Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



But what no one knows is that the ice cream stand is a government surveillance station





I know I’m extremely late for the Fancast but lol x3

Sam Heughan as Vincent

(I’m sweating omg)

James Franco as Ricky

Andrej Pejic as Finley

Halle Berry as Lucy


Alicia Fox as Lucy

Keesha Sharp as Yolanda

Geoffrey Gao as The Informant


Emma Stone as Elaine

Eddie Redmayne as Jacob

(He’s too precious omg :sob:)

Can’t find one for Raf… I made him up in my head and I can’t find one to match it xD


Hoooo, boy, that is absolutely delicious. I love it.

Oooh, I love them all (and I really like his voice! Hmm… Well, you’ve definitely got me curious about him. Have’ta look up some more things… And I feel like this always happens with you. Like you’ll point out something neat and then it’s really neat. I dunno, man, you’ve just got good taste in these kinda things.)

There’s cameras in the ice cream.

You’re never too late for the fancast!

Ooh, some very neat picks here as well! We even have some of the same! (Godfrey Gao as Informant, for example.)


yeah I tried to find somebody else but he came to my mind HEADCANON ACCEPTED XD


Wait… so they have been eating camera ice cream the whole time?

I have always see Lucy as Karen Gillan.



Mika’s so good. I’ve been a fan of him for maybe four years or so? I’ve been relistening to his albums a lot lately

Also this song makes me thing of Raf in a way because of the melancholy tone and

this part in particular

If you could look into the future, would ya?
if you could see it, would you even want to?
Got a feeling that there’s bad news coming
But I don’t want to find it out

This one doesn’t match Ricky completely but, when romanced to a non-female MC, I feel like he’d relate

Also a heartbroken and bitter MC after the reveal/divorce


Maybe it’s my hype for the Shape of Water but I raise La Javanaise by Madeleine Peyroux for any of the romances at this point

The lyrics are super nice tbh (fave line is: nous nous aimions // le temps d’une chanson)



Hiii! I was checking out your update. (which I love it. XD It should not have excited me as much as it did that I get to play a short MC that understood the amusing trials of being on the shorter side of things while not being super duper short. As always you are one of the most amazingly ambitious writer and coder I have seen. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back for a little glance of the larger whole of this story. =D ) Though I did notice a tiny error, I was looking at the description of the ID photo and it says the trusty MC has a nose ring before the choice crops up for the minor details.

Also totes random thought that came to me earlier.
V Is totally the kind of person if they got married to the MC to surprise them with a skydiving vow ceremony. Like against all sense and logic they let V talk them into putting on a blindfold cause they wanted to surprise them, and instead of doing the traditional wedding that the MC had helped planned they so pull a skydiving ceremony. Like that moment of “V…what, the hell are you strapping me in???”
“Shhh, precious you are going to ruin the surprise…now put your leg through this.”

While the officiating in the background wondering if he should bring up how sketchy this seems, but keeps his mouth shut cause he’s moral, not stupid. XD


So there’s actually kinda something funnily ironic about choosing him specifically for Informant but I can’t say why due to spoilers but who knows?? Maybe you’re onto somethin’ there…

Yes. Surveillance is a healthy part of any Nickelport citizen’s daily nutrition.

I can see why- he has a neat voice! I had no idea he was the one who sang the lollipop song, though I’ve always known that song, haha. (Which looking back is kinda funny I didn’t realize who sang it considering they say it at the very beginning of the song.)

Oooh, yep. Definitely. Especially with those in the lyrics.

I could also definitely see this for a Ricky in a romance with a non-female MC

Hahaha… ouch. You’re probably right, there.

Oh gosh I love that song. Definitely good for the romances.

Yay! I’m happy you enjoyed it!

Aw, geez, well, thank you! Always happy to have you around!

Oh, whoopsies! I’ll have to fix that right up. Thank you for pointing it out!

I love random thoughts- shoot!

Oh, one-hundred-and-twenty percent. I mean, if it’s not skydiving it’s probably as they fall down a waterfall on a wooden raft. V doesn’t do ‘subtle’.

A smart choice.


But, wouldn’t the citizens know… that there is a solid thing in their ice cream?


In speaking of V, I feel Orange Colored Sky is very them? Like honestly they’re like this big ass broadway production number condensed into a single person with all the chaos that it implies


Most people assume it’s just stray concrete from the latest battle.

Yep, ‘big-ass-broadway-production-number-condensed-into-a-single-person’ describes them pretty well… So I would definitely say that this song does as well.


something smells funny >.>


Throws another hypothetical scenario for the fun: MC is captured and their captors are using them as a bargaining chip. Cue LI hearing the threats as well as seeing the footage of MC looking extremely hurt and beat


K so I forgot it’s already been like 2 and a half years since I graduated high school so I was totally off and I’ve actually been a fan of his for probably closer to five or six, maybe even seven? years now. But I first got into him during those formative years when I first realized I’m neither cis nor straight and he was probably the first singer, or probably first big media-type person in general, I was into who was openly gay

Now I’ve just imagined Ricky having that type of experience and. I’m experiencing emotions :cry:


There… may or may not be somethin’ along these lines planned somewhere along the way of the game already. Maybe. Maybe not.

I didn’t say anythin’.

Emotions can be good! (And yeah, that’s a pretty good summation of the kind’a things he’ll be feeling as time goes on and he starts actually looking more into who he is as a person.)

Also, ah, that’s neat! It’s always sorta a relief or such to find someone similar or with similar aspects of onesself who you can look up to. Sorta… affirming? In a way? Idk, man, I like to think so at least. Helps us feel more solidified in who we are as people, in a way.

Also just as a fun aside, though I’ll normally not talk about the side articles and info up on the social media page (because it really is just fun facts about Nickelport presented in different ways, and not necessary to the main plot here), I know that some of y’all are interested in Likewise, so I figured I might as well mention that if any of you are at all curious about Likewise’s first-ever heist/breakthrough into Nickelport’s villainous world, I couldn’t find a way to squeeze that fun story into the actual game without it feeling awkward, so I converted it into a Rust Article about the whole thing and put it up there.

And because some of you who, like me, generally don’t use social media might not see it but might be curious about that specific tidbit since it’s one of the few that actually does have to do (even if it’s just a minimal side-fact of them) a character here, I’ll go ahead and link it so that you can read that one if you’re curious as well.


What does LI mean again?

Okay, my eyes tricked me earlier. I thought it said, “Likewise’s first-ever heartbreak into Nickelport’s villainous world”


Love Interest, so it’s the same as RO!

Ha! Likewise has definitely left a plethora of broken hearts in their wake. Both within the villainous world and without. (There may or may not even be a hero or two mixed in that group…)