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Headcanons that give me life

  • V dressed up as Santa, breaking into MC’s house and giving them presents
  • M I S T L E T O E K I S S E S
  • A short MC holding a mistletoe and trying to keep it above their RO for a kiss, RO laughing and kissing them anyway
  • Yolanda throws a big ass glamourus Christmas Eve party, Ricky gets drunk, Informant dresses up and acts like Morpheus to mess up with him (You take the blue shot, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red shot, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.), Lucy is killing it at the dance floor, V is in charge of the fireworks (who allowed that?!), Raf and Elaine chat quietly in their corner about cooking, Jacob is the barman (college students problems lol) and Fin and MC enjoy themselves at the bar. Also All I want for Christmas is never played because I hate that song ew THE NICKELPORT CAST HAS TASTE
  • Ricky is forced to wear a crappy Christmas sweater why America why
  • Raf, Elaine, Jacob, Finley and MC go caroling as the Kawaii Five 2cool4me
  • Water is replaced with hot chocolate

Vee/Raf Christmas headcanons because I’m sad

  • Raf ALWAYS bakes cookies on Christmas, puts them in a plate so that quests can eat them but Vee sneaks up at night and devours them but Raf knows and doesn’t mind so he prepares a dozen of her favourites
  • Also gives her to lick that mixer claw thing to mix the ingredients
  • They build Trixie snowmen (snowcats?)
  • The earrings Vee wears were a Christmas gift from Raf
  • They always go for Ice Skating, Raf is a pro, taught Vee, she can manage


V allowed that, of course. Yolanda never arranged to have fireworks

Last Christmas comes up on the playlist and things get very awkward for MC and their ex (and the new RO if there is one)

And Ricky goes to some holiday charity event and there are children involved and he’s very clearly out of his element and massively uncomfortable but no one says anything about it because he’s trying his best


First of all, you’re all amazing and should be very proud of these.

Oooh I love all of these. Chaotic, awkward, cute, and overall amazing.

The only permission V needs is their own, this is true.


Some of my own headcanons for the holidays :))

  • V initiates snowball fights (which always start innocently but never for long – the last time the entire fire department had to be called and there was a police line)

  • Eileen always bakes for gifts and generally her house smells (especially) wonderful during this time of year

  • During New Year, a romanced!Ricky pretty much uses the whole countdown thing to kiss the MC (because we all know that this relationship will be at least 3 years in the making with all the denial and slowburness)

  • A divorced but still in love with the MC!Ex would drum it up to the season for being sentimental and visits their old date place – only to find the MC is also there for the exact same reasons (bonus: they have eye contact and now they can’t pretend or escape)

  • Raf actually has a decent singing voice (headcanonly speaking) so if romanced you can bet he’s going to croon in the MC’s ear some cheesy Christmas song while domestic things happen


God, I think my MC would hate him even more if he start to sing All I want for Christmas.


I was thinking more of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” or “I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” for Raf :)) though I can see him singing that too in a very teasing sort of way

I’m slightly partial though to this happening when MC is either cooking or trying to set up the tree and Raf just kinda hugs them from the back :))

[I’m a floofy mood so sue me]


Sir/Madam, this is your indictment for excessive floofiness in a public space. There are already reports of spontaneous diabetes and heart attacks.


That’s adorable omg ^.^


Well buckle up because it’s gonna get floofier here on out >:C

  • Ricky spending a great deal of time trying to figure out what to get the MC (and fluctuating between wanting something meaningful but worrying that they’d read too much into the gesture – because goddang he’s not in love with them, what are you all assuming) --> so of course whatever he gets renders the MC speechless in the best possible way

  • V doesn’t get the MC a gift. They give them an experience that’s simultaneously both somehow romantic and worrisome

  • Jacob likes lazing around on Christmas morning before exchanging gifts with the MC. He’s also the type of guy who’d propose on Christmas Eve – and should that be the case, you can bet he’d kiss their ring finger to wake them up

  • A romanced!Yolanda, despite all her wealth and luxury, would probably be very touched at a handmade gift from the MC (though if it’s crudely made, she’d probably still cringe – as much as she’d try to not – but thank the MC nonetheless for the gesture)


I think I can actually die from this. You are so good at making headcanons.


Awww! That’s so sweet? Thank you for the compliment! It’s what I do to pass the time :)) because the wait is very real for the game

[Also write fanfics but then I’d rather wait till more info comes out because what if I’m totally wrong for certain people?]

[But also me: do it, because who else is going to indulge in all of your feelings]

Other stuff I think about though:

  • How the Ex might feel if after all this time the MC is still in love with them and still is willing to go the extra mile in keeping them safe despite what the world may say about them

  • MC waking up next to the empty side of their bed right after their divorce

  • Ricky never being able to experience romantic love in the good and true sense – everything is for appearances and for his goals

  • Finn being frustrated with the red tape and all that jazz because all they want to do is deliver people the truth and it’s just so hard to do in Nickelport (but then they couldn’t resist a challenge but this might be too big a bite for them to take)

etc etc


Li’l but of a rushed answer thing here but I just wanted to express how much I adore all of these headcannons they’re amazing and beautiful and fantastic.

I absolutely postively adore all of these and will echo the sentiments of others here in that these are almost too floofy and good.


Excuse you there’s a minimum of 5 years not counting all the previous months that he and the MC knew each other via blackmail. :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes me think of the kinda thing that would be followed by an impromptu slow-dance.

(The chicken is burned slightly but who cares?)

We’re losin’ 'em! (/'er!/'im!- sorry, I’m afraid I’m not familiar with your pronouns :sweat_smile: ) Somebody get the fluff defibrillator!

Ahahah… hahah… ha… Sorry it’s been taking so long. :sweat_smile: I realize that this has been… quite a period of time for which I apologize.

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them! Even if they’re spoilery I usually find ways to go the ‘infuriatingly vague but still something’ route.

Well lucky(? or maybe not so lucky) for you these are pretty much all things that will be addressed in the game! They’re all some of the things that’ll come up in the character’s personal stories.


No! Take your time! I’ll just be here playing in the sandbox :))

Well, that’s 5 New Year’s Eve parties for them to practice then (not counting all the other almost smooches and we-have-to-pretend-we’re-a-couple smooches)



Oh man. I have a few but they can wait until I’m actually more awake to do so :))

Happy writing! We’ll all be here if you need us


Exactly! See, you know what they say- practice makes perfect.

If it were any floofier we’d have to send you to floof jail.

Which is mostly just a bunch of stuffed animals in a ball pit.

Well, I’ll look forward to hearing them when you’re more awake, then!

Thank you very much! :smile:

I’ll do my best!


'tis true V is all about the experience.
But I think with Ricky and my mc it would be the other way around and him trying to make Ricky experience genuine things, that aren’t about power and appearance for once. Cheesy Christmas sweaters may well be involved though.


Okay, you are beginning to hurt me now.

My pronouns are they/their, but I’m cool with any pronouns.


Is it this ball pit because that’s a special kind of terror

Ah yes. I forgot to mention for every amount of fluff an equal but opposite amount of angst is created. It’s the rule of equilibrium :>

So yeah, I got a lot more if you want them :))

Like imagine a romanced!V, for all their savviness, does something that indirectly harms the MC. And then finding out that it is partially their fault that the MC is in the condition they’re in – bonus: they find this out while looking at the MC from outside the ICU


You are really good at what you do. xD


I try :)) in the mean time do you guys have any ideas you wanna share :)) speculation is more fun with other peeps


The Vs all love ferrets. They just think they’re neat

When Raf is feeling down, Trixie lies down in his lap and won’t let him get up until he feels better. He’s been late for appointments because of this a few times

(If Raf is the MC’s ex) For the first few weeks after the divorce, Trixie would wait for hours by the door for the MC to come home before eventually realizing they weren’t coming back