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Oh my. Can’t wait to see Ricky’s face on this and also the Ex. Or maybe the Ex and the new LI after finding out they both love the same person



Yeah! I’m really looking forward to Ricky’s character arc

Also I’m now headcanoning Ricky finding Mika while he’s figuring out his taste in music and

He could also take some style inspiration from him too (Ricky probably won’t be as loud though) Though this song is a little bit ironic considering he and the MC would need to keep their relationship under wraps



Hey now, I didn’t confirm or deny anything

Those are some suspecting eyes, friend.


OOoh, these are some good headcannons.

Irony only makes it better, though.




Weeeell now :3c

Love triangles here we come :)) honestly though Finley vs the Ex sounds exciting to read through

On other idea stuff since @cookiemonsta probably is suffering through that idea, if the MC gets to be recruited as the in-universe equivalent of SHIELD as an agent (doesn’t matter if it’s a field agent in a physical kick ass sort of way, or a spy/intel gathering sort) I would be very proud/happy

Since especially they seem (potenially) capable enough for that


I suffer more than the whole Tokyo Ghoul random :cry:
Damn I don’t want to do a love triangle with Raf and Ricky (or V that sneaky bastard) but the idea kinda sound good for my angsty half…probably on the 2nd playthrough…yup…


I can’t deal with a love triangle or my MC can’t as well. My MC’s fragile heart can’t handle it.


Everything will end up fine. I swear

Hahaha, I guess I should clarify that the “love triangles” will work a li’l differently. Say, if the Ex is still in love with the MC but the MC has chosen to move on with someone else, then the Ex won’t really… actively try to get the MC to change their mind. Of course both of them will react in different ways, but in the end they’ll both respect whatever decision the MC makes. So it’ll definitely change your interactions with them because they’d still be in love with the MC, but we’re not gonna fall into the “you have to chose one of us now” territory because whoever you pick will be the one you pick.

The drama comes from having to then see the other one accept that fact and be utterly and completely heartbroken. :woman_shrugging:

I’m, personally, very excited to see who’ll choose to have told Finley everything about their past (or who did that… but not on purpose), that’s gonna be a fun scene.

Gotta love leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you, eh?




(Personally the angst is delicious but not ready for that)

On happier stuff tho: the big damn kiss moment

Idk the specifics but I feel it will be incredibly slow burn and we are all collectively cheering like FINALLY


Halloween is on Tuesday! (It would probably be a bad idea but) I wonder if anyone in Nickelport would dress up as their favorite hero/villain?

I’m just imagining some kid going up to Raf not realizing he’s the real deal just like “Nice Harbinger costume, but your eye thingy is on the wrong side!” like with Zuko in Avatar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes! Yes! Yes!

What will The main cast dress up for Halloween? :smiley:


Well, now, we all know who’s getting his heart shattered in your playthrough. :wink:

Can you ever, truly, be ready?

I love big first kiss scenes, I have a very… cinematic view of them and love to write these ones where that becomes a big scene in and of itself. So… yes… I do definitely hope that when those first kiss scenes come they’ll be fun to read.

Happy early Halloween!

And, oh yeah, definitely. Like I said with the tattoos that’s a pretty common tradition. It’s like how people dress up as their favortie movie or TV-show character, people dress up as heroes and villains as well. (And unlike the tattoos, dressing up as a villain is a lot less taboo, as Halloween is kinda the time for spooks and evil villains.)

(It could also possibly be an MCs worst nightmare)

… Actually, out of curiosity, what would each of your MCs dress up as for Halloween? Would they be a hero? A villain? Or just something different for fun?


I’ll be honest I first misread this as ‘what will the main cat dress up dress up as for Halloween?’ and I was about to honestly answer it because, really, Raf would definitely be the kind guy to get his cat a witch hat or something like that.


Hmm… as for people costumes…

Well, Likewise would either dress as a reporter just to annoy the MC, or they’d go as Likewise… because Likewise.

Informant would probably be a vampire because that sounds right up his alley (cloak, dark clothes, the likes)

Ricky doesn’t do ‘costumes’.

Yolanda would definitely be the Queen of Hearts. But a much more elegant kinda costume, like this:

Finley also doesn’t really do costumes but they could be persuaded into a witch hat or cape 'n fake fangs if they really needed to be.

Eileen would probably dress up as a devil… or a fairy. Probably a fairy. She made a crown with fake flowers for it.

Lucy would probably dress up as a hero for the sake of irony (or maybe an actual valkyrie/angel figure to keep with the theme)… And if she was chilling with Foxtrot on Halloween she’d throw a sheet over her head and actual costume to say she was a ghost.

Jacob would either be a cop or a prisoner because he’d get a laugh outta it.

Raf… hm… Raf’s actually the hardest one to come up with. I can imagine he’d stick with something relatively simple. On one hand, I can honestly see him doing something with Trixie (like if we’re going with the puttin’ a tiny witch hat on her he’d probably dress up as a wizard or somethin’), on the other hand, I dunno, I can see him just doing your sorta casual costume werewolf mask or some simple Frankenstein makeup-stitches or something along those lines. But it’d definitely just be something fun, casual, and simple.


Raf, sulking: My eye thingy is not on the wrong side

Wesley probably wouldn’t dress up unless it was for like idk a party or something. He’d tell himself he’d buy just any old costume from the store or something but since he’s too tall for most of them he ends up spending an all nighter making one himself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Like this maybe

That’s adorable ;o;


Oooh, dang, that’s a good costume! He’s got talent!


Animals in hats. Always fun.


My MC will probably be the dancing pumpkin that just dances when this song play.


My MC doesn’t believe in half measures :)) so whatever book/movie/series/etc she’s obsessing over guaranteed she’d go as a character from that

Headcanon is that she and Raf used to be that couple who would dress up in couple/partner costumes. If it’s particularly elaborate – which is unlikely since Cass knows how much Raf hates elaborate but you’ll never know (like Raf strikes me also as a nerd son) – you can bet that Cass did all the work for that costume

But now since she’s divorced and any holiday (Halloween included) she has time to herself brings up unwanted memories. So if ever her “costumes” lately are just words on paper that she sticks to herself like “existential dread” or “life” (and she gives out lemon candies or if really in a bad mood will chuck actual lemons)

  1. Before getting Trixie Vee would put up alot of effort in her costumes and dress up as Alice in Wonderland characters each year ( her favourite being Cheshire Cat xoxo) and would let Raf dress up as whatever he wanted but always help him with his costume x3
  2. After getting Trixie of course all three of them would pick a theme and dress up accordingly (for example Trixie as Cheshire Cat Vee as Alice and Raf as Mad Hatter etc. Etc.)
  3. After the divorce Vee stopped caring and would put on some of her cover props and dress up as whatever :cry:

IT’S SO ADORABLE :heart_eyes:
(Both the kitty and Raf crying Into oblivion)


cuddles Raf and MC in a hot blanket with snacks shhhh you are safe now shhh…


Get spooky boiz


I gotta say, taking all of these together- if there was some kinda universe in which all these MCs existed at the exact same time solely for the purpose of a Halloween party… it’d be one wild Halloween party.

Hello! So, uh, fun fact. I read a short story about… oh, an hour and a half ago or so I want to say. I thought it was a pretty good post-apocalyptic-ish horror story with some very good writing about manipulation and self-sacrifice…

Then I read the author’s afterward, and it stated that it was supposed to be a story about love and freedom of choice, and this made me very upset and confused. Granted, I’ll let the author be what it wants to be, but I thought that if it was a love story, then it was a very bad love story. And it made me sad, knowing that. So because I was sad, I wanted to write something happy and uplifting and, y’know, not manipulative and something that would make me feel icky afterwards.

This was the result of that wish

It was nice to be out of Nickelport for once- the sun was unobscured by tall buildings and instead shone freely over rolling hills of green grass, broken only by the occasional flowering tree and leaving mosaic-shadows over the ground. There was something very calming about it all and calmness was a rare, precious commodity in the concrete jungle. Especially with such a rowdy crowd as this.

“Thought you might want this,” You blink open your eyes, a little peeved to be pulled back from the gentle grasp of sleep, but the offense is quickly forgiven with the offering of a cool, lemony, hand-pressed beverage. You accept the lemonade with a quiet chirp of thanks, swinging yourself upright and taking a long sip- not too sweet, not too sour, and pleanty flavorful. The perfect drink for a sunny day.

“Dang, this is good.” You remark quietly as Finley flops down beside you, cradling their own small lemonade which is- like yours- contained in a reusable water bottle. “You make them?”

Finley gives you the kinda look that asks whether or not you’d serious believe them capable of making such a thing, “Eileen brought them, of course. Apparently she made a trip to the farmer’s market over the weekend,” They gesture almost haphazardly with the open bottle, but surprisingly none of the precious lemonade spills, “Saw some lemons, remembered the picnic… bam!” They hold up the bottle, “Lemonade.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining,” You clink your makeshift glas against theirs, then take another swig- yep. Definitely perfect for a day like today.

“Who would?” Finley snorts over their drink, they stand up then, one hand in their pocket as they nod down the hill where some of the others have congregated. “I’mma go ahead and check back with the others.”

You stare down the hill, from the distance you can just barely make out the blurry figure of Lucy sprinting down the field, Jacob hot at her heels as a frisbee flies above the two of them- Eileen cheering something, bouncing excitedly from further down the field. “Never took you to be the sporty type, Finn.”

A laughing bark, arm swinging out to the side as if to highlight their lanky frame, “Oh, definitely, I’m obviously just dripping with athletic potential.” A sigh, “Nah, I lost a bet. Needed someone else for the second team-”

“What happened to V?”

Finley bites their lower lip and shrugs, “Whaddaya think?”

You barely have to blink before the answer comes to you, “They tried to cheat, again, didn’t they?”

“Ding-ding, we have a winner.” Finley smirks, “They’re probably still sulking over it. Anyway, it came down to that Informant guy and myself… We flipped a coin, I picked tails.”

“Ah,” You set your drink beside you, hands interlinking underneath your chin as you grin, “See, Finn, therein lies your mistake- always pick heads.”

“Right. I’ll keep that in mind next time,” Finley rolls their eyes, “But, hey, you should come down sometime, play with us.”

“You just want me to take your place.”

“I admit to nothing.”

“Uh-huh,” You shake your head and lean back on your hands, the grass pricks up- scrunching scratchily between your fingertips. “Try not to have too much fun.”

“Easier said than done.” Finley drawls, waving loosely to you before turning on their heels and trotting down the hill. You crane your neck back and soak up a bit more of the sun, there’s no clouds daring to take it away from you any time soon but you still can’t help but savor every moment of such a nice day. With a temperate wind caressing over your cheeks and the only noise around being happy squeals and shouts and giggles from the group at the bottom of the hill. The picnic seemed like a crazy, ridiculous idea- especially considering how many clashing personalities would be present, but a day this perfect makes you believe that, somehow, it was almost meant to be.

With some reluctance you manage to pull yourself from your spot on the grass, dusting off green stains with lemonade in hand as you watch the frisbee game grow one player, by Lucy’s enthusiastic clap on Finley’s shoulder you’d guess that they’re on her team. You can’t quite tell who won the last round- or if they’re even keeping points or, heck, playing any well-known game or just winging it- but they already seem gearing up for a new go at it, with Lucy clutching the frisbee tightly, Eileen and Jacob both looking ready to sprint for it and, for all their groaning about it, even Finley’s stance is focused and ready. Then Lucy sends it flying through the air- and the frisbee makes a high arc until it becomes but a black blot against the sun- Jacob is the first to take off- already darting in a full sprint after it while Finley seems to be waiting- gauging where it might land, and Eileen tries to circle around towards the other end of the disc. Leaving them to their game, you turn and head up the hill- where a large oak tree, one of the few non-flowering trees in the park, leaves a small patch of well-stitched-together shade for the others to sit. You can practically smell the picnic from here. Indeed, all of it is lain out on a mess of multicolored blankets, with the others spread around nearby. Raf spots you first, a little ways away still preparing a couple of the other foods with a grill he’d brought along. He gives you a wide grin and a wave, which you happily return, mouthing ‘smells good’ as you pass by. Raf’s smile only grows wider the compliment, returning a wordless ‘thanks’ before turning back to his concoction of great-smelling hot dogs. Ricky sits in the shade cross-legged, sunglasses pushed to his head as he focuses intently on the book in his lap- or, rather, intently tries to ignore V… whose chattering he’s left mostly to the Informant, whose own irritation is visible even behind the dark sunglasses he continues to insist to wear as he leans up against the tree, cradled by the roots. V has… Well, V has apparently climbed the tree. With their legs swinging over the Informant as they lean back against a high branch. They momentarily stop in their one-sided conversation when you approach, face splitting into a wide, sly smile.

“How lovely of you to join us!” They scoot forward, the branch dipping dangerously beneath them- Informant spares it a glance, decides that it’s not in danger of crashing down on him, and goes back to resting his head against the tree. “While our lovely enigmatic mystery man here has been such… charming company, I’ve so missed actual conversation. Come, sit, talk!” They wave you over to their branch- which already barely looks like it can only just hold their weight. And no matter how unconcerned they are with that fact, you’d rather… not get injured on your day off.

“Uhh… I think I’m good, thanks for the invitation, though.” You glance around the group, “Where’s Yolanda?”

“Waltz is over there,” Ricky glances up from his book and nods to the left, “She got tired of the shade- or so she says.” His gaze slides over towards V, who appears to be debating whether or not they could climb even higher without horribly injuring themself… Or, well, whether or not they could climb any higher, at least.

“Awesome, thanks.” You trot down to the other side of the hill, where, sure enough, Yolanda sits with a sunbathing reflector held against her chest as she lounges- dark, wide-framed sunglasses across her face and high heels placed neatly beside her own, personal blanket. She twists her head to glance up at your arrival, red lips pulling back into a wide grin when she sees you.

“Ah, welcome, I see you’ve come to take a peek at my small slice of paradise, no? Here, come, sit with me.” She scoots to the side, folding the reflector and placing it next to her shoes as she pats the space behind her. Recalling your previous almost-nap, the offer is hard to refuse.

“Don’t mind if I do.” You flop down rather ungracefully next to Yolanda, who has folded her hands behind her elegantly braided-up hair. The fabric of the blanket is soft against your arms, making the prickles of the grass little more than massaging lumps against your back. You let out a wide yawn, only just barely remembering it to cover it with your hand before Yolanda chuckles slightly.

“Don’t fall asleep quite yet, lest you’ll miss the picnic.” She warns.

A tired, drunken, “Will do,” just manages to slip out of your mouth before the world starts to fade to darkness. You hear Yolanda laugh once more, a lilting, bird-like sound.

“Well,” Her voice seems as if it’s slipping through a misty haze, wavering and not quite there, “I suppose one of us will simply have to wake you up.”

“Mmmhmm.” You mumble, the sun glimmers in the edge of your vision, a deep blue sky arcing above you- the sounds of laughter and chatter all behind you. Before, finally, it all seems to just… slip away.

I feel better now.

(Obviously none of this is ‘canon’, but y’know, I wanted to feel happy instead of… horrified.)


pterodactyl screech

its this… the alternative universe? ;w;