Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



Fun fact: Going back and reading this once more I can really tell what parts of it I wrote late last night and what I wrote this morning. Because this:

52 PM

Is not a sentence my well-rested brain would’ve thought up.

And I think it might be a contender for strangest out-of-context statement in the game now.


You’re never too late for the fancast question!

Oooh, I love all of these. They all look so good! (Especially that Lewis Tan photo for the Informant- he’s practically wearing the same outfit as that which the MC meets him in! Got the glasses and everything.)

V is too powerful for just one face. They have many.

Between this and the ghost in the machine joke earlier I’m starting to wonder if there’s been some kinda subconscious hacker sub-plotline that’s somehow slipped itself into the meta of the game… :thinking:

Whoopsies! Fixed that right up!

Yay! I’m glad that it worked well. And yes, bar stools are always a struggle (even for me, and I’m pretty much smack-dab in the middle of the average height signs. They’re just… too tall…)

Yay! I’m happy that you enjoy it. I love putting in those tiny details since they’re just fun for me to do, but it makes me extra happy when I know that others enjoy them as well!

Oh, whoops! I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll go ahead and write in a li’l thing to fix that right away!

EDIT: Okay, think I got that fixed up as well… So hopefully everything is working now!

The MCs real power is perseverance. (Or stubbornness… depending on how you like to call it.)


Yup, it works now!

Incidentally, re that khaki line — I did read it and think it wasn’t quite…the sort of sentence you normally read but then I was like “well what do I know about khakis.” I’m not sure whether to be slightly proud of myself for noticing that odd phrasing or worrying about how calmly I accepted that khakis flutter in a specific manner.


Just replayed the game and honestly forgot how entertaining Ricky x MC could be

Part of me is imagining what if MC gives Ricky all their notes/blackmail material as a gesture of friendship (or in the very serious angst moment wherein MC is just “it’s yours Ricky…have a good life” before walking out)


I imagine Informant to be the “godfather” in the godfather. Where the godfather (Informant) appeared to be weaker but in true, he is actually stronger. But of how you described of his struggles, it’s just so adorable and kind of out of character for the Informant. <3

Man, I have been imaging the Informant as Klaus (Joseph Morgan).


Just a heads up, I put in a tiny bit more (just a sentence, really) regarding height for when you meet V.

You could be both proud and worried.

I’m partial to leaving it for now, mostly because it’s so ridiculous I feel as if it’s earned its place in the oddest lines hall of fame. (That being said I’ll probably still change it later on. But it’ll always remain in my heart.)

I’m not gonna lie- my favorite conversation that I’ve written in the upcoming update (er… one of two, at least) is between Ricky and the MC. I just like it, it was a fun thing to write so… we’ll see if it’s as fun to read. :woman_shrugging:

D’aww… and also… ow… my heart.

Y’know I think you’ll like said conversation that I was talking about (if you find it… cause it’s kinda sorta hidden in one branch of a larger number of possibilities for conversation.)

That’s… fairly apt, yeah.

It is very out of character, but I still like to just imagine it in my head for some laughs and giggles.


Oh my goodness. Will this be the start of the romance path O:



Ahaha, not quite yet, no, sorry. :sweat_smile: The romances will all really kick into gear after we’ve got everyone introduced.

It’s more of a mark of his transition from the nothing-but-contempt “You are the bane of my being goddamn I hate you so much” to “Okay so you’re at least slightly bearable”/“At most you don’t go out of your way to be entirely horrible which I can reluctantly acknowledge and appreciate”

Long story short its the first indication of the MC starting to wear down on him.



And then when Ricky realizes there are feelings, suddenly everything is “oh crap”


Well if i ever rise to the position of overlord of the EU/Europe you’ve just reminded me of foreign policy goal no. 1: instigate metic rebellion in the USA.

The only part of US politics more stubborn and illogical then its resistance to common sense firearms ownership policy would seem to be this, when it is even more important! :stuck_out_tongue:


i had to create an account just to say that goddamn i love older, powerful women who can very possible squash me with their delicate pinkies but are still secretly freaking out while dealing with actual romance.

also yolanda reminds me a lot of gal gadot and i love them both, okay?!


Pretty much.

Gotta say, this statement alone and a lot of aspects of your MC make even more sense.

First of all- welcome to the forum! Happy to have you here and extremely flattered that you created the account to say this!

Second of all- Yep, sounds like you’ll definitely like Yolanda then! (And ooh, yeah, I can see the similarities: Both powerful, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous.)


Hey! At least my meddling in US affairs will serve a purpose, unlike mr. Putin’s which only got you the big, orange baboon with the temperament of a five-year-old and the attention span of a two-year-old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still if it were up to my meddling I guess you’d be living with President Chafee now.


I love the new customization aspects. All of my mcs can and will have beauty marks now.


And tall as heck. Give me all the tall women. Iove them *heaves

also your game is goddamn good! I got very pouty when the demo ended, and proceeded to restart over every other choices and then replayed my majn because - Yolanda. (fun fact: i had a teacher crush with the same name. save me). Also, Ricky looks like such a nice, plotwise, ro! Too bad I’m too gay for that.

Anyway, congratulations on the good ass game, and all the motivation for you to keep going with this project!


My MC now have a tattoo, thanks you Rena! :smiley:


Now that the appearance customizing is in, I really need to find the time to draw Wesley. I had a design for him sketched out before but now I actually have details down :star_struck:

Also, has there been any talk about character voices? I don’t remember any but also I have a terrible memory. I’ve been getting into more and more podcasts lately (I have about six downloaded right now besides The Adventure Zone, though I’ve only really gotten around to listening to maybe four of them but I don’t know if I’ll continue this one horror one a friend recommended because I got too creeped out by it because I’m a huge weenie despite having a morbid fascination in horror and occult topics )

I’ve only got a few of them but Ricky sounds a lot like Noah Simes who voices one of the main characters in The Penumbra Podcast, Vera sounds kind of like Sophie Kaner who’s also in The Penumbra Podcast, and, Jacob sounds a bit like Zach Valenti (who I have just a bit of crush on) who shows up in a lot of podcasts but mainly voices Eiffel in Wolf 359


When you decide to include achievements in the game they need to be song names since everyone expresses their love to this wip with songs x3


I don’t want to derail the thread with politics but let me just say:

Yeah… that’s pretty accurate.

Happy to be of service! :wink:

If you like tall then Yolanda is also definitely tall.

Aww, geez, thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoy it! (Also that is a funny coincidence!)

As for Ricky, well, there’s always his friendship route as well! :grin:

Always happy to give out those tattoos! :grin: (Like I said above also there may or may not be a tiny extra thing later on detailing how the MC got their tattoo! :smile:)

Ooh, I’d love to see it if/when you do!

I don’t think there has- so you’re good!

Sounds like my podcast library right now, too. Except I can only ever listen to one at a time… so it’s gonna take a while to get through all of them. Eeeegh, horror, I get creeped out easily so, yeah, I mean just the fact that you started it is probably more than I could do.

Oooh, all some very good picks (and you’re going to make me add more things to listen to on my list, aren’t you? From the short things I listened to they all sound so good! Aaaah, I need more time for podcasts.)

Hmmm… I’ll have to put some more thought into this. The only one that comes readily to mind for me is for Eileen- who I feel would have a voice similar to Lindsay Small-Butera- who is perfect because she’s part of a tag-team animator spouse duo who make by far the cutest little silly, consistently happy animations I’ve ever seen.

Example (both of her voice and of their adorable animations):

I’ve already started planning out some small achievements, mostly based on the articles but other tiny things as well.


I have some ideas for song based achievements. Like for example, headcanonly I’d imagine for a successfully romanced Ricky: If I Didn’t Care…

Can totes imagine the romance being summed up in one of the stanzas for the song

If I didn’t care, would it be the same?
Would my every prayer begin and end with just your name?
And would I be sure that this is love beyond compare?
Would all this be true if I didn’t care for you?