Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



Nope, I refuse. Finley’s staying alive and getting romanced by my MC and that’s final.


I hope so too. But am worried about whose death is going to have a big enough impact and Finn seems likely :(( THEIR ROMANCE STUFF VIA RENA’S TUMBLR IS CUTE AF AND IN GENERAL IS SUCH A SWEETHEART


Absolutely! The MC’s reaction after the unmasking scene isn’t set-in-stone. There’s a couple of different options. (Ex. (I guess blurred in spoiler for anyone who wants it to be a surprise but there’s not much spoilery here anyway) You can go to the police as mentioned, try to track down your Ex and get more answers out of them, or, for the more shaken MCs who just cannot process this right now, go to a friend or your family, as well as one or two other options.)

:grinning: As of so far it’s true that failing to unmask the Ex, for any MC like yours who does want to do that, would be their only “failed case” so far.

And you’ll see exactly why by the end of the Case One (well, before it, really. I’m excited for you guys to find out because it makes things a bit more complicated for the MC and is also kinda sorta why they’re in Nickelport right now so it’s a fun time for everyone.)

Aha, hahaha, haha…

That blackmail material might not work out so well, my friend.

You’ll see why, of course. :slight_smile:


So I’m not sure whether to count @idonotlikeusernames’s and @blackrising’s hopes for not-death as votes for guesses on whose gonna die b u t, this makes the counter now; Fin: 4, Daisy: 1, V: 1, Ricky: 1

:grinning: Awww, yay! I’m so happy you like them! Honestly Finley is so much fun and I love them dearly and with all my heart their romance is gonna be so much fun to write it’s so dramatic and I love it and I love them.


Let them smooch

:clap: LET :clap:THEM :clap: SMOOCH :clap:

:clap: LET :clap: THEM :clap: SMOOCH :clap: HAPPILY :clap: AND :clap: WITHOUT :clap: PAIN


This I can do.

This might be more difficult to do knowing me and my writing style. :smile:

Especially with Finley’s first kiss scene.





Of course there’s more than one kiss. I may love drama and action but I’m also a sucker for cute and probably way too cheesy scenes as well. You need both for a healthy writing diet.


Query: is there a Lucy kissing scene?


There is absolutely a Lucy kissing scene.

Hey all! I figure I should get back into the habit of progress reports now that we’re moving again.

So first things first which is the actual progress report: Things are moving steadily and I’ve been focusing on the non-love memories. I’m working on Raf’s right now and that’s been progressing pretty well, I’d say! So that’s been going pretty well.

On a couple of housekeeping notes, I’ve also been going back and fixing up a couple of spelling or grammatical errors here or there. I know that sometimes changing the earlier scenes can mess up people’s saves (which I hope doesn’t happen here) but if it does then that’s why and I’m very sorry. Another small housekeeping note, you may see the name change for the author. Like I’ve mentioned before I’ve been using the pen name ‘Rena B’ (which was always just letters from my first and last name scrambled around… before getting too lazy to come up with a fake last name, aha), but I’ve been considering changing it for a while and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to stop using a pen name for this story as I get more and more serious about it. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you’re at all confused as to why that’s changed!

Have a lovely day!


So while the wait happens, anyone want to speculate on plot stuff? I feel like Nickelport’s best and brightest in the hero scene might also be the same people behind the chaos? Just to keep status quo?

This is utterly speculative and probs has very little to go on evidence wise so don’t quote me


Hm… maybe. I mean, I could see that being possible, especially considering the Exes stole from a major bank at the beginning right? I mean for Lucy it could be argued that it was just for the thrill of it, but we know that Raf’s feats of evil are generally more planned out and he tries to minimize casualties… It would be understandable if he had no qualms with robbing the bank if he knows that the people with money in it are slum lords and such. But I don’t really think either of them are exactly trying to be Robin Hood. I like the thought of it though, it would definitely explain why Ricky’s job is so time consuming. I mean being a politician is one thing, having to constantly be working against the evil agenda of everyone else in government is another thing. (although not that different from reality i suppose)