Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



Finally read the new update. And oh my god…the scene when Lucy confesses her feelings to mc brought tears to my eyes. I can imagine how happy my mc must be. Really love the update! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Oooooooooh this song popped up in my youtube suggestions and it’s very Ricky + MC’s early relationship :eyes:

Also Ricky’s little “Good night” to an mc with a high-ish relationship with him at the end just killed me. I suppose you can consider that to be revenge for me getting you into TAZ


:grinning: Yay!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! (Yeah, I imagine that might’ve come as a happy surprise to some MCs!)

Ohhh, yeah, that’s perfect for their early relationship!! I love it!! (I’m also now going to have it stuck in my head for the next couple of days so thank you for that.)

Ahaha, yesss, it worked! Oh, boy oh buddy oh pal if you think that’s where I’m leaving it with my plans then you’d better be prepared because I am just getting started.

And, also, yes, as of now you can officially take all of it as revenge for ruining me with the beauty that is TAZ.


Oh my gosh, Im so in love with your writing style and you characters! I cant wait to see what kind of favor Ricky wants from MC, I hope there would be something juicy :wink:


Aaa, thank you so much! I’m so happy to know you enjoy them!! :smile:

Aha! Well, you’ll see… eventually. :blush:


I saw a ask in tumblr commenting about Ricky’s voice and thought about it. For some reason, I really imagine his voice like Luke Wright from a game called The Letter, specially, when you call him. I really picture his relationship with MC being kinda like Luke x Rebecca (another character from the game).


Starts in 4 minutes +/-

Also, the update is so good! The memorie when Raf and MC are married for love is so cute! I really liked it.


Oooh, neato! I like it! Nice choice!

Ahhh, thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!!! :smile:


How do you change the married for love or married for(Money, idk,ect ???


Is it ok if I ask this? I wanna know how mc and Lucy fell in love before their marriage and why did they have to pretend to be in love when they are married?


There will be a couple of different points to decide. For the memory itself it depends on whether or not you said “I love you” in the very introductory memory sequence (where you exactly decide on who you were married to.)

If you didn’t say that and get the optional memory then you choose there whether or not you were in love when you married.

Later on you’ll actually be able to decide why you married (which you’ll decide whether or not you got the optional memory or said I love you earlier.) Which is also where everyone else will establish their base relationship with the Ex.

So rn there’s no real set base relationship just some early decisions that will also be reinforced later on(/ actually chosen if you didn’t go to the optional memories)

It is absolutely ok to ask that!

If they fell in love beforehand then they meet in their first year of college at a party (there’s a fun little scene in mind for that) and basically got to know each other afterwards as they became friends and, eventually fell in love.

It’s a very loose overview because a lot of it will be decided through various scattered memories.

As for why they have to pretend- again I can’t really give a solid answer because there are a lot of different reasons for the MC to choose from.


Ahh any examples on what those reasons are?


Is that how the mc met Raf too if he’s the ex and they married for love? I would love to read how they met so I’m glad you plan that to be in the game :hugs:


Of course!

Depending on who the MC’s parental figure(s) are it could be for their sake (i.e. out of a last wish to see the MC in a happy relationship before they pass away, or because the MC got married accidentally and thinks that their parental figure(s) would not be the happiest with that arrangement and its a cover up)

It could be out of convenience (either to get people to stop asking/for appearences or for some other fill-in-the-blank reasoning that the MC applies)

There are others as well, but I hope those give a bit of an example of some reasoning and why the MC might apply that logic to their decision to go along with the marriage.

I’m also, of course, open to suggestions if anyone feels very strongly about a reason why they’d want their MC to get married without being in love with the Ex!

I can’t give the exact scene because of spoilers but yep! It’s also related to that- though a bit different. (It also is because of the party but they don’t actually meet him at the party since Raf isn’t exactly the type of guy who partied a lot during college. They’re both very cute little scenes in my mind so I hope others enjoy them as well!)


Though yup this update made my V-day, especially help me get through one of my other most anticipated games being delayed.

OH! If anyone asked how I got Rick so high I made a list of my choices in the spoiler. This is my magic trick of getting 46 points with Ricky

1) I chose "Any self-respecting reporter has contacts."
2) Chose the nicest outfit/sleek. (Pretty much the most expensive for each group of three options. I played a female MC that playthrough and I put her in the red dress. So dress nicely for Ricky gives you a point or two.
3) When he picks you up choose the option that “It’s just your imagination.” Don’t be a smart ass or mean. XD The poor boy needs to feel like the neighbors aren’t going to jump him.
4)Make the smile joke.
5) no way to talk to your date
6) "It isn’t? Shame."
7) Don’t hang around for a picture. Don’t make the night a tabloid article for your own funsies. Be considerate of his feelings on the fact he hates photo hounds.
8) Grab a funky drink (players choice here.)
9) Turn on the charm for Mr. Lowtown.
10) Talk to who you want. It doesn’t matter for Ricky points.
11) PIck your poison on which V (I personally choose Vincent for my straight lady MC runs.)
12) Tell Ricky thank you.
13) Try to charm Ricky
14) Ask what if you are interested?
15) Talk how you like to V
16) Player choice how they feel about the statue.
17) Make sure your college friend knows you aren’t on a date with Ricky.
18) Player choice.
19) Player choice
20) Say you didn’t expect to see them.
21) Answer No
22) Reach for Ricky
23) Do what he asks, get in the car.
24) Lie
25) Tell him you are sorry
26) I’m not sure it matters but I choose "It’s a long story"
27) Say Thank you
28) Do what you like during the flashback.
29) Say thank you.
By the end of all of that, you should have 46 With Ricky.

Also 8 just seems long to me since the longest I’ve drove is 2 hours and I also hate to drive so that may skew my opinon on Raf driving 8


i think the spaces inbetween are making the spoiler bar not work


You’re right! Thank you I was wondering why it wasn’t working.


Thanks for the guide! I think the highest relationship I ever had with him was 18? :sweat_smile: that boy definitely loves meee

I think an 8 hour drive is average-long. The longest car ride I’ve ever been on was 13-14 hours?


Well, I’m happy it could make your Valentine’s day better!!

Wow! That’s the most I’ve seen yet with him!

Ahaha, don’t take it too harshly, those relationship bars I don’t really think are adequate to describing how much a character likes/dislikes you? Mostly because they work in different ways for different people (ex. 20 for Finley means that they think of you as a friend while 40 for Ricky means he mildly tolerates your presence.)

I’ve actually been dabbling with ideas on how to replace them with something that would express them better? I feel like text is the way to go but I’m reluctant to do that because I’m worried the file for the stats screen would get too big and I wouldn’t be able to write in all the clues you gain.

Text would be best otherwise, though, so I want to see if I can make it work somehow in the future.

Wowzers! That’s long!! Even more than anything I’ve done! (Not counting road trips, the longest I’ve ever spent in a car would be about 11 hours. Counting road trips- though those are kinda cheating?- the longest would be about three weeks spent in a car.)


Well, you can have everyone start at 50 which would mean they have a neutral opinion about you and tweak them based off their feelings like having Ricky’s bar lower at 30 like most games OR remove the relationships bar entirely and replace it with text displaying the NPCs feelings about you and maybe the kind of relationship and some context like

Raf Darzi is your ex husband with whom you broke up 4 years ago because stuff happened, he still loves you but is unsure etc etc or
Finley is your boss at Nickelport Rust, they see you as a friend etc etc.

OR have it both ways and depending on the % and person the screen would display their feelings about you like Children of the Gods

That’s up to you ofc I’m just suggesting :slight_smile:


Well, they do share the same name (kinda) sooo yeah Ric Flair is Ricky if he had V’s personality I MEAN IMAGINE RICKY HIGH ON COCAINE STREAMING ABOUT HIS GUCCI SHOES OMGG AND UNDRESSING WHILE DOING SO WHAT
nice to see another wrestling fan yay :v:

Also if the mother lives in another town then an 8 hour drive is pretty normal (?) I mean my friend’s grandparents live in a town that is 9 hours from our town soo it’s okkk