Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



im back! it seems i missed a lot. i really enjoy the sizes you can either be the shortest person in the room or one of the tallest.

What thats the first rule of running a shadow organazation! always let them get their Tea and Cookies ready! For shame.


@RenaB you’re not the only one I have to stalk. The order has multiple targets at specific times. You should have tea and crumpets/cookies ready at all times. You’re at strike one and if you reach strike 3 then I will have to revoke your target of the order membership card.


Oh, I can just imagine Ricky asking Finley if anyone said anything about whether or not the MC is gonna be alright, and essentially:

Ricky: Did they… did they say anything?

Finley: About what?

Ricky: What do you think? Are they going to be alright?

Finley: Calm down, Dempsey. No they haven’t said anything, but they don’t need to. They’ll be fine.

Ricky: How can you tell?

Finley: Well, you were just in there with them. Do you think they’d let you visit a critical patient?

Ricky: You never know what could happen.

Finley: No, I don’t know. But I’ve seen enough to have a damn good guess.

Ricky: …

Finley: Look, they’ll… they’ve been through worse, okay?

Ricky: Worse?

Ricky: That’s not a very comforting thought. How could they have gone through worse than… than this.

Finley: Welcome to the real Nickelport, Mr. Dempsey. 'Bout time you got your head outta that glass high-rise cloud of yours.

Welcome back!

Yay! I’m happy you enjoyed it.

Oh right- so you’d rather have stale cookies and a bunch of cold tea instead of be a civilized shadow organization and wait for me. I mean, geez, it was already said:


Lucy would be disappointed. (Mainly at the presence of cookies, but still.)


Finley, in a total bestie move, plays concerned gatekeeper (like a bit wary(?) I guess) until they see Ricky consistently checking up and making a bigger effort so things like MC getting hurt doesn’t happen again

(And consider: Ricky with the beard of sorrow and concern)


Oh Ricky you lil’ tsundere…


Alright fine you win. I will wait patiently for tea and cookies. BUT the cookies better be chocolate chip.


Will there be ice cream? I will join if there’s ice cream.



Yes and yes. To both of these.

Ya gotta love 'im. (Okay, well, that’s a lie. You don’t have to. You could make him absolutely miserable and hate him if you wanted. That, too, is a possibility.)

(… Actually now that I think of it I’m slightly surprised that nobody has asked how you can ruin people’s lives or what will happen to them if you do in here. But you all seem like good people so I guess I’m also not that surprised as well.)

It’s because of Lucy, isn’t it? :smile:

Deal. Is lemon tea okay? Or blueberry? I also have apple tea and wildberry tea but those have to earned.

Ice cream is a Tuesday thing.


Yes it’s because of Lucy. And whatever brand of tea you have is fine. And ice cream Tuesdays are now a thing. Just like pizza Fridays.


I knew it.

Good and good. See, now I can properly prepare for a shadowy organization visit.


I thought tacos was a Tuesday thing?


Why not both?

(headcanon: Nickleport has an ice cream place that sells these and Eileen is delighted when she finds out about it. Ricky also may stop by in secret occasionally)


Oh Jesus Christ.

I hope that ice cream place won’t be destroyed by any rampaging villains or heroes. ;w;


I imagine a lot of heroes and villains go there in their downtime and make sure to avoid it in all the property damage they create :,)


Eileen probably grilled the owner for the recipe. (And by grilled I mean politely asked them and they probably gave it to her cause it’s Eileen)

They all specifically avoid it because of how good it is. It’s actually one of the few places where they all get along.

EDIT: AKA, what @princecatling said. (Ninja’d on my own thread! :scream: )


What if the MC and the Ex used to frequent there as a couple before avoiding it like the plague becauss old feelings and what not O:



EX: 2 bowls of chocolate and vanilla ice cream please
MC: You remember my favourite flavor?
EX: of course :relaxed:


Yes and yes. I love it.


Conversely new LI bringing MC to the ice cream shop while being completely unaware of what it means to them


Have I ever posted this song? I feel like I haven’t but it’s pretty perfect for the MC post divorce

There’s also an orchestra version for it for Extra Drama

A jaded MC and/or possibly Ricky

I feel like this one would be good for any messy romance (especially the exes or Ricky)

Also MC post divorce

I really like Mika and I wish he was more popular in the US ;w;