Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



We’ll see, eh?

This is still one of my favorite drawings and I adore it.

!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! And thank you so much! I hope to be able to continue to allow for varied MCs!

Thank you again!!! (And just remember the chant: Multiple playthroughs! Romance as many people as you like!)


I know @princecatling has made some absolutely amazing playlists that you should be able to find scattered about here! They’re very very good and I 100% recommend checking them out.


Also! If anyone here hasn’t joined the discord yet and wants to then I’ll go ahead and plug a little link right here!

We’re having a little just for fun competition right now to decide what the discord’s banner should be. So it’s prime time to join!


The original site for the playlists I used was kinda crappy so idk how much of them will play from the links that are on here currently but I remade them through 8tracks recently :eyes: There’s ads but it’s better than half the songs not playing at least

This one is for MC:U as a whole (I keep forgetting to make new cover art for it dskjghsdgk)

This one is for V


So I’m curious. Has anyone tried to draw the RO’s?


I’m pretty sure they have, just look in this thread. Plus there are some in the discord too.


I can see the evil lurking behind that yellow fake visage, a yellow so yellow it’s fake yellow, too. A façade is all life is, because Raf and MC are soulmates but NOT TOGETHERIFJEFLIWHWCPDIQ-

Tune in for more Sound of Despair at 1 am, because sleep only exists in the land of the maskless.

clears throat Where were we?

Thanks, I’ll check it out!


There’s some absolutely positively fantastic fanart scattered about! If you want to know exactly where then:

Post numbers

They’re on posts 1797, 1544, 1481, 1243, 1134, 1035, 1012, 911, 913, 772, 509, 496, 484, 457, 367, 413, 122, and 135! (If you think I don’t have all of these bookmarked you are wrong I cherish and adore every single one of these so much and honestly they continue to astound me. I love all of them.)


Also “sleep only exists in the land of the maskless” is an amazing line.

Also! I promised to keep up with monthly progress reports so I’ll do just that now!

Like I said in last month’s progress report, it was going to be a slow month since I was focusing on another project for Camp Nano. As a result, not much got done, admittedly, but Camp Nano is complete now (yay!) And I made my goal there (double yay!) So it’s back to focusing more on Model Citizens.

Again since Camp Nano was last month there’s sadly not a lot I can put here for the previous month- however, expect a more detailed progress report next time/when I have enough to give you a more solid answer.


I read this story to me it the best story I read