Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



The new text descriptions are great! I’m an obsessive stat-checker, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the MC’s relationships change over time :grin:


I agree with @ohmyvalar, It’d be great if we can change between the two. Statics are great but at the same time, they are not realistic. You can’t know by percent how much someone likes you, you can just assume how they feel by their interactions w you and since this WIP is rly character-driven and have one of the most (if not the best) organic relationships I’ve seen I’d like to try improving my relationships without a status bar :3


Hmm, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard! And if I’m gonna end up toggling the display I could have an option to just have the stats bars, stats bars with text, or just text- so maybe that will work best?

Aww, thank you! I’m excited to continue working on them- I think it’ll be fun!

:grinning: Yay! I’m happy you like the new text format! I just like putting in tiny things like that as sorta nods to how everything is progressing and also just everything that the MC has done over time!

Ahaha, yep! I mean, you’re basically pairing up a snarkier MC with Ricky Dempsey aka the snarkiest character in Nickelport so you can bet there’d be some back and forth there.

That’s a great idea!! Thank you for your suggestion!

I’m happy you enjoy it! What I’m thinking I’ll do now is put in a little mini options page within the relationship stats on how you want to view them- if you just want the stats bars, just the text, or both stats bars and text.

First of all- happy cake day!

Second of all- Yay! I’m so glad you like them! :smile:

Sounds good! I’m putting in an option to toggle between the three (one of each, or both together) right now!

Also- aww, geez, thank you! I’m so flattered you think so!! :blush:

Okay! The stats screen should now have the options set up in place- be sure to let me know if anything isn’t working properly!


Possible Bug? Maybe, I’m not sure. The first time I played the demo, I was able to get to 30% with the Ex, but now I can only get up to 20? I’m not sure if you decided to do that on purpose or not? But when I first played and you say “I love you” in the first dream it gave 10% to whichever Ex you chose, but now it doesn’t? Is it a bug or did you just decide to change it?


Oh, yes, that’s on purpose! (And actually along the line of thinking as to why I wanted to change the stats screen from bars to text, funnily enough.) Now, instead of just a general boost to stats, saying ‘I love you’ in the dream gives you a boost in a different stat which counts how much the ROs (or, Exes, in this case) are attracted to you romantically! That one is invisible, so you won’t see it go up or down, but it changes independently of the basic relationship bars, which I usually take to be more of a trust/friendliness meter than an attraction meter. I hope that makes some sense, haha.


Oh, interesting, I like that a lot! Especially since my goal in every game I play is to befriend as many people as possible! (because I’m a wimp and i can never be mean in games. It hurts my soul too much. I always just want everyone to be happy.)


(You and me both, I think I’ve only ever played the “evil” route in a game… once. Other than that my biggest stress with games is that I’m worried I can’t help out all of the characters and make them happy. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I’m glad you like it, though! I feel like it can create for some interesting friendship dynamics and also effect whether or not the ROs make the first move or if the MC has to bring up the idea of a relationship first for their chosen RO for some fun changes in dialogue. :smiley:


Okay so I just saw this on my tumblr feed and legit thought this was a male V. I actually did a double take on how close this is for how I imagine V in my head. Just felt like sharing this beautiful art to you guys.

Here is the artist’s tumblr if anyone is curious


I know that game!!! Julius is an angty theatriic kinda guy. All self hatred, snark and trying to be smooth and nearly trip over his own feet doing it. XD


what game? I wanna play this said game.


The Arcana is the name of the game!


OMFG!!! This game is honestly gorgeous and I wonder why I have not found it sooner.


Its great! Sorry didn’t see this until now. I’m up to date on Julias’ and Asras route. But yes it comes highly recommended.


Y’know what I find an extraordinarily funny coincidence outta all this? Someone actually suggested that Eileen might look like a character from that same game quite a while ago on the tumblr (which I dug up handily right here).

… I’m startin’ to think I need to actually play this game.


Dooooooo it! Its super cute! The pieces are finally coming together about what happened the night the count died. It gets a new chapter every one to two months.


As someone who’s been neck deep in the Arcana fandom and seen things ™, be very wary of the fandom and depending who you ask even the creators/dev company (I have my opinions on that but I’ll let you all decide for yourselves)

Still on semi-hiatus but Julian is def not part of the V family. Dramatic sure but he’s not the kind of over the topness any of the V’s are


oh yay, I’ll get invested in the story, grab the popcorn, and watch their forums for flame wars lol. I hope the devs aren’t actually shady though, with the game still being a WIP it put investors (those who gave money for their kick starter) in a compromised position if they decide to just drop everything and abandon it.

Julian seems to only share imagery in common. I don’t think there will ever be another V…


Well, technically, there are essentially three of them :stuck_out_tongue:

And they’re all equally insane


And each is uniquely deranged.


A friend of mine backed them and let’s just say it was horribly handled. Plus pricing issues within the game. Plus dismissive of fan concerns within the game itself and a lot of other stuff

Nyx Hydra as a company is shady but don’t take my word for it. You can search for the stories and what not and see for yourself

Imagery wise…still nah. Being a redhead is the only characteristic they share – like Julian is a disaster but a completely different kind of disaster

The only other thing I can think of is the dedication to aesthetic but Jules is a dramatic theatre goth-emo wannabe rather than…idk how to describe the V’s :)) almost implausibly gaudy but somehow reverts to stylish