Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



Nickelport Press is like if you took a police bomb sniffer and combined it with a hyena. It’s bad.

Also V would probably go ALL out. They’d even get an online degree and officiate the wedding. There would be fireworks. Literally. Probably inside the church.


I love playful Ricky omg! What a tease

Edit: OH! And also, you are completely right about how wigs feel. Especially bad ones. I can’t believe I haven’t found a way to describe how uncomfortable they are until now

What killed the dinosaurs: a meteor
What killed the entire human race, quite possibly also taking the rest of the planet with them: VRicky

Thank you! I think it comes from my desire to have effortlessly swoopy hair myself (I mean I could just style it every day but honestly who has the time? Plus I like to sleep in when I can)

Also with the voice headcanons I found this. Jacob on little sleep and lots of caffeine, perhaps?

And for Ricky, there’s some fear/heartbreak/anguish towards the end of this :eyes: (and a love confession at the end)

And, while not voice related exactly, I keep imagining the Vs introducing themselves like how the McElroy brothers do. Like “And I’m the sweet babiest sibling, Vega Bayer!”

Also at the cat cafe I went to today, there was a cat named Trixie. She was napping somewhere high up the entire time though so I didn’t get to see irl Trixie :cry:


Tbh, it was supposed to be the music for an RO but I completely forgot that it was an meme (until I got there and remember). So, yes. I meant to do both.

You’re right, that sounds just like them.


Now that he can get back at the MC, he will.

I legitimately hate wigs so, so, so much. They were the bane of my being back in my theater days. :frowning:

What will quite possibly be the cause of the end of the universe (it ain’t Heat Death): Vricky Dayer (in space)

I envy anyone who can pull off swoopy hair, it’s wizardy, I tell ya.

Ha! Pawfect.

(Although I am admittedly slightly sad that they didn’t go with ‘Harry Pupter’ since that’s always been a favorite dog pun of mine.)


So… just Jacob, then?

Considering there’s one point in there where they actually say ‘you idiot’ I’d say that this is about as perfect as it gets for Ricky.

They probably do. They’ve also probably got a whole bit prepared for it. They practice it on their own time.

gasp A real life Trixie!

The best kind of rick rolls are unintentional rick rolls.


Imagine though that the MC asks V to do the distraction so they (MC and Ricky) can get married in peace

V does the job well. Too well.

So by the next morning Ricky and the MC are presumed to be in the hospital after a fireworks mishap in the church?

A bit random but just bouncing off your idea :))


You could also say that they do it horribly- because absolutely nothing will be peaceful about it.

That’s a fairly safe guess. You could also probably say that V will be footing them the bill for destruction of public property.

You’re good! I love hypotheticals like this. They’re fun and give good insight into the different characters.


Weeeelllll if you like hypothetical scenarios, please consider:

Ricky and the MC have a major fight (maybe to the point of them thinking it might be the end) when the MC gets critically injured on a mission. So Ricky goes off to the hospital and pretty much spends the night there — like pulls rank as the MC’s “husband” or something so he can stay

So the MC wakes up the next morning, Ricky is asleep like in the corner or maybe close by, and much feelings (a lot of complicated feelings, if you want) happen


Vicky Dayer!!

Vicky: Hi
MC: Nope flies away


All this talk of Ricky, Vince and everyone else. Where is the Lucy love? I know it’s not just me.


I feel like Lucy would also rick roll all her wedding guests + the mc


Its an pleasant feeling. I have rickrolled so many people.


Love them.

Now let me raise you this: Imagine this happens whilst Ricky has no clue about the MCs real job. So he sees that theres this story on the news that some big battle happened and a building collapsed or a bridge fell or what have you, and gives it no thought at first- 'cause, y’know, Nickelport. Also it was in a relatively empty area so, again, no thought given.

But then he gets a call- my first thought would be that its Finley who calls him since they keep track of emergency contact numbers for all their employees. Maybe he ignores the call at first- it’s not a known number and he gets a lot of essentially spam calls from reporters trying to snag an interview or what have you. Probably ignores it the next two times, as well. But now the same number has called four times and okay, yeah, that’s a little odd. He picks it up, fully intending to not-so-politely tell whoever is on the other line to take a hike, but then they mention the MCs name- and then he hears the word ‘hospital’.

And… well, you can see where it spirals from there. Confusion, terror, a lot of ‘what the hell happened’ and ‘why were they there’ when he learns how they got injured.

The MCs worst nightmare.

Hmm… does hypothetically combining two people into one mass force of destruction count as love? If so, it’s no wonder I’m single. Never tried that before.

She’d probably be the one singing it, too. Just pull the microphone outta her dress and rock on out.

You deserve an award, my friend.


When the MC finds out she’s a villain, they just have a flashback to when she pulled that at the wedding and they wonder why they didn’t see this coming earlier


MC: "You… You’re…"
Lucy: "Yes, I’m sorry I lied to you but-"
MC: "Actually I expected this."
Lucy: "… I’m sorry- what?"
MC: “I mean… you pulled a microphone outta your dress to rick roll everyone at our wedding. It’d be weird if you weren’t a villain.”


I got a badge, if thats help. xD

Who’s that and should I be worried?


That’s the gem fusion of Rickey and V and yes, you should be very worried


That is help indeed!

Everyone should be worried.


Even you oh glorious author should be afraid. Be very very very afraid. slinks away from behind the author’s ear and back into the shadows


Dangit, Ardit, we already talked about haunting my waking nightmares with you and your shadowy organization. I haven’t even prepared any tea or cookies for guests!


Cue Ricky panicking to the hospital and having a chat with Finn once he gets there. Like there are more details, and also why the MC listed him as an emergency contact :)) and maybe Finnley chewing Ricky out for a bit (in a concerned way for their friend more than anything) if they know about the previous fight