Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



Well congrats for making me bawl on V-Day (which I feel V would actually hijack for the name) like Raf and MC in a very married relationship are diabetes inducing but are broken up now so RETROACTIVE TRAGIC FEELS

Congrats @RenaB :))

Other than a few spelling errors though everything plays well? No glitches on my end


You’re welcome!

You also wrote a great poem, apparently! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! I’m so happy you liked it!

He’ll return eventually, don’t worry! :wink:

Ahaha, he might be a worrier, himself, but he’ll turn you into one as well, eh?

They might be super powerful villains but that doesn’t mean that either of their life-management skills are good, this is true. Also being a super villain isn’t exactly… conductive to good health, really, of any kind. So I won’t lie, the two of them definitely do suffer for it sometimes. (I’m probably not helping much with the worry right now, am I?)

((Also on a weird side note- is 8 hours too unbelievable? I wasn’t sure if my perception would’ve been skewed because I make a 6 hour drive semi-regularly so it’s become somewhat mundane to me… and those 6 hours do actually often have a tendency to become 7 or 8 depending on the day and the traffic (or, at its worst which I only ever had to experience once, 12 hours) so I thought it was long enough to be a bit on the ‘why would you sensibly do this’ side but not too unbelievable? Just double checking I haven’t been messed up by my own long drives ahaha.))

Aha, well, I mean, you’ll definitely get the chance to. The MC can absolutely become a supportive friend trying to help Raf/Lucy get their life together more without romancing them. So, technically, this is wholly possible!

Witchcraft and a couple of sacrifices to the old gods.

Awww, geez, thank you! :blush: I’m always so happy to hear when people like these characters too! Especially if you’re actually concerned about them! Thank you very very much!

Yay!! I’m so happy you liked it!! And that part as well, ahaha! Yeah, the MC can definitely be a very reluctant blackmailer and be trying to make up for it- so there’ll be more of those moments later on! As for Ricky… you can’t quite be sure that with that boy, eh? Is he concerned? Or is he looking out for himself? Or… both? Or maybe one of them is true but he doesn’t realize it’s true? You never know :smiley:

You people… how are you so good at making these characters like you? :scream:

Ahaha, it’s all good, just means maybe I need to make it more difficult to charm everyone… :stuck_out_tongue:

My leading theory is that Ricky’s gained some sentience and is now messing with us.

Aww, well, I’m so thrilled to know you enjoyed it! (I hope the hearts aren’t… too messy.)

Of course! Thank you for playing it! :smiley:

Yay! I’m so happy you decided to give it a shot and that the storyline intrigued you!!

Aww, thanks (again!) I love adding the little paths so I’m glad that people enjoy checking them out and seeing all the little things I’ve tucked away!

(Also, yes ‘justice-fueled law student’ definitely fits Jacob well, ahaha!)

You can’t escape that lovely Ricky bitterness charm!

I’m so happy you like it! (Boy howdy do I sound like a broken record, eh?) Yeah, aha, the MC isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue and there’s definitely a case to be made that would say that Ricky’s anger and dislike of the MC is definitely well-founded. (And ‘grudging-admiration-hate’ is another great way to describe their current relationship. Ricky can definitely respect some of the MC’s professional skills, but that doesn’t mean he likes them as a person yet, aha.)

Ahaha, he’s got you trapped in a paradox, my friend!

Yep! Part of Ricky’s character arc (whether or not the MC is female) is that he’s never really… discovered himself? I can’t say much, because spoilers, ahaha, but Ricky’s character arc is very much focused around self-exploration, and one of the things that he’s in the middle of figuring out is his own sexuality. (And figuring out that he is not, in fact, straight).

Which of course will effect his relationship with any non-female MC because part of his figuring out of it in that romance route is also him coming to realize that he has feelings for them in tandem with questioning and eventually figuring out his own sexuality.

And since Ricky is pretty deep in denial at the beginning of the game it means that a lot of his feelings for a non-female MC are going to confuse him for a while- so, yep! The romance route is going to be a bit different for a female!MC and a non-female!MC with Ricky!

If you want angst then you definitely came to the right place, ahaha.

That is absolutely a possible option in the future!

You definitely can, but it will limit your options (depending on how manipulative you are).

The MC can actually get fairly evil in this game (I have routes planned in which you essentially ruin every single person’s life in this game. You’ll have to work for it, of course, and you wouldn’t be able to romance or befriend anyone since you’d be out to try and ruin their lives anyway. And there’s no promise that it won’t come back and probably bite your MC, or at least try. Because that’s definitely going to be the most difficult route since, y’know, literally everyone in the game would be trying to stop you. So you wouldn’t escape unscathed… but if you really want to play an absolutely evil MC then it’ll be possible.)

As for playing a more manipulative but not evil MC, again it’ll be possible, but also limiting in some ways, and depending on how you manipulate). (Ex. using Ricky since you asked: If you manipulate others for your stories and work then he won’t mind, might even be impressed if the MC can do it well without getting caught, but if you try to manipulate him specifically too much then that would lock you out of a relationship/friendship with him. Nobody likes to be manipulated, after all.)

It’s safe to assume that for most of the ROs, if you manipulate them too much then they won’t want to be friends (and definitely not in a relationship) with the MC. But with varying degrees of tolerance.

(The only exceptions would be in a purely physical relationship with Yolanda since there’s already no real expectations of friendship or any emotional attachment/trust there, and V, who would probably get more of a kick out of the MCs attempts than anything else. Granted they’re also probably the one who’d be down for most things and therefore manipulation with V wouldn’t really be… needed? Like if the MC needed something crazy done and needed V to do it they’d probably just have to have an ok relationship with V. Or even if they didn’t- if V thinks it’ll be fun enough to warrant the effort then they’ll do it.)

(Conversely: Jacob, who probably has the strongest moral code out of anyone here, does not tolerate manipulation at all in pretty much any form- to him or to others. He might be somewhat understanding of the MC’s job depending on how necessary it is, but his own moral code is pretty strict and he definitely couldn’t ever be with anyone who went around blackmailing everyone.)

That definitely sounds like Raf’s path in the future, ahaha…

That is indeed Lucy! (You meet whoever you didn’t make your Ex at the party). She’s great, isn’t she? (And perhaps also a little secretive, ahaha… but then again, welcome to Nickelport.)

I’m excited for you to meet the rest of them! (And get to know those you’ve already met more!) I plan to have everyone introduced by the halfway point of chapter one! And you’ll also start to get to know them better soon, too!

Aw, well, thank you for giving it a chance! I’m so happy to know you enjoyed it!

I’ll do my best!

Ahaha, well, then I guess it is possible, then! :smiley:

Ahhh, thank you!!! I’m so happy you like them all!!!

Yay! I’m so happy you like it! (Ahaha you don’t have to worry about repetition with me- I mean, have you seen my responses? They’re basically all ‘I’m so happy’, I’m basically a broken record at this point, ahaha.)

‘Evil mastermind’ is the best compliment I’ve received all day and I love it, thank you. :grin: (It means my plans are working…)

Just remember that wonderful chant, my friend: Multiple. Playthroughs.

Words to live by, eh?

Thank you very much!!! I’ll do my best!!

Not yet! There will be some more romantic banter with her when I get her interview finished. Next on the to-do list is to just finish up the non-romantic memories with Raf and Lucy since those are already started, and then right after that will be Yolanda’s interview! (And then right after that we’ll get to the cliffhanger I’ve been so excited for.)

Did you go to the party with Ricky? You should get the optional memories if you do that.

Ahh, you’re welcome but also I’m sorry!

They absolutely, positively would.

The best kinda tragic feels :smile:

Thank you!

Amazing! Do you know where those errors were? I can go in and fix them right away if so! :smile:


I just want to say that I love the new update. I especially love the fake marriage to Raf. It’s so intruiging. It’s almost unfortunate that my heart already belongs to Ricky, so there’ll be no fake love to real love journey that I love so much.


Yay! I’m glad! Aha! Well, like I always say there’s always multiple playthroughs to try a little bit of everything! :grin:


Holy cow what an update! I think this really solidified Ricky as one of my favorite characters of all time, cuz I love his back and forth with the MC. That being said… violently shakes Ricky LET ME LOVE YOU

Also the marriage flashbacks had me simultaneously grinning with joy and crying so well done!! Your writing is incredible.


I can’t find the update…I’ve been trying over and over again and I don’t see anything about asking Ricky to come with me


@Animallover101 When you’re trying to get into Chat Blanc you have to choose the “What kind of self-respecting reporter doesn’t have contacts?” option


You know I’m even more confused with Lucy now.
Why did she leave then? Boredom? Trust? :pensive: was the relationship too stale for her that she wanted a redo?!

Ah look at me fretting over a fictional relationship. Now thats good writing.
(Maybe someone already pointed it out but in the party scene with Ricky boy, Raf showed up instead of Lucy)


@BoisterousBumblebee When you’re at the party whoever you weren’t married to is supposed to show up, so in your case since you were married to Lucy Raf is supposed to show up


I played the demo again, but it seems the game ended before any new scene. Are there certain choices I have to pick?


You need to go with Ricky boy to get the new scenes WHICH BROKE MY HEART!



My brain put in “nature boy” in place of that.


Lol! So the complete opposite if Ricky? Just picturing him camping makes me snicker.



!!! I’m so glad you liked his back and forth!! (It’s always part of why writing with Ricky is so much fun for me, ahaha)

In due time, my friend, in due time!

Awww, geez, thank you so so so much! I’m so thrilled to know that you had fun with it!! :blush:

Like @forest it’s the choice at the very beginning when choosing how to get to the party- should be the very last option, I believe?

Sounds like Lucy.

Ahaha, well, you’ll see… :wink:

Aaaa, thank you!!

Yep like @forest said that’s on purpose!

Your meeting with your Ex will be… much, much more dramatic.



Hmmm… what can I say without spoiling?

Well, he’s still alive. He’s… pretty obviously not on the best of terms with Raf or Cátia, and even if you married Raf out of love the MC hasn’t met him… yet.

As for Cátia- she loves her children, and she’s also an extremely overprotective mother and a highly successful ex-police-woman so… yeah, dating-phase Cátia is definitely intimidating.

Raf’s dad is another story.

HA! So… not Ricky, then?

Haha, yep! Pretty much. Ricky and camping just… don’t mix.


Different Ricky definitely, Nature boy Ric Flair was a wrestler of old and a 2 time WWE hall of fame inductee.
Edit: He wrestled for 40 years.


I wonder if his dad is that touchy a subject if the MC hasn’t met him yet (more so if they were in love if/when they married)

What if Papa Raf is a villain O:


Huh, wow, definitely a very different Ricky then!

Well it’s about 2 in the morning let’s see how well I can refrain from spoiling anything:

You can actually get a bit of a sense of how Raf feels about his dad depending on what you pick in one of the conversation branches in the love path. (If I’m right then it’s somewhere in the not really liking Ash but also not wanting to be rude and just kinda awkwardly going along with it.)

You should eventually get the chance to bring up one of the similarities between him and his dad and his reaction is pretty telling to Raf’s overall feelings towards his father.

Let me also put it this way: Raf… Was never exactly in a hurry for the MC to meet his father.

But the family dynamic overall is pretty complicated after all just look at how Cátia speaks about her marriage to him or how Rad reacts to the above mention and compare that with how Ash seems to talk about him. There’s some very… contrasting feelings between everyone there.

As for Raf’s dad himself well… you’ll get to see how your MC, personally, feels about him later. He plays a very interesting part in Raf’s story if Raf is your Ex.

Edit: hmm… actually I might have gotten the location of the thing wrong… like I said it’s late so I’ll do another quick search in the story because I’m 90% sure something is there? Or I’m hallucinating and getting my future plot notes mixed up with what’s currently in the demo.

Could be either, aha.


How do I get to ricky’s scene to trigger the new Valentine update?


Pick the option

What kind of self-respecting reporter doesn’t have contacts? You could certainly pull a few behind-the-scenes strings to get in…

Play the rest whatever you like and when you leave the party the flashback will trigger :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!! :+1::+1::+1: