Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



laughs nervously that didn’t sounded very pure in my head


Yes, probably. It’s an alternate universe where everyone is happy and nothing bad ever happens and it’s all just sunshine and flowers and butterflies. Because hot damn do we need a universe like that.

Ahaha, at first I read this as “that sounded very pure in my head” and I was about to respond with “that is, indeed, the point!” But “not very pure”, oh, geez, hahaha. But, I mean, I suppose I can see how it could be interpreted as that as well. :grin:


My Raf-loving senses are tingling :ear:


Got some spidey-senses on this one… but specifically about when Raf is around.

I figure now’s as good a time for a progress report as any- I finished all the branches of Daisy’s quest scene after all! :confetti_ball:

Note: There’s two ways to trigger her personal sidequest, (and I’ll probably add another in for those who don’t go to the QnA, I have an idea of how to do that already so it should help). So if you get her to give it to you without making a certain specific deal (the one that will eventually lead to her personal sidequest) then don’t worry, she might still ask you to do something for her later- which would lead to her personal sidequest. You obviously don’t have to do any of it (which is why I call it a ‘sidequest’ to begin with) but if you wanted to but felt left out because you got a different result then that- there’s a second opportunity for her to ask later on.

Between this and finishing all of Ricky’s conversation branches I’m feeling a lot better with the fact that progress is staring to be visible to me. (Admittedly, I can fall into the pit of feeling antsy if I feel like I haven’t actually finished anything.) I’ve still got a couple more to go but progress is slowly and steadily chugging onwards.

I have kinda debated putting that in tomorrow as a sorta Happy Halloween treat and also because it’s still, technically a part of the QnA which is already up in the demo there. But… I dunno. Maybe. I’m debating it. You’ll see by whether or not the title changes sometime tomorrow, haha.

Thank you again for your continued patience!


Okay, so is it like dancing au or something?


Now it is.

Hey all! Remember how I said I might put up the extra part with Daisy Kiddens as a Halloween treat and because it was a part of the already completed QnA? Well… I did!

Happy Halloween! :fallen_leaf:

Tell me if I broke anything while doing that. But until then, enjoy!


I know @RenaB has already mentioned what the cast would go as for Halloween a bit back but I’m curious to see what you guys think people would go as :stuck_out_tongue:

V: goes as themselves but only to be told by a kid wearing their costume that //insert feature// is at the wrong side of their face/body/etc

Eileen: I was thinking a cutesy witch or something meant to be scary but somehow her wearing it makes it adorable? She could be Frankenstein but would look ridiculously friendly

Lucy: something Catwoman like? Maybe some kind of costume with the play on “cat burglar” or “thief” --> though tbh I have no real reason for this other than I really just like the idea of her cosplaying as Catwoman

Ricky: I agree that the guy just doesn’t do costumes, but if pressured by the MC he might throw on a coat and hat and pretend to be a Noire Detective™ to placate the MC

Yolanda: Morticia Adams :)) I have no other real reason for this too

Jacob: Most down to cosplay – can see him going as some iconic video game character tbh

That’s all I got :)) HAPPY HALLOWEEN


Us Greeks have to wait until February for our own version of Halloween :frowning_face:
It’s not even Halloween it’s a carnival where people parade in costumes and is veeery different than Halloween.

Oh well at least I have spooky memes AND A CUTE LIL UPDATE :smile:



When you agreed to search the computer you get this

It doesn’t matter what you first choose it always happens


Whoopsies! Think I fixed that up, thank you!

Ooh, I love them all! Fantastic ideas!

Ooh, no, well, happy October 31st to you then! Here’s to the beginning of new month!

Those both do help, I’m sure! (I’m also very happy you enjoy the tiny update!)

Now I’m just curious, waiting to see who gets a sidekick of sorts.


You are correct it’s fixed! :hugs:

I got spooky memes and a possible sidekick wooo!!

Happy Halloween to you too friends get spooked


Hey guys, I haven’t been active on this site much, let alone on this thread, in a while, but I saw something that reminded me of one of my favorite wips! :slight_smile:

Btw, happy Halloween everyone! :jack_o_lantern:


Happy Halloween!

If Trixie is a witch for Halloween… what if Raf dressed up as her black cat? :astonished: Fun little role reversal type thing

Also I could see the Vs doing matching costumes, at least when they were kids or when they all happen to be in town at the same time (though there wouldn’t be a town long if all three of them are around) like the Three Stooges or something


Happy Halloween, everyone! Have a safe and fun day! :slight_smile:


It was so much fun going through this new update - as an actual interaction, it wasn’t super long but obviously the effort went into the different possible conversations and it was really cool to see how Daisy would act depending on your previous actions. My favourite part was by far getting a new sidekick who loves puns. Which makes me feel even worse about lying about what my case is actually about…don’t think Daisy would approve of finding out Red Light’s identity.

Bugs: (1) I just chose earrings but then my ID card said I also had a nose ring…so there may be something to look at there, (2) Amelia Colt’s info doesn’t get inserted into my notes, and (3) after I look at extra notes and then click back, I get “non-existent variable dpd_chalrie”




Yay! That’s one problem down!

Well, welcome back! Always happy to see you again! (And aww, geez, you flatter me!)

And, yep, that’s pretty accurate to this game I gotta say.

Yes. Absolutely.

Ooooh, this is perfect. I can just see them dressing up in trios, like it becomes a Halloween tradition and the first time the MC meets the siblings of whatever V it is that lives in their Nickelport is when they’re all dressed similarly and it’s just a very confusing and interesting time.

Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, the Daisy Q was the smallest part of the larger update but that’s mostly because it’s a piece that’s setting up for future things (such as her sidequest or her later involvement with the case as your sidekick) but it was entertaining to come up with different ways for her to react to the MC based on what they did, which is something I want to include more of as I go on because I love having characters that acknowledge the MC’s actions and change the way they respond to them as a result.

Also as for the Red Light thing… well… who knows? She may find out eventually, depending on how careful/trusting the MC is…

Also one of the things I’m honestly most excited for going forward is the possible partnership between the MC and Daisy. I have a lot of very nice li’l scenes in mind and the two will have the ability to become close friends throughout the case, which is gonna be a fun time- and can add extra fun or extra drama depending on how much an MC chooses to open up to her and vice versa, since Daisy herself is attached to one of my favorite sidestories within the game.

The chalrie error is back? Fitting for the day after Halloween that a bug I thought I’d fixed returns from the grave. Huh, welp, time to get rid of it once more!

Thank you for pointing these out! I’ll fix them up in a little bit because I can’t right this moment but I’ll let you know once they’ve been taken care of! Thank you again! This kinda thing is always a huge help. :smile:

EDIT: I think that the chalrie error and Amelia’s info have been fixed (let me know if I’m horribly wrong, of course), but the nose ring one is messing me up since everything seems to be in order but I’m gonna take it to the public and see my eyes are missing something obvious, as they probably are.


I absolutely can’t wait for my MC and Daisy to become close friends. I do remember you saying someone would or could die and I reaaalllly don’t want that to be Daisy, out of all people. She deserves…everything good, basically.

So I experimented with the other piercings and basically, whenever a nose earring is part of an option, everything goes fine. Choosing “only nose stud” gives you nothing and likewise with the “only nose stud and earrings” option. I tried looking at the code and found nothing wrong with it :confused:


Bug report: when you choose “that’s classified” with Daisy, you get line 526: invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "admire)


Alrighty! I think I’ve fixed all the errors everyone has reported, so yay! Thank you again so much for telling me about those! Be sure to let me know if anything else pops up!

It’s definitely gonna be a lot of fun, especially since the MC gets to mentor her as she’s still very very new to the world of reporting- and she’ll, of course, become a great asset to the MC! (Especially one who didn’t grow up in Nickelport, since she’ll have all the back alley knowledge that an outsider would otherwise lack.)

As for who can die, well… can’t say who, of course. You’ll just have to wait and see! :grin: