Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



I made some lemon bars yesterday and felt like I was channeling my inner Eileen. Also wanted to try out a chibi style bc I haven’t anything chibi-like since like… 9th grade probably and used her as my guinea pig and it’s harder than I remembered ;o;

Also that lemon dress is real and I got it from H&M or something over the summer and it’s adorable and one of my favorite dresses now

I was listening to my V mix while drawing that and I can’t decide whether I think Vega’s voice sounds like Brendon Urie or the singer for Wonderland by Caravan Palace to me. Maybe they’re good at doing different voices?

Though Wonderland makes me think of Vera and the person I think she sounds like isn’t even in the playlist. Vega’s song on the mix is Trouble by Neon Jungle. And then Vincent’s song AND voice headcanon is Let’s Face It I’m Cute by 11 Acorn Lane :stuck_out_tongue:


This… is a masterpiece.


If youll add a psychologist, wouldnt it be cooler to focus on VILLAINS ? :slight_smile: (if there will be villains xD)


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: I love it! She’s so cute! (And would 100% be the type to coordinate her outfit with what she’s baking I love it, this is adorable. :heart: )

Also, dang, cooking is hard. How’d they turn out?

That is amazing and I can see why and now I am legally required to ask if you wore it while making lemon bars because that kind of coordination is next-level.

Vega is probably the kind of person where you think you know their voice but then they just pull out this whole new range outta nowhere and suddenly you’re left questioning the meaning of reality and if existence is an actual thing or not.

All very, very, very apt choices. :smile:

There will absolutely be villains in this game. I love villains. I love dramatic villains, I love cheesy villains, I love misguided villains, I love almost all villain types when I’m able to crank it up to 11 and just swing with it so you can absolutely expect villains.

As for the psychologist thing, that’s an idea that’s kinda transferred over into a certain specific character in this game and if you’ve read the short story murder-mystery thing then you can probably guess who but if not it’ll become clear later on!


I think they came out pretty good! :smiley: I’ve never had lemon bars before so I don’t really have any frame of reference but I think they were pretty successful

Unfortunately no, I was wearing my non-lemon-themed pajamas ;w; But I will keep that in mind next time I make anything lemon related

‘Always gotta keep em on their toes’ is probably a Bayer family motto


I thought it was more “everything is always better flambe” or that might just be that cutie Vincent. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Vincent is one, right? Sort of anyway and he falls firmly into the category of cute and quirky villains, imho. :wink:



See now that you’ve got the outfit and the skills you’ve been given the perfect set up for this kinda coordination.

It’s absolutely a Bayer family motto. They probably got it emblazoned on a fake family crest they made for the heck of it, probably in latin too.

They’re a family of many mottos. This is also one of them.

I can’t say who’s a villain and who isn’t, of course. But I would definitely say that V does have some less… legal… tendencies…

Although whether that’s actually because they’re a villain or just… V… who can say? (Obviously I could but… y’know… no-spoiler-rule. :smile: )


Y’know. The V fam is starting to look like a bunch of reality warpers at this point. And that is a very scary thought


Fun fact: There was actually a hero a while ago who, essentially, could warp reality in very small, contained spaces. Before they were killed by one of our lovely friends, that is.


The flashback with Lucy is available?


If you’re asking about a new one, you may have missed it but @RenaB’s said she’s (I hope I remembered the pronouns right, if not, sorry in advance!) holding off on shorts and stuff at least until the next update is finished (can’t find the post here anymore because there’s a lot here, but there’s also a post on the tumblr)

If not, it doesn’t look like there’s been a Lucy flashback posted before


I meant in the update, IIRC @RenaB said thenext update would contain a flashback with Lucy.


Oh okay, then yeah there hasn’t been new Lucy content yet. The last mini update was just adding to the QnA scene/introducing Daisy


What @princecatling said is correct! I just put a mini-update in as a Halloween treat (and also because the bit with Daisy was connected to the QnA which was essentially already finished), but I’m still writing the larger update!

You’re correct, don’t worry! :smile:


He couldn’t warp his head around what happened


I can’t believe that you just did that.


A sheep, a drum and a snake walk over the edge of a cliff…



Bad puns are my speciality x3


Since the holidays are coming, any headcanons?


Mistletoe kissing! :slight_smile: