Modern Majesty wip (updated)


No, but I was just wondering what the potential price of those Gods would be and a theocracy would merely be one possibility and most theocracies have not been known to have liberal social views, particularly when it comes to the issue of marriage.

And we are very much not “proper” royalty, considering how legally we’d very much be the usurpers of our “proper”, royal “uncle” should we succeed.

Then this is the crux of the problem for my mc, while a “proper” prince who has a spare who can get children might be able to get away with it a bastard with no other relatives would likely not and would be under tremendous pressure to marry a proper, noble princess (read stuck up bitch who will never respect us and expects us to be her cuckold to my mc), which is one more reason for my mc to not want the job.

For example over here we have a monarchy and gay marriage is legal, this should technically allow our (future) monarch to gay marry, but it’s not that simple. The heir to the throne needs to get permission to do so three times (in practice, two times de-jure). First the reigning monarch has to approve of the prospective bride or groom, just like with a straight marriage, if they don’t then there is either no marriage for them until they become the head of the family themselves, or no succession. Secondly they need the de-facto permission of the PM as he/she has to put it on the agenda for a vote in both houses of parliament. Should the populists or the conservative or Christian reactionaries happen to ever hold it when a possible royal gay marriage comes up, they can just delay doing so indefinitely, for as long as they remain in office.
Lastly there is the formal vote. There is an unofficial understanding that this is done quietly nowadays (and really has been ever since the monarchy became constitutional in 1848) but that unwritten rule or understanding might very well not hold with a potential gay marriage, again likely depending on the strength of the conservatives, populists and reactionaries in parliament at that time. In which case we might get televised votes, inquests and hearings in which the poor guy or gal is publicly dissected, much like USA (Supreme Court) confirmation hearings. All potentially very embarrassing and stressful with a decidedly uncertain outcome.

Depending on how much power our fictional mc has here, none of this might apply to them, or all of it might, should we need to make so many concessions that we effectively become ceremonial/constitutional monarchs, which is a position my mc definitely would not want to fill.

Compared to that, plastic surgery, a new identity and a new life in a better country that doesn’t still practice slavery would probably sound like heaven to my mc.


Well i do have plans for some hardships for a gay mc at time of king/queen ship. but a happy ending is possible regardless. As for the gods and their prices.
EDIT: i know how to do spoilers now.

Each god has an agenda that you being in power could help them achieve, for all your help they will expect you to do this task for them and if/when you refuse they may just force it on you if they can or they may punish you and take away all your blessings. But choosing no god has its punishments as well. with out the blessings its harder to succeed. but you owe no one anything.

As for an ending where you leave the country I can do that.


Yay! I get to be Queen AND happy? :smiley:

You can do spoilers by either clicking on the gear by the emojis or [spoiler] tag


This is politics, you’ll always owe somebody something. Of course my mc’s preferred exchange here would be handing the country over to the petite-bourgeoisie in exchange for plastic surgery, a new identity, a fair amount of cash and a fully fueled private jet to take him wherever he wants to go.

If not that then we will always owe our political “allies”, possibly including shady megacorps, foreign governments/nations and NGO’s something and that might turn out just as badly as owing those “gods”. :worried:


contains a the first part of the arranged marriage path to get on that path you need to:

Be a girl

convince your father to buy you from the slavers.


wow… i guess i’ll try it later (not really confident playing as a girl :sweat_smile:)


Yay! Got something to do at work tonight :smiley:


It seems that once you try going past choosing a god scene for the arranged marriage path you get an error message no matter what.

when you choose Sospes you get:

Doctus gets this:

Malum gets this:

and choosing None gets this:

I was playing as an half elf princess, for reference. I solved the guard’s puzzle for him and convinced the king I was worth it.


Hmm randomtest and quick test don’t produce these errors and doing the convert tab to space doesn’t fix it. Yet i played it my self and sure enough it gives an error. but if i test the index file on my computer it works just fine.

@dashingdon Do you know what i’m doing wrong?


Hmm not sure. I’m looking into it now. Maybe something with the encoding. UTF-8 vs ANSI

EDIT: Took a look and there were tabs on all indents after line 1658 but spaces were used on all lines before that line. Text editor maybe got mixed up or something?

Anyway ran a quick Tab to Spaces in Notepad++ and it appears all good now. :relaxed:


Got this error when I tried to enjoy the party without that jerk Chris:


Just a typo there so I fixed it right quick. I’m not trying to make a habit of troubleshooting games on here, I just happened to be working on stuff on the site right now anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: But then pulled up the game to check and now I’m stuck reading it again! Aahhh this happens all the time! :laughing:


Works now! Thank you @dashingdon, you’re a prince! :slight_smile:


Gah! Now got line 1976, variable names :cry: After I said “Fine I’m coming”


Yeah just got that myself! Fixed. Hope @shilo_pace doesn’t mind! :grimacing: I just want to keep playing haha


OMG, I just about died laughing when I read:

"This could make our marriage easier though, I could go be with other girls and so could you."
I always appreciate the “I’m not into men” option, now at least he knows where I stand


@dashingdon you’re too kind I had those errors fixed on my end but I think I might have upload the files before I fixed them. I need to be more careful.


Grr…my mc just wants to kill his slavocrat piece of shit of a father who ordered him enslaved…and he’s probably sad to find out that, according to the prophecy, he can’t. On the other hand he’s personally got nothing against his uncle, save that he’s another slavocrat and he wants nothing to do with his “family” from father’s side. Still against his father it would have been personal against his “uncle” it’s bland and generic.
Which is why, when the time comes, he will be quite willing to sell the kingdom for a nice bit of cash and money, a new identity, plastic surgery and a fully fueled private jet to take him wherever he wants to go.


I read error more than anything this story is a waste of time and space.[quote=“shilo_pace, post:1, topic:20287, full:true”]
Hello im shilo cannon, iv post wips here before and written three others that I never posted before. I tend to stop writing because i worry my ideas aren’t good enough especially when i read other wips here and they’re so good. So I’ve written about 17k words and i’m looking for some feedback.

about the game. Set in a classical world of elves, magic and other such fantasy only the worlds reached the internet age. Magics dying out, orcs and dragons have been wiped out. You play the bastard child of the king on a journey that will take you to the throne.

Whats done
the intro and it’s four endings.
the start of the chapter one and a complete route based on arena slave intro ending. Game is tested it shouldn’t crash but if you see a 404 error it means you’ve reached the end of what i have written.

link to wip

Update 9/22/2016
Arena slave chapter 1 route done.
Spelling/grammar issues fixed
Made race choice at the beginning more clear, hopefully. I don’t just want to say pick your race but being subtle is proving to be hard.

Update 10/3/2016
Spelling and grammar issues fixed
Extended god choice scene
first part of arranged marriage path done.
Thats the response i get right before my post is flagged. Thanks.

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