Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Poll on Post 1766)



“Enemies” to lovers trope here we come :))

I can’t wait for the scene when he realizes he’s in love with them. Bonus if MC is in danger when this happens


By the way there’s a bug in extra notes
Line 733 non existent variable ‘dpd_chalrie’


It’s gonna be a fun time. :smile:


Actually extraordinarily odd.

Because I know what it’s supposed to be…

But it’s a part of the upcoming update.

So how did it get in here? And how did it get misspelled? (Since it’s not misspelled in the actual upcoming update).

I’m very confused on how that variable ended up there. I must’ve been fixing something else and it slipped in unnoticed I guess? Huh. Odd. (O there’s a ghost in the code.)

Either way, thank you for pointing that out! I’m getting on a flight soon so I’ll have to fix it later today. But thank you!


Ah yes “fun times” wherein all of us will be delighting in how much Ricky is suffering lmao

[Ricky you dug yourself into this hole you get yourself out]




It’s begun


I find that to be true with most males :roll_eyes: I look forward to ignoring him on my path to fix things with Lucy :grin:


I just imagine the MC standing there stoically as Ricky has this self-crisis as they shake their head and repeat this.

Ahh, this might’ve been a whoopsie of the tongue on my part. The update itself is still being written, just… somehow one of the variables for one piece of information you can gather somehow slipped in… and somehow slipped in misspelled…



The Laughing Man has somehow slipped into Nickelport.

So… trading one kind of trouble for another?

EDIT: Just as a heads-up, I’ve officially finished (finally) transfering all the shorts to the tumblr page so if you don’t want to have to scroll through to find them- they’re all organized on this tag on the page right here.


Often the super-cute ones do tend to be the most “trouble”, yes. Of course often I find that sexy, intriguing and/ or alluring.
Then again Lucy will likely play a minimal role in my version of the story.


:astonished: There are other people in this story besides Lucy?! I must have missed that :thinking:


Is there an percentage of heartbreak if we choose an RO that was not our ex? Like if I choose Informant, how many percent heartbreak is that?


Well then it is definitely a good thing you like Ricky, because he’s definitely a troublesome one.

… Actually now that I think about it you’ve also expressed before that you like V, too.

I’m starting to see a pattern here.

It’s okay, there’s not many others, really. Blink and you’ll miss 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the most part the heartbreak is equal all around. There are some people that the Exes will be a bit more… bitter about the MC dating due to their own friendships and dislikes. And there’s one person who, depending on your past with the Ex, they could be very upset about. Now that would probably be the most heartbreak-inducing run but it would depend heavily on the MC’s and Ex’s past together.


Knee jerk reaction: this is V isn’t it (or Raf/Lucy depending who you married)

//twiddles thumbs while waiting even more


In the Vincent form of course. :wink:


I’ve noticed a very funny pattern- whenever I say that something could go horribly wrong- either in general or for someone in specific- the overall immediate reaction is believing that V is responsible.

To be entirely honest this is a healthy dose of speculation to have with them.

Of course! :smile:


I got thinking about that Jealous Ricky fic again and got thinking…

How does Ricky take his coffee? Black? Mostly milk and sugar with a splash of coffee? Somewhere in the middle?

Is he pro or anti pumpkin spice or is he baffled by why that’s even a debate in the first place?


Ricky look like he would be a pro pumpkin spice. (There’s a debate?)


Sort of? Every year when fall rolls around, everyone seems to be either worshipping pumpkin spice or treating it like the Devil’s drink

(I feel like Eileen would be pro pumpkin spice. Maybe Raf too. Jacob is pro anything-with-caffeine probably. Not sure about anyone else)


I’m extremely curious how jealous Ricky led to wondering about his coffee preferences.

Fun fact about Ricky- he doesn’t really like bitter things. Probably because he’s bitter enough already. But he does like coffee.

And by coffee I mean… 90% milk with some sugar and maybe a splash of coffee added in for the sake of caffeine.

He’d probably drink it, deem it generally bearable (high praise indeed), and then be thoroughly perplexed and mildly annoyed by the uproar over whether or not this is a good thing.

These are all accurate.

Especially Jacob. Except he honestly doesn’t need the caffeine, he’s just sort of naturally energetic. Still, he’s gone many days with no sleep but many cups of varying caffeinated drinks. (Granted he’s never the most coherent of people when he does this but he does it anyway.)

Off the top of my head?

Finley would stand to the side and wonder why this is such a big deal. (But they’re not the biggest fan of sweet foods to begin with so they’ll just stick with their bitter coffee either way.)

Yolanda prefers tea. But sure, she’d go for it if there was nothing else.

Informant doesn’t drink coffee. Or anything with caffeine in it for that matter.

Lucy is against it on the basis that it’s too sweet for her and has too much sugar in it.

V will say whatever it is you don’t want them to say. (Even if it’s different from what they said last.)


Does this mean the Informant like tea? (since some soda have caffeine in them)


Well, he and the MC are in a coffee shop :smiley:

Oh, he just needs a little something or someone to sweeten him up, that’s all :relaxed:

I know you didn’t specify how much sugar, but… Does Ricky have a sweet tooth? :eyes:

I’d pay to see that

(Interestingly, I’ve come to realize that, irl, Jacob is probably closest to “my type”

But I chose Raf and Ricky for my first playthroughs because they had the most readily available drama (so far))