Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



Thank you for the suggestions! I appreciate them!

What I was thinking is that I’d do away with the percentiles entirely, and I’d have just some basic point value that goes up or down in small intervals depending on if the MC says or does something that the other person approves of, and then I would have certain text for each person that would correlate to the brackets within which the amount of points the MC has with them would fit into a certain kind of relationship.

(I.e. you could have 2-4 points with Finley and the text would mention that they consider you a friend, but 2-4 points with Ricky would mean that he still hated you.)

So you’d never actually see the points go up or down, but you’d see the text change.

Then I could also add in some more true/false markers for specific actions that the MC did that stand out to the other person (one example would be if the MC made a good impression on Nathan Lowton and also made a good impression/didn’t make a scene with Alexander Bright- I could translate that into Ricky’s text by saying that he considers the MC at least mildly capable at their job. Or for Ayesha and Raf, if you got along well with her then I could add in something about how Raf is happy that you get along well with his sister.)

It would also allow me to put in something for more minor characters (like Ayesha), just small text blurbs of the people you’ve met. (Or like Bright, I could put in a little ‘he probably doesn’t like you very much’ kind of thing if you made a bad impression.) Which might be fun as well.

The only problem is that I’ve noticed that if I go over about 40,000 words per .txt file then dashingdon doesn’t like it and won’t upload the file because it’s gotten too big, so while I get around this in normal chapters by just splitting the scene into multiple text files (as I’m gonna have to do with the memories now that I’m writing in the third variation for the non-love scenes, and also will have to figure out with Yolanda’s Interview eventually), I can’t really do that with the stats screen because it’s all confined to just one .txt file and I’m not exactly sure if it’s even possible to split it into multiple .txt files?

I’ve wondered if compiling the game might remedy the problem instead of just, well, uploading each .txt file separately. But I’m also terrified to mess something up on that front so I’d probably have to duplicate everything and try out a test copy before I dip my toes into that tar pit.

My dream however, would be to get rid of the relationship bars as they are now and replace everything with just text that can expand and change as you learn more about people (maybe even give each RO and character their own personalized pages with unknown information on them and text that changes depending on your relationship.)

And I realize that’d be a lot of work and tracking but that’s not really what worries me- it’s just the code and the question of whether or not it’d be able to take all of that, aha.

One way I could combine things is that I could put the contacts in there as well, and just have a little yes/no marker of whether or not you have that person’s contact and what the contact looks like (because there may or may not be future hints hidden within someone’s calling card… but I didn’t say anything :wink:)

So… yeah, definitely something I’m keeping in the back of my mind, hahaha.

Sorry about that long rambling, ha.

Y’know we had a conversation about combining V and Ricky way back when and it ended at the consensus that the world would essentially be doomed if that ever happened so… I mean…

The fact that this person potentially exists terrifies me.

Awesome- thank you for your input! :grin:


I love it when games do this, so I would encourage you to try :grin::grin::grin:


thank you so much for this guide! I thought I already managed to get him high with ~21 but gosh this would be so much better. I can’t wait to test it out and see if there are any dialogue differences.

edit: hmmm i tried following that guide but for some reason i can’t even seem to get the apology option to trigger. Is there perhaps some other requirements I should be taking?


I think you also need to chose the option in the beginning that says you hate doing this kind of work.
I think thats how I got that part to trigger at least.


Thanks! I’m definitely going to give it a shot sometime (maybe that’s the next mini-update before I finish the non-love memories, aha), and see how well it works. :smile:

It’s kinda that! The ‘I’m sorry’ and all those dialogue options change depending on how your MC is… morally? (I’ve struggled with the term for it, in the stats screen it depends on your Lawful/Lawless stat but it’s really more of a question of whether or not the MC is more villainous or heroic in personality- I guess? It changes some text on how they feel about blackmailing Ricky and changes some of the available answers. Generally it shifts depending on the MCs reaction to the more horrific side of Nickelport/their job and how comfortable they are with that/how actively they seek it out?)

I hope that makes some sense, aha.

It does change your available answers to Ricky, however. (And will change how you respond to some other things later on.)


Yeah as Lj said I chose at first I didn’t like blackmailing. Which makes sense how Rena said it works my MC mostly didn’t do a lot of lawless stuff. (Others then the bit with informant but with her delicate heart I made her shy and nervous about it after reading the info.) Though yeah I think that’s a big thing I did to open that dialog tree


I have no idea how the site works but what if you make a file for each character and when you build the relationships page code it to show the file which contains the relationships???

… I have no idea how that works…


I think *gosub_scene (.txt file name) could work for what you want to do. Put a choice command in the choicescript_stats.txt file and then *gosub_scene to the .txt file for the character, then *gosub_scene back to the stats page.


I’ll definitely continue to mess around with it, aha.

And yeah, you and me both. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can… you can use gosub with scenes…?

What is this witchcraft that I have not heard of.

This could possibly solve everything.

Thank you- thank you so much!


oooh i see! that’s interesting to know and makes me wonder if we can still romance him even as someone who is more villainous tho and will look forward to trying that out too (though i imagine it’ll be an even more ardous road haha) Thank you for the responses!


Yep! I talked a bit before about manipulative MCs here:

But since that’s specifically about manipulating people personally this stat is actually a tiny bit differently. While that’s mostly true/false variables about things you’ve done that the characters will then judge (along with this stat, of course, which will shed some light on the MC’s actions as well as be effected by it- after all, a “lawful” MC might still act in a “lawless” way, but the different could be that they’re doing it because they perceive it as necessary to their survival, and maybe even regret it afterwards. While a lawless MC might just see that as the default option/course of action to take.)

The lawful/lawless variable mostly moves around depending on how your MC feels about the things they do/the things they see. It’s basically my one peeking into whether or not the MC feels totally ok with what’s going on, or to what degree they think that this kinda stuff is Not Ok.

Which can also then go into how the ROs respond to the MC’s feelings on things.

Since you brought up Ricky- he could be fine with an MC that feels either way- but it depends on their success.

An MC who is lawless is fine with Ricky so long as they’re successful as it- and therein he’ll see that the ends justify the means of their actions/emotions.

An MC who is lawful is also fine, but only if it doesn’t stand in their way. If what Ricky sees as the “smart” route is actively avoided and then the MC fails when taking the moral highground then he might perceive that as a weakness instead of a strength.

Ricky is actually one of the more lenient characters when it comes to this, really. The person I always point to as the least lenient is Jacob, just because he’s the most morally charged out of pretty much anyone here.

For him, a more lawless MC would straight up creep him out. Just… the fact that they’d be ok with all the stuff that can happen/has happened/they do is super weird to him and not exactly the kinda person he wants to hang around.

Conversely he’d be more understand of a lawful MC doing lawless things because he’d know (or believe) that they’re a good person, and therefore they must have a good reason. He’d still be disappointed, but not as critically or definitively as he would with a lawless MC.

… I kinda went on a tangent there, didn’t I? Haha, sorry about that. I just love rambling about these things (give me an excuse and I will write you a five page essay on everything I have planned here.)


Of course! I’m always happy to answer any questions/curiosities! :smile:

Alrighty! So, super super thanks for recommending the gosub function because it looks like it’s working!! :smile:

I’m writing in the larger stats you’ll see now, as for what I’m planning to put in it’ll be pretty basic for right now, namely:

Full Name
(EDIT X2: Also if you have their contact then that will be moved to here as well.)

A short blurb on what you know about them and how you know them

How it seems they think of you

Is there anything else you’d all like to see/think is necessary for the relationship notes?

I should have a demo of it up by the end of the day today, in which case I’ll be asking for feedback there as well, but if there’s anything that comes to mind at this moment I figure it’d be good to check now as well!


Alrighty! I put in an idea of what the new relationships would be. It’s not much since it’s just me dabbling with the idea- so feedback would be very useful! (Especially if there are any glitches that I’ve created in doing this, aha.)

Basically the things I’m wondering is:

  • Just generally how well does this work? (Or would you prefer the other version?)
  • Is there anything missing from the descriptions? (For this I would use Finley’s as an example of what everyone else would look like in its complete version, since I’m still messing around with just making them appear when you meet the people for everyone else that’s up there right now.)
  • Is it well-organized? / Does the organization make sense as of right now?

And of course anything else that comes to mind would be great as well!


I’ve decided to put in a poll to make it easier and also so that I know whether or not I should keep going with this format, aha.

  • Keep the new text format
  • Go back to the relationship bars

0 voters

I’ll also be slowly adding in more on the screens as I work out how this is going to work out, so if you catch something new then that might be why! (So far I’ve also put in the ring/why the MC might have the ring into whoever your divorcee’s page is.)


Hi, I’ve kind of been quietly stalking this WIP since I found it a week ago, but I wanted to let you know that I love it! From just the little I’ve seen, I wanna know more about all the characters. Especially the Exes and why they became villains.

As for the new update, I like the usage of relationship text over just a sliding bar. My only problem with the text is that it didn’t change at all while playing? It was just hard to tell whether characters, like Ricky, were starting to like the MC more or not by the end of the demo. I think it’s well organized though and I like the descriptions you have so far.


Maybe do both?
Like have a bar and the text below it?


Aww, thank you! I’m so happy you enjoy it!

Yay! I can’t wait for you to learn more about them!

Yeah, sorry about that- that’s more a temporary thing as I test out just the formatting of it all to see which works best- I plan to have the text change as your relationship changes and even as you take certain actions that leave a special impression on the characters (ex. one of the next things I want to put in as I just sort of trickle more info into the new stats format is going to be Ricky’s reaction if the MC either made a good impression on Nathan Lotown or Alexander Bright, or if you made a bad impression on Bright.)

That’s a great idea! I might also be changing how the relationship bars work if I stick with the text, however, as I get further and further away from single clumps of numbers and focus more on actual actions that the MC takes.

So like what I’m thinking I might do is something more along the way of DA2’s kinda rival/friend system with two (or more) separate numbers that count up depending on certain emotions that the characters could feel towards the MC, and then have little descriptions depending on what’s the prevailing number?

Like I have one for attraction, but then I could also put in one for approval and one for disapproval, then it could make the relationships (hopefully) a bit more complex because you could have a high approval rating with one of the characters, but if you do something that spikes their disapproval then they’d also react to that as well- and like it could be the difference between someone respecting you and trusting you? (If you have both a high approval and disapproval rating then that might be because you’ve done things to make them respect you, but also shown yourself to be not the kind of person they’d necessarily like? I might be greatly overcomplicating it for myself though, however, ahah.)

This is why I have extras of every file I keep before I go crazy messing around with them.


I like this way of handling it, and it’s what I’m doing for the WIP I’m currently working on.
Or it will be, as soon as I wrap my brain around the best way to code for all the different text variables.

The slider will show the generel level of mutual respect and agreeable… ness?, while the specifics, like romance, will be reflected in the text.

And that’s what I’m planning to do for another WIP, using different emotions for each character.
As an example, the Boss/Mentor character will have an exasperation-adoration slider.

My brain kinda wants to find the “perfect” solution, but I have concluded that different systems work better for different projects. :weary:

Your writing is good enough that I don’t really feel like I need much of an relationship indicator. It’s clearly reflected in the writing. :kissing_heart:


You can do it! I believe in you! :smile:

That sounds like a neat idea! Definitely could get some interesting character development in there with that kinda mechanic!

Ahah, that’s what my brain wants to do, too, so don’t worry- you’re not alone.

Aww, thank you! That’s sweet of you to say! And I’m happy that it comes across well in the writing!

I’m gonna continue to mess with it for now, as of yet I’m taking @MeltingPenguins’ amazing suggestion while I toy with it. In the meantime I’m finding new things to add into the text part (which has already made Ricky’s potential text quite long, aha! Next up I’m messing with Jacob then Raf and Lucy for the optional memories, then Yolanda and finally the Informant and Finley for the people that have been written into the actual text so far.)


Was really skeptic f the text bars, but have to say that they are actually really nice.The only CON that I noticed with this is that it will be a bit more hectic than before when tracking when you get a boost in relation(mainly because you have to click the profile now) If you could maybe put this on the outside this would easily fix the problem(but not proficient enough in coding to actually know if this is viable)

Really looking forward to reading the rest of the profiles in the coming updates if you decide to keep them.:grin:


I like the new text format and i think ti should be fine if you keep it as it is rn having both the text format AND the relationship bar because i feel like the text format adds a nice cute flavor to the insight of the mc while the relationship bar being paired with it also helps to keep track of how far along we are.

also randomly i tried the lawless version of the text with ricky this time and boy oh boy i enjoy that little snarkfest too i’m weak


Omg yay I love text-descriptors for r/s stats especially!! I think instead of having both on the screen at once you could go the Tin Star (correct me if I’m wrong) way of allowing players to toggle between them?

Although I think the current format is unique and feels like a mini case file (w/o all the complicated details LmAo) for each character/RO. And it’s so much more rewarding to see the improvements/changes in character relationships with each choice compared to staring at the statistics of the usual relationship bars lol, for me at least.