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I don’t have any FC for my main MC yet. Still looking for one though, :frowning:


A song for an Eileen romance?

Eileen is just too precious I can’t wait to for her to be my best friend :cry:

Also I don’t have a faceclaim for Wesley but I’ve been meaning to draw him again for a while (also Inktober has been moved to Inkvember because of midterms :sob: I’m so tired)


(Sorry for being so slow on the replies, everyone, family came to visit recently.)

Everyone has such cool MCs! I love to see how different they all are and how you’re all planning on getting along with (or being irritated by) the different characters.

Ahhh, so it was the good kinda surprise.

… Would you laugh if this is legitimately something I’d considered for this game as a fun li’l thing? (I suppose I’d have to talk about other aspects of the MC, then, too, and implement a sorta ‘character customization’ kinda segment, but… yeah…)

I remember I was asked about the main cast, but I’m not sure if anyone else chimed in. Though I would be curious, in addition to the MC’s, who do/would you all see as the main cast?

Yep. A song for the Eileen romance. :smile:

She can’t wait to meet you too!

So, I was thinking and the funny thing is that I feel like it might actually be hard to dislike Eileen. Not just 'cause of her personality, but because of how the MC meets her. And like I said before there is a way to ruin the lives of pretty much everyone in this game (if you wanna go the ‘full evil’ route, that is) but I’m curious to see just who choses to ruin her life and why.

Ooof, ouch, midterms. Yucky. I wish you good luck! (And lots of sleep soon!)


I Remember you saying you couldn’t fancast Vincent because the only redhead actors were Cucumber Bandersnatch BUT I immediately though of Sam Heughan…He is so hot I need a cold shower even after reading his name :flushed:

Aside from his hottness inconceivable noices tho he’s an extremely talented actor and I believe he fits the “mischievous little shit everyone can’t help but love”, (Jaime kinda gave me that vibe in the first episode of Outlander anyone wanna vent with me I love this show way too much :sob:)


ALSO HELL YES HIGH DIFFERENCE KISSES!! It would be pretty cute and also (bear with me I can’t l my thoughts properly curse you language barrier) make each MC different in their own way because a short MC will have some trouble reaching stuff but slip away easily and vice versa for a tall one, also some comic relief from our daily angst.
Also if you ever do a costumization segment why not do it when the MC tries their clothes before the party like “before you leave you turn again at the mirror you check yourself you see your reflection a MC of average height with long brown hair, green eyes and tan skin” for example just a thought x3


Sounds like Vincent!

That was kinda the thought behind it. It would also add a nice reference when meeting other characters (i.e. instead of describing someone as “tall” I could use, “At first you’re shocked, it’s not everyday you meet someone of the same height as you” or “And if it was normally a pain to have to look up just to speak with anyone… well, you’re fairly sure you might need a neck brace by the end of the conversation”. Both of which just seem more fun to me, and put it in reference to the MC which might help the reader picture them better? Idk, something I’m definitely looking into.)

Plus added bonus for extra cute scene possibilities.

(Also don’t worry about the language barrier, you’re fine!)

Hmmm… fair point. That would definitely be the main contender if I decide to implement it.


I like that, most of my mc’s tend to be on the taller end of the scale, so if you’re going with that it might just make my mc, Ricky and maybe Vince of comparable height and possibly build too.


Yeah, it will sorta add an easier way to describe the characters in reference to the MC. So it should definitely help there as well.

Alrighty then! I’ve started writing in some scenes for choosing the height, and I should either have that up and running by the end of today or tomorrow. As for height I’ve limited it to just:

Very tall (i.e. Yolanda/Finley height)
Very short (i.e. Eileen height)


How tall is Finley and Lucy?


I don’t have specific heights for everyone in mind (that way I can sorta leave it up to the reader’s imagination and let them picture the characters as they wish) but I do have general heights in reference to each other and sorta for descriptions in mind.

So from tallest to shortest it’s pretty much (and yes, for some reason I see V as different heights depending on who they are… I have no idea why it turned out this way, Vera just wanted to be taller than most okay)

Finley – Yolanda – Vera – Informant – Vincent – Ricky – Raf – Lucy – Vega – Jacob – Eileen

Though I should mention that Vincent and Ricky are practically the same height. With Vincent maybe an inch or two taller, ditto Informant and Vera as well as Raf and Lucy.

If I were using the same measurement as the MC it’d go something like:

Very tall – Very Tall – Tall – Tall – Average/Tall – Average/Tall — Average/Tall – Average/Tall — Average – Short – Very Short


Yeah, then I guess I’ll be going with average/tall (which I assume will be somewhere around 180cm or 6ft) for my mc in this game, cause I wanna be able to look Ricky and Vincent straight in the eyes.

Well then put my mc in the middle of those then I guess, so an inch or about 2.5cm (ugh, I hate the imperial system, metricate already USA!! :angry: :exploding_head: ) taller than Ricky and shorter then Vincent.


This honestly make me relate to this example. I was thinking of a very tall MC that couldn’t fit in the mirror, so they have to back up a little bit to see their whole body. (im assuming that you are talking about the mirror that you would see your whole body.)

Honestly, I’m surprised because the whole time I was thinking that Informant is shorter.


The effort you put in your game to put more content is truly fascinating 1000 + 1 hugs to you friend :relaxed:

Yup a full body mirror x3 Although I believe there isn’t a mirror THAT tall your for MC he probably needs 2 of them stuck on top of another :rofl:

The rebellion has begun comrades! The Metric Movement will accomplish its goals! HOORAY!!!


If I’m being frank then the boy keeps bouncing around in my head, sometimes he’s in between Raf and Lucy (sometimes just after Lucy) other times he’s the same height as Vincent and at this point he’s an enigma to myself as well as most others in regards to his height.

I put it here because I’m sticking with that for now and I really need to settle if we’re doing this height specific thing… but whether or not I settle on that might fluctuate until I forced to actually describe him in detail.

(Sometimes I like to just placate the conflict and imagine that the Informant tries his best to appear taller than he is, even if he was already of Average height I sometimes imagine that he’ll do whatever he can to look taller without looking like he’s trying to look taller like sitting/standing straight, wearing taller shoes, and generally doing his best to be on slightly higher ground.)

D’aww, thank you! 1000 + 1 hugs to you as well! :hugs:

I just imagine him popping his head out of the dressing room like “Excuse me, sir?”
“Could i have another mirror?”
"… what."
“Another mirror.”
“Why do you-”
“I’m tall, okay?”

No! We refuse to be logical and join the rest of the world! :stuck_out_tongue:


A wise man once said “Truth! Freedom! Justice! And a hard-boiled egg!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alrighty then! I’ve put in the whole ‘choose your characters look’ thing into the demo, a li’l something in the stats screen to acknowledge your choices, and a couple of preliminary tests for the whole ‘using height to describe others’ with Jacob and Finley to see if they work.

So… yeah, let’s see if they work!

I also decided to also have a little fun with it so there may or may not be another optional memory later down the line if your character has a tattoo. Not in the current demo, but in future updates…


Am I too late for the fancast question? If not then //casually drops this here

Based on an earlier post by Rena:

Finley: Erika Linder, top of my head pick :))

Yolanda: Mariette Valsan, like just look how much of a regal boss she is

Ricky: I’ve mentioned Patrick Dempsey before but also consider Henry Cavill because there’s this really old photo of him that looks like Ricky either going “don’t do it MC just don’t” or “oh my god they did it, they did the thing after I explicitly told them NOT to”

Lucy: Janelle Monae, because she was the first person that came to mind when you mentioned the long braid :)) like look at how epicly long it was at one point. And also that she has that high energy vibe I associate with Lucy a lot so

Jacob: Brett Dier :)) this was actually the easiest to imagine and the guy has a very boy next door kind of vibe :stuck_out_tongue:

The Informant: I like the idea of an East Asian Informant — Godfrey Gao was an earlier mention by Rena — so I’ll raise a Lewis Tan and hope that I’m on the money (and also because he cleans up really well just saying)

As for the rest, Raf is drawing blanks for me and Eileen as of now seems like a Nathalie Emmanuel (who doesn’t quite fit the description from what Rena has imagined so idk what to make of this hahaha). V is as always, illusive and constantly shifting from one face to another — at this rate no one will play them :)) — so I’ll leave that alone for now


Your thread has hit “1337” status!! :laughing:


You implemented the looks + height aspect really well; I especially commiserated with my MC’s struggle to sit on the stool!

I did have a problem that if I chose shoulder-length hair, it would show an error:


I also enjoyed that we can now see how our ID card looks like. It’s details like these that really make the game even more enjoyable.

My only nit-pick is that when we’re choosing features for our skin (freckles, beauty marks, etc), you have to choose “smooth and clear of any marks” to move onto the next section, regardless of whether you chose tattoos or whatever else, so that obligated choice contradicts our previous choices. I hope that makes sense!


complete with heavy, dark bruise-purple bags beneath them. The collar of your shirt is a little crooked too… Even the photo itself seems to be blurred as if the stand that the camera was snapped into wasn’t quite as steady as it should’ve been.

I officially relate 90% with my MC life just can’t give us a break x3