Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



So what has been going on? I’ve been in and out of the hospital for two months due to illness and just recently recovering from chicken pox. Anything interesting happened here? :blush:


Of course, “Moriarty” aims to be a thorn in the side of the present system as while he doesn’t truly like (almost) any super-powered individuals, his most scathing ire is reserved for the falsely labelled “heroes”, but of course those super-powered bullies are labeled as such because it benefits powerful people to have them be regarded as such.


Oh no!!! I hope you’re feeling better now! And if not then I hope you feel better as soon as possible!! I’m so sorry you were sick! That’s never fun.

As for anything interesting? Hmmm… not much that I can recall at this particular moment. Just talking about how someone is decided a hero or villain by the public and the history surrounding that. There was also a holiday special thing a couple posts up! Who knows- maybe if you’re feeling bad that can brighten your day some? I hope so at least!

Hope you feel better soon!

Exactly. And you’ll 100% have the chance to expose them for what (and, of course, who) they really are. Of course those kinda things might be a bit tricky to get past Triple N. But, hey, if you’re skilled enough, who knows? Might just change the way Nickelport itself works.


Y’know, as someone who is pretty intimately familiar with newspaper reporters and how they operate, this is a really good depiction. From income, to the poor, exhausted overworked MC, to the Voices Above (local reporters call it the Mothership here) telling them what they need to write about…Like, spot on.


(Sorry if this has been pointed out already.)
38 PM
When you said “futile structure,” did you mean “struggle”?

And this might be better as two sentences. It’s something that always trips me up when I’m reading.


I’m not sure whether to say thank you or I’m sorry (that it actually is real, of course.) So I’ll say both: Thank you! I’m glad it comes across as realistic/believable! And I’m also very sorry that this is actually accurate. Especially if you work in that business.

Whoopsies! I did indeedy. Thank you for pointing that out- I’ll fix it right up!

Ooh, yep. I definitely see that now. Thank you for pointing that out as well!


So there’s been MC:U things as songs of no particular theme/artist and briefly MC:U things (or maybe just Ricky and V) as Britney Spears songs…

Now get ready for…

MC:U romances as Carly Rae Jepson songs (just ignore like. All the gendered pronouns)

There's a lot and tbh I just have spotify open and playing and I'm assigning songs as I go

Sweetie for V

Anything you want boy
I can make it happen
We could fall in love and I could be your sweetie
Anytime of day boy
I’ll be your distraction

More than a Memory for either ex romance

I’m not over you, are you over me?
Are we gonna be more than a memory?

Emotion also for the exes (but especially Raf),
from MC’s side if MC is bitter

Be tormented by me babe
Wonder, wonder how I do
How’s the weather? Am I better?
Better now that there’s no you?

Tonight I’m Getting Over You for any non-ex romance if MC married the ex for love

No more cryin’ (no more cryin’) to get me through (to get me through)
I’ll keep dancing till the morning with somebody new
Tonight I’m getting over you

Call Me Maybe for Jacob

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So call me, maybe!

Run Away With Me for Ricky, oddly

I’ll be your sinner, in secret

I Really Like You also for Ricky, oddly. Also Finley? Kind of?

Late night, watching television
But how’d we get in this position?
It’s way too soon, I know this isn’t love
But I need to tell you something

I really really really really really really like you
And I want you. Do you want me? Do you want me too?
I really really really really really really like you
And I want you. Do you want me? Do you want me too?

Your Type for Jealous Ricky

I’m not the type of girl for you
And I’m not going to pretend
That I’m the type of girl you call more than a friend
And I break all the rules for you
Break my heart and start again
I’m not the type of girl you call more than a friend

Gimme Love for Eileen

Worlds fly by
Drove by your place and stopped again tonight
I know I said that I’m too scared to try
But I still think about you, think about you
And I can’t lie
I like the feeling, how you make me shy
I share my secrets and I will not hide

All That for Yolanda

When you need me
I will never let you come apart
When you need me
I will be your candle in the dark
When you need someone
Oh, let me be the one
The only one
And the only one
And the only one

Let’s Get Lost for Informant, also possibly Ricky and/or Yolanda?

I was never one to want to
Put my trust in someone else completely
And I was always one to want to
Up and run when someone said they needed me

LA Hallucinations for Ricky? Yolanda? Leaning towards Ricky because of

Buzzfeed buzzards and TMZ crows
What can I say that you don’t already know?
Buzzfeed buzzards and TMZ crows
If I just lie here then will you let me go?

Favorite Color for Eileen

Not really any specific lyric that makes me think of her romance, it’s just the sweet tone makes me think of her

Cut to the Feeling for V

Ah, I wanna cut through the clouds, break the ceiling
I wanna dance on the roof, you and me alone
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah
I wanna play where you play with the angels
I wanna wake up with you all in tangles, oh
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling, oh yeah

Not a lot here for Finley, but then again I don’t really see them as a CRJ type of person. Lots of V though, which isn’t exactly unexpected, and lots of Ricky, which is



Oooh nice! I love all of them! Very fitting! :smile:


You heard of the elf on a shelf, now get ready for

  1. Raf on a raft
  2. Jacob eating bacon
  3. Lucy eating sushi
  4. Informant being dormant
  5. Yolanda on a Honda
  6. Finley on a chimney
  7. Ricky having a hickey (hohoho)
  8. V chasing a bee
  9. Violet fixing her eyelet
  10. Elaine on a train


I laugh at this for a whole 4 minute! That is so what V would do.


I love… all of them. So much.

What are your Head Canons for your MCs after the game ends assuming they survived the ending

Hiya! Kinda a progress report, kinda an announcement, and kinda also I’m putting this up here officially to further force myself to get it done because boy howdy I’m gonna stick myself to this plan that I should probably say what it is first before talking vaguely about my determination to get it done.

Alrighty, so, first things first: I made the executive decision last night that I’m going to split up the big update into some semi-smaller ones because this is just getting ever so slightly insane between the time it’s taken to get all of it done and the mini-updates in-between.

That being said, I don’t know if the next update will be a ‘full’ update, because of my next little list on my agenda:

I want to put up the optional flashbacks on Valentine’s Day. I have a couple of things on the tumblr page that are Valentine-themed that I want to do as well but they’re all relatively small and a combination of the fact that the memories are nearly done and the fact that I am getting kind of sick of just bouncing back and forth between the scenes I was working on to try and get them all done at the same time.

Now why might this not be a full update?

Well, true to my nature I ended up making it a lot larger than I originally planned for it to be. Originally there was just going to be one memory- then there were two because I thought- hey! Wouldn’t it be neat to split the memories depending on whether or not the MC was in love with the Ex? Because these scenes wouldn’t just have a couple of dialogue’s difference but would instead go drastically different ways!

And then I had that same thought, but for someone who fell in love with their Ex after they got married and are now in that liminal space full of awkwardness and discomfort known as the ‘hey-I’m-in-love-with-you-but-also-don’t-know-if-you-love-me-yet-we’re-somehow-married-isn’t-this-a-doozy’ space.

Which turned two scenes (one for Lucy one for Raf) into six.

So, rambling aside, the reason it might not be a full update is because I haven’t entirely finished all six, but I have finished 3 (two of Raf’s, one of Lucy’s), and I think I could finish all of the ones that have to do with those lovely little fuzzies called romance and romantic feelings by Valentine’s day. Which would be the next update. (Which is also why I’m posting this here, as I’m binding myself to this goal).

But also wouldn’t make it a complete update because the memories for those who weren’t in love with their Ex wouldn’t be finished, so those would then be the next things to go up afterwards.

But… yeah. That’s my plan. It’s a hesitant plan- the kind you find half dead on the side of the road and poke with a stick to see if it wiggles- but it’s a plan nonetheless.

Is this possible? Maybe.

I also didn’t sleep… basically at all last night so all of this could be a product of my mind thinking that something is possible when it’s really not nor should it be attempted by any human ever. (Like skating on a pond that may or may not be frozen over but looks fun anyways.)

Either way- hopefully I’ll have something for you all on Valentines day. :smile: (Also sorry for the long and most likely at least semi-incoherent ramblings.)


Hi I’m back again! Thanks for your concern @RenaB ! It helps :blush: and I’m fully recovered! Yay! So yeah, just wanted to confirm. Is the link to the wip at the first thread updated? Or is there another link? Am not quite sure.


Yay! I’m glad you’re feeling better!

There’s nothing new as of yet (unless you’re referring to the Halloween mini-update, in which case it’s the same link at the top of the thread). The gist of my long rambling is that I hope to have something up by Valentines day (so in four days), and also that I’m going to be breaking up the bigger update that was planned into some semi-smaller ones just because of how long it was taking and my own frustration with that time.


Noted and thank you for taking the time to reply! Looking forward to Valentine’s day :heart_eyes: I miss my Lucy!


Of course! (So am I! I’m excited to actually be putting in some visible progress since there’s a lot I’m excited to share with everyone!)

Ahaha, well, you’ll definitely get to chat with her again soon, then! :grin:


insert heavy breathing cat meme here


I heard V-Day and I am so game for this like Y E S


(But really take your time! We will be here when you need us!)


…about time Lucy got some time to shine.



Aye aye, captain!

(Thank you! I will, which is partially why it’s just going to be focused on the more romantic-memories, rather than all of the memories at once! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Well, now she’ll get some time for just her to take center stage!