Moderator Fan Club


Here we will appreciate our kind moderators for all they have done with overeaggerated dramatic stories (Jk(Mostly)…about exaggerated, dramatic stories…) :slight_smile:



takes control of her account quickly your not allowed to do this, you could message her and tell her how thankful you are instead?
Moon 0: what she said :grinning:


Awwww… why not?
I didn’t see any rules against it :frowning:

FairyGodfeather is like my idol :blush:


I think it’s healthy to have places where we can express our gratitude towards the mods, but maybe it would be better to have a generic mod-thanking topic rather than just focusing on one.


Ok i get it i will change it :slight_smile:


I love you mods :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:


FairyGodfeather saved my life in a limited voting newbie situation. It was a friday, 9:30 A.m (just guessing don’t remember) and i found myself out of votes and then the hero moderator fairygodfeather came along and this is when he saved my life, as true to his name he used his moderator powers to help me be more active in my fourm post.
Thank you FairyGodfeather :slight_smile:
(See guys this is a fun way to thank are hardworking moderators so don’t be afraid to give it a try. Also try to not use sarcasm we are here to have sort of a word party to celebrate them so now that you have seen an example have fun and give thanks :slight_smile:)


Thanks FG and @RETowers for looking after me when I am emotional because I know I do get emotional and thank you for being so patient and understanding, I really do try hard to make it easier on you.


(Just in case you’d like to, I’d note that it is possible to @ the moderators as a group rather than individually :slight_smile:)

Also, yay for moderators :hugging:


Its okay it looks neater, but thanks :smile:


I would tip my fedora to the mods any day.Lovely people.

I’d also like to give a special thanks to @FairyGodfeather for that warning about the Dracken fanfiction.Trust me,that shit is not pretty.

Another special thanks to @JimD -although it’s not for anything mod related,it’s just for making Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I’ve spent more time planning out Sylvia Erebus than I did on any of my homeworks.


@Poison_Arrow You’re missing out @ladybird and @Mary_Duffy from your list at the first post.

There’s also the lack of @jasonstevanhill in the list.

If you could add them to the list,that would be swell.


@moderators will actually flag the choice of games staff as well as the forum moderators.

Jason, Becky, Dan, Adam, Mary and Rachel are Choice of Games staff, not moderators. Although they do sometimes moderate the forums. :slight_smile:


ok will do :slight_smile:


Well, while we are at it, it seems natural to extend my thanks not only to the moderators, but also to the Choice of Games company, from the excellent costumer service, great and simple coding language, great conditions to upcoming writers, contribution to the creation of an excellent online community, excellent games, to an amazing set of prices.

Thank you.


I slipped up earlier and @FairyGodfeather and @RETowers both helped me to resolve it with patience and understanding. Thanks to you lovely people :+1:


Does the Moderator fanclub have a symbol? If it did what would it be? What’s the symbol of moderation?


Hmm do you want to help me think up one? :slight_smile:


I’ve only talked to @FairyGodfeather (aka Pidgey), @Sashira and @RETowers so my experience is mostly limited to these 3 individuals. Those of you who’ve read my post on the “Emotional Thread” are well aware that I have issues when it comes to dealing with mods or even relying on their help due to past experiences in other forums and communities.

This is probably one of the very few places I’ve opened an exception for. You are actually present among us rather than just being a an invisible force of ‘ban hammers’ and you’ve all been extremely kind and patient with me, even I was being a noob and/or asking weird questions. So thank you for that, sincerely. In a world of cynicism and chaos, you guide people and clear up the mess they leave behind.

Whenever you’re having a bad day around here, remember that there are people out there that appreciate what you do.


Happy Moderators’ Day! I drew us one on a napkin.