G in another life hum, looking forward to this wip , can’t wait to meet a coven


oof sorry for taking so long to get to reply. I’m back to uni and gosh everything’s so hectic for week one and two. anyways.

@Blmc000 @Blank @KJM Thank you for the comments! I’ve probably mentioned before about my trouble with the infinite loading. It’s no problem for me on Firefox but I’ve updated the demo and changed the initial stats page so that everything’s on one page. Perhaps the problem was the coding layout of my choicescript_stats.txt, i dont really know. if it still doesn’t load then I’m at a complete loss.

@Morphine @nulCat fixed and fixed! thanks for pointing that out.

Oof thank you so much. I really enjoy it when people describe my writing as atmospheric so thank you for inflating my ego haha :blush: and yes, Freckles is Peter. Also thanks for pointing out the brunet(te) thing, I’ve made it into a variable and corrected it so male G. is referred to as ‘brunet’ and female G. is a brunette. There’s no gender neutral term for the word so I hope everyone doesn’t mind if i stick with brunette for NB G.

@msyashira @Troll_Hater thank you for the nice comment! And i’m glad you spotted the gemstone references :^)

A couple of them are indeed uncommon and not heard of very often. I didn’t know what axinites were initially but when i typed up the options for sapphires and amber and grey diamonds for dark blue, light brown and grey eyes respectively, i thought to myself “there must be a gemstone out there that’s brown” so I just searched up a couple of coloured gemstones as a way to represent eye colour, thus keeping in line with the witchy theme because i do know that some witches and wiccans use gemstones in their practice. I read here about the meaning and uses of andalusites (the option for hazel eyed people), for example. I do understand if some people might find googling the gemstones immersion breaking but i suppose it’s the only way i can include more eye colour choice whilst staying within the ‘gemstone as eye colour’ theme.

hahaha you’re very right. I felt like the initial prologue made the MC too rigid in personality. I kept trying to adjust their personality but it didn’t feel like much success so i rewrote everything whilst maintaining the mystery vibe. And I’m sorry to all the G. lovers about your kiss scene and making you allegedly kill them, may you rest in peace. Also carlos lovers for wiping him away from the prologue. Thank you for commenting!


hmm the curious thing is that i’ve changed the stats page and now i’m getting the infinite loading. Anyways, i’ll continue to crack on at the problem. Just try not to touch that button if you can :smiley_cat:


Same infinite loading.


I’m getting infinite loading, none stats page related :u


The author says that they cannot figure what causes the bug so they asked us to not touch the status button!


I’m stuck in it when I press next chapter as well.


I’m not sure if the author knows about this bug, thank you for reporting it! :smiley:


So that explains why there’s that infinite load 'w’b


i can’t wait for this to update !


Hey I played the demo and It went on infinite loading after that boy crashed into me, I was wondering if that’s the end of the demo


It is. That’s as far as it goes, for now!