Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



Sure. He’s another person who doesn’t really enjoy sweet things (he used to, though, but not so much now) so he’ll generally take more bitter teas and doesn’t add any sugar or honey or any of that jazz.

True, true. That slipped my mind for a moment there, haha.

If only there was some kinda persistent reporter-type who stuck around long enough to wear down on him and actually help him look at life in a less bitter way.

… But that’d be crazy, right?

Honestly? Probably.

He wouldn’t admit to it but… I can see it.

Just buy him a coffee… And make sure that there’s nothing breakable in the nearby vicinity because he will accidentally break something. (Jacob talks with his hands a lot.)

Almost everyone has a lot of readily available drama. (I say ‘almost’ because the one exception would be Eileen. Romancing or (in your case) befriending her is just generally a fun time with lots of happiness and a li’l drama but nothing quite as major as some of the others.)

So if that’s what you’re on the lookout for then… I’m fairly certain you’ll find it. :wink:


Well Vince had better be careful with my mc then because it may be that the opposite of whatever Vince thinks it is my mc wants him to say may in fact be what my mc has been aiming for all along. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Vince may have the impressive powers but my mc does know a few things about manipulation and psychological warfare from his time as a police detective, among other things.


B0I I’M READY TO FIGHT THE NEMEAN LION IN ORDER TO GET MY HAPPY ENDING WITH RAF! I SHALL PREVAIL!! No seriously, I got used to the fact there will be tons of angst bring it


Story is looking more and more awesome \o/


Apparently me and Ricky take our coffee the same way :joy:

You know the more I hear tidbits on V the more tired I get? Like it’s one of those moments of “sweet jeebus what did they do this time” kind of exasperation and dread (and then entertainment but more like peeping through your hands while a train wreck happens)

Which makes me wonder how the romance is going to go (and if the MC will have aged by 50 years at the end of it because boy do they sound like a lot of work)


All I could think of is that grand debate of:

“I’ll say the opposite of what he wants- but wait, what if he knows that I’m going to say the opposite of what he wants and so he wants me to say the opposite of what he wants? So I’ll say the opposite of what he doesn’t want then, but what if he’s figured out that I’ll figure out that he knows I’ll say the opposite of what he wants and that he wants me to say the opposite of what he wants so that he’ll make me say what he wants and now he knows I’m going to say what he wants. So I’ll say he opposite of what he wants. But wait, what if he knows that I know that he knows that I’m going to say what he wants to say the opposite of what he doesn’t want so that I say the opposite of what he wants which is exactly what he wanted anyway?!”

Cue a broken V answering that they prefer pineapple.

Oh, but don’t you know? That’s just one of 12 trials you have to prevail in order to achieve the happy ending.

I intend to. :smile:

Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoy it!

That… pretty much sums it up, yeah. Tired but entertained is essentially the logical reaction with V and their antics.

It’ll turn out the MC actually did have a super power the entire time- the ability to put up with V.


That’s my boy! :grin:

Must be and getting some honest answers out of them too. In V’s defense it helps that he’s witty, charming and super-cute of course. :wink:


I feel like i missed stuff… Who is V… I thought this was the thread for Through The Broken Lenses for a sec there…


V (being rather devious as well) and your MC should have a battle of the wits…

Now that would be fun.

I’m happy to help catch you up with anything you missed! (Though I am very, very sick right now so I’m probably gonna be forgetting some things that happened recently myself.)

V stands for Vendetta Vera/Vega/Vincent- depending on which “mysterious stranger” you tried to approach at the Chat Blanc. (They’re also kinda-sorta canonically not-the-same-person while being exactly the same person at the exact same time. Confused? So am I. Need more explanation? So do I. You can check that out on Post 1036. Don’t wanna bother looking that up? I don’t blame you. Basically- there’s gonna be a nod to the others if you get to know whichever V you encounter via them mentioning the fact that they’ve got two siblings who are sadly out of town right now.)

(We also had a fun discussion about family dinner’s considering the Bayer siblings’… unique differences in cooking expertise… Supplied handily by @princecatling on Post 1223. Long story short: If all three Bayer siblings are in town: Run.)

Haha! Well, nope, 'fraid not. Here we’ve got a bunch of slightly cartoonishly-styled villains and heroes in overly-cartoonishly styled costumes going on a city-wide destruction-romp for the fun of it all with one poor reporter stuck in the middle.


Perhaps I should try to play again! You provided an amusing enough answer that I’m SOMEWHAT satisfied with them. Also… Going to 1036 showed me three kittens… Which has really fucked me up.

Time to save scum to meet one of those three folks.


Anyone else who’d like to share who is their MC (background, headcanons etc.) while we wait for the update?


You’re learning the chant: Multiple playthroughs. (Gotta explore all those different options!)

That’s m’job.

Not a fan of kittens?

Should be fairly easy, considering you have to meet one of them.

Oooh, I always love hearing about others’ characters. So if anyone wants to share, I’d love to hear who y’all are playing as!


I have a few but the one that feels the most canon is the Raf-mance MC (Cassandra Lee if anyone is curious, the one briefly mentioned in that small drabble thing)

I’m not sure how to go about introducing her but she’s very likely going to have an odd friendship with Ricky and would probably be irritated with V until further notice (taking her ring from her is definitely a quick way to her shit list and I’m not sure if they’ll stay there or not)

She actually hasn’t met Jacob yet and Lucy is an old friend so we’ll see how things turn out :))



My MC is called Violet Waters (Vee for close friends)! She’s friendly and charming to those she meets, although very stubborn ( to some people’s annoyance hi Ricky luv ya) when it comes to a case and always determined to tell the truth and bring justice, although she tries to persuade herself that she likes her current job (exposing powdered individuals). She was living a happy life with Raf but after the divorce she shut down, focusing on her job more than before (:worried:). She’ll claim Elaine as a bff cause she needs some support right now, have a complicated friendship with V and Ricky (will not admit that she finds V amusing and will try to help Ricky get over his bitterness but don’t tell anyone shhhh), reconnect with her old friend Lucy, act as a sister to Jacob, have a friendly boss/worker relationship with Fin and of course oh the angst get back together with Raf with whom she’s still in love (:sob:). I’m not sure yet about Yolanda and the Informant since we don’t know a lot about them, but probably act as friend to Yolanda who doesn’t see her for her fame and money and be a bit weired by the Informant. Based on what we know and lovely Rena considered implementing in the game, she was born in Nickelport, met Raf and Lucy at college, and worked as a journalist before the divorce. And some of my little headcanons: Vee adopted (right word?) Raf’s last name when they were married, has a younger brother and currently wishes to lay at her bed.


No! I love Cats! I meant it in a good way, like “Holy shit thats funny” dealio!


My MC’s full name is Aristotle Merrithew, his nickname is Ari. He is about as tall as a building, but he can be brutal… very brutally honest to a person. However, he can be humble and calm when he want too… He’s very bad with directions and tend to get lost quite a lot. He doesn’t really ask for directions, mainly because he doesn’t want to brother anyone and is very shy when talking to strangers. Ari was in love and probably living with Raf… ((I was planning on him crushing on Informant. ))




Out of curiosity do any of you guys have FC’s for your MC’s? I think we did one for the main cast but am not sure if we did one for your own characters :))


The thing I have with FC is that once I imagine a character in my head I must find someone who looks exactly like them XD
The closer I would find is Emilia Clarke in this photo x3


Mine is Chae Jang Ahn (or An) – especially with how she looked like from Coffee Prince! I don’t have pics but will probs edit this post when I get home

Anyone else with headcanons or fc’s for their MC’s?


The most “reporter-y” image I could find of her, otherwise (I mean she has a very determined look on her face which I think suits the MC)