Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



Wow, Vince is absolutely going crazy there and then he and the mc get interrupted by the siblings too and just when it was starting to get good (I mean in my case V is Vincent). :grin:


I’m surprised the V siblings even bother with the doorbell, I would’ve expected them to just crash in with a confetti canon (or maybe in through the chimney, for the festive theme) :,)

Also, happy holidays!


(Edited this in because wow my phone just ate my response to you sorry)

If you think Vince isn’t going to go crazy- especially at a time when it’s at least mildly socially acceptable to decorate your house with enough lights to make the sun go blind then you’d be dead wrong my friend.

And I wouldn’t worry too much, I’m absolutely sure that Vince would more than make up for the interruption later on, haha!

I’ll be entirely honest in that the original plan was for them to confetti cannon their way in but I couldn’t figure out how to keep it vague enough to account for the V that everyone has being different. So I like to make it better in my mind by knowing that the doorbell is probably a distraction while the other two Oceans Eleven their way inside to set up some grand surprise as a greeting.

And happy holidays to you, too!!


Oh goodness, help the MCs that end up with V, cause all the family functions they are taken to. Just imagine it. Being the sane person in a room with Vince, Vincent, and Victoria. (might have had a brain fart on all the names.) Cause oh my goodness! The siblings will have someone to be party to their mischief and they all will feel the intense need to show off. While of course the V the MC is with is trying to best to go to the extreamest -extream to keep the bulk of their attention.

OH god, these are so the people while the trio’s parents and parental figures/guardians of the MC are just hanging out and chatting to only have the siblings dragging an MC back, they all sopping wet and at least one of them had their hands super glued to something and the parent are so unperturbed.

Or you know, they got the call from the local police. Cause you know they have all given up on trying to actually catch them so it was likely a case of “I’m calling your mom on you!!!”

(Though I feel like Aunty might enjoy these lot. XD Cause I mean, if there is someone who works really hard it’s V. They put A+ effort into all the trouble they cause.)

Thoguh let me add! Informant is killing me. I think I adore this quite man that hasn’t gotten more then one scene so far in the game from all the shorts and stuff you post on your tumbler. He is just so flipping sweet and gentle and oh my!

But yes, I love the short! One of the top 5 great surprise I got this holiday! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it! I hope your holiday season is cozy and fun! And that goes for everyone else too!


In the spirit of the holidays, here is a floofy one for you: MC and LI sneak off to someplace really private with a view – maybe someone has a nice apartment, or the side of the park where no one goes except them, or a secret side to the pier that doesn’t smell like garbage – and then that’s how they watch the fireworks for New Year

(with one or the other commenting they won’t be able to see/hear the countdown)

(to which the other replies that just means they’ll have to get an early start)


V have… siblings? Does this mean… all of the Vs are V’s siblings?


Raf is a big huggable teddy bear omg :hugs:
I just hope that he relaxes a little after a while or else he will age before his time!

Imagine if Raf married V instead of the MC… poor boy would lose it!

I’m also very happy we got to see Raf’s sister! But I’m disappointed she spoiled the moment! To the corner of shame you go!


My undying love for those one shots. I was pleasantly surprised with Finley and the Informant – SMOOTH OPERATORS DID NOT EXPECT – and was trying to not smile so much with the rest. Okay. Maybe the Informant but not Finley. But gosh everyone was so good

Now I just need successful kisses and I will be good for the New Year /banished


Now that you mention it, if actually marrying Vincent is going to be as over-the-top as anything else, I shudder to think what the wedding day of my mc who is with him is going to look like, never mind the honeymoon.


I can only hope that any MC who ends up with V manages to somehow hold onto their sanity long enough to get used to the Bayer antics. Even then it will certainly be A Time for everyone all around. (Luckily the V that they are with will be doing very much what you suggested here, and trying to keep their siblings mostly distracted so they don’t quite terrorize the MC very much.)

Side note: I actually have different ideas on how each other-V would be as a sibling of a V that the MC is dating. Vera is probably more protective of her own siblings and everything she says is laced with just a bit more of a threat that the MC better not break their heart or else, Vincent loves to tease his siblings more which of course would then mean he’d use the MC to do that as well, and Vega would mostly be interested in messing with the MC themself.

Here’s a weird fun fact for you: The Bayer sibling’s mom (she was a single mom and that must’ve been a time being a single parent raising these three) is actually very gentle and kind. So I imagine that if the MC’s parental figure(s) met her first they’d have this whole expectation of V being the same mild-mannered, quiet kind of person and then nope, there goes the door and here comes the parade!

She also probably got a lot of those phone calls when they were children. She probably started picking up the phone and saying, “Hello, what did they destroy this time…?” With just… a defeated sigh.

Oh yes she’d love V. She’d be the most likely to get a kick out of their less disastrous antics and also the most unafraid to be stern and discipline them if they were getting the MC into too much trouble by her standards. I imagine for that reason they’d love her too.

Plus she runs a ranch. There’s so many opportunities for chaos on a ranch V would love it.

The Informant is such a sweetheart, isn’t he? He’s a very gentle soul, doesn’t really like drama so he’s just a quiet, calm, nice person to be around! (Doubly so if you’re dating him, of course.) I love him. (I love all of them, but, yeah.) He also gets brownie points with me for his personal story being one of the ones I’m most excited to write because it involves some of my favorite side-characters.

Aww, geez, well, thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! (I loved working on it- those kinda things are always fun li’l breaks between actually writing the game!) I hope you have a lovely holiday season as well!


Awww… I love it. Very floofy and very cute. Absolutely adorable!

Yep! The Bayer Siblings are Vincent, Vera, and Vega. They all exist but you choose who it is that gets to be in your story!

Yay! I’m happy you enjoyed them!

Hahaha, he’s definitely a worrier when it comes to the people he loves and cares about. Undeniably. But that just means it’s a good thing he’s huggable! Because he needs the hug!

Oooh… oh no… That would…

Oh no.

Ayesha is a wonderful person with horrible timing.

She appears in the upcoming update if you get Raf’s flashback, actually! You’ll get to see more of her there! (She actually kinda took over that part of that update because it was supposed to be a small part but then Ash had things to say and wanted to say all of them now. So she kicked my plans aside and starting writing her own.)

Awww, yay! I’m glad you like them!

They got some talent. :wink:

Yay! I’m so happy you liked them! Gotta put in some fluff before the next update and that cliffhanger ending.

No, shoosh, come back here and de-banish yourself. We enjoy your presence so come back here.

It’d be a fun time lemme tell you that. I imagine though that if the MC were persistent enough V might calm down a tiny bit. The underlying goal of all this pomp and glamour is to make the MC happy and show them how much V cares. So maybe instead of a thousand candles V would only light… a hundred…

You say that now. I should warn you in advance of what my true title is


But gosh. These are wonderful oneshots and I’m making whale noises for each and everyone. The need for successful kisses is so real you have no idea. Like I honestly feel so bad for them getting interrupted (big one on Jacob since poor boy waited all night like fudge man, that’s at least 10 hours for a kiss)

(Also on the Informant: he now has a special place in my shippy little heart so on the multiple playthroughs he’s getting super bumped up to second run after Raf)

(Or maybe before Raf so I can die in hurt/comfort feels)


My favorite part of this is that this implies that there’s a satan #2, #3, and so on…

But you know what? I’m down for it. Let’s go, pal. De-banish yourself and we’ll welcome the first of many.

Whale noises are good. Or at least… they’re generally a good thing. I hope they’re a good thing? I’m going to go with that they’re a good thing.

There will be plenty of successful kisses in the future that I can whole-heartedly promise you. That or the entire game’s romance aspect turns into a big April fool’s joke where nobody actually ever kisses which would absolutely be something I would do but at the same time I won’t because that’d be cruel. Even for me.

He’s definitely been kept waiting, that’s for sure!

:smile: The important decision is whether or not you want to do a Full Drama run first in which you were in love with Raf, then fell in love with the Informant while Raf was still in love with you, and still have some lingering feelings for Raf as well. (+ all the other yet-to-be-mentioned optional ways you can make life difficult for everyone involved.)


You aren’t wrong :)) and they lurk here (don’t think they made an ID yet but as far as Choice of Games go, they’re excited for Wayhaven to get released and CotG to be updated – I should ask if they tried this title tbh)

But there is a reason why I got number one :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an idea. I wonder for love triangle combinations which hurts the most

(I feel Eileen would just because why would you make the floofy one hurt so much – incarnation of I’m fine and so obviously NO YOU AIN’T)


So does that make you the leader of them all, then…? :thinking:

Hmmm… Well, there’s definitely one that would be the most painful all around but that’s because of spoilers so… We’ll see if you can guess…

As for other painful combinations I’m pretty sure that Lucy and Raf (with either as the Ex) would be painfully awkward considering their shared past with the MC… Ricky and the Ex because Ricky doesn’t handle that kinda stuff well…

Ooof, yeah, that’d be… a painful one… oh gee… Eileen’s romance is basically the incarnation of fluff and sweetness and everything cute and good so suddenly you put this in there and… ow…


I sincerely doubt that :))

But on speculation for the game that isn’t romance related: why do I feel Nickelport’s biggest hero and the big bad are actually closer than one would’ve expected? Idk if it’s like they’re directly in cahoots but gut feel of mine is like the line of hero and villain is a lot closer than what one would give credit for


I love any and all speculation.

The line can definitely get blurry at times. Like I’ve said before heroes and villains don’t really out themselves under a certain moniker but rather are placed there by the populace. Sometimes there are heroes who really shouldn’t be called heroes, and vice versa for villains. Then there are those who float in the liminal space between, with nobody ever really sure where they should lie…

So it’s wholly possible that this would go to stand for Nickelport’s strongest. (On either side.) But, y’know, I’m not saying anything. :wink:


Is there a system for how the checks and balances works for this? Since labels are that fluid as you mentioned, how does accountability work in this universe



Let me put it this way: It’s a lot better than it used to be… But it’s still not… perfect.

I’ll the background of it all under spoilers just because there’s the chance to learn about these kinda things in the game but they’re not really integral to any understanding of the story or plot so… yeah, minor spoiler-ish type things that I’ve spoken a li’l bit about before:

So a while ago (before The Rust was founded) there really was checking system at all. Most “heroes” were only labeled as such because it benefitted… well, whoever it was that paid for them to be labeled heroes (as that usually came with a couple of benefits, the most obvious being that whatever destruction they caused or were causing was dismissed as necessary). This had two main effects: a sort of skewed vision of Nickelport as being in the midst of some kinda halcyon time with a disproportionate amount of do-gooders protecting the city, and very very little research or work towards protecting common people from super-powered villains or the destruction caused by villanry because obviously there were more than enough heroes to rely on them to take care of it, right? Of course the more-obvious-in-retrospect third effect was that a lot of nasty people got away with nasty things because they were supposedly good and these things were supposedly done for the good of the people.

But remember how I said this was before The Rust was founded? Yeah. That kinda changed that. I talked a long long time ago (back on post 463, and a tiny bit more on post 472) about the basics of The Bay Rust’s beginnings and its founder- Helena Rust. In there I mention how it grew for about a three-year period, and during that three-year period it became more and more obvious that the current system was Not Working. Which led to some pretty major reforms.

And here’s the weird part: The leader of those reforms was actually Triple N. Granted, the then-named Bay Rust was the one that sparked for all this and called for change, but they just never had the power to do that- even though their support was continually growing. And it was this support that Triple N fed off of. They tapped into the growing public outrage and instead of letting The Bay Rust lead the charge drew the public’s attention back to their media-empire by proclaiming that they, too, supported this change and would be more than happy to be leading examples for the Nickelport media world. It was kinda how Triple N was actually able to get such a stranglehold monopoly on Nickelport media- because people supported it. They thought that Triple N was going to do what they wanted, so whenever it was announced that another news network or media outlet was going to become a part of the Triple N network- people were happy, because it meant that more change- good change- was coming.

And, granted, Triple N kept up with their promises. If they hadn’t then it would’ve just gotten worse than before and they would have lost all the power they built up. So things changed, they set up their own internal system to balance out who was a hero and who was a villain and danced on that thin line between keeping the people happy while still being able to accomplish their own goals. Which leads to…

So, the current system of checks and balances: While not exactly corruption-free there’s at least the knowledge that if a hero does something very obviously morally wrong or causes mass casualties publicly then they’re probably not going to retain that hero title. But the key word there is ‘publicly’, a lot of heroes still get away with a lot of non-heroic (and perhaps even downright villainous) things by either passing the blame, doing them in secret, or finding excuses to justify their actions.

And once someone is given the villain title there’s really… no way out. Even if someone is wrongly labeled a villain they’re pretty much stuck there. There’s only ever been one account of someone who was able to successfully move from villain to hero post-reform, but even they had already been kind of dancing between the lines in the public eye.



(Okay. Granted. They are adults who can handle that decision making and wore their big kid pants when they did but shit man)

Oh man. I honestly want to see a story within this universe where the equivalent of the Avengers or Justice League has to deal with a member gone “rogue” and the MC has to deal with that fallout. Obviously things are not as they appear


Surprisingly, they’re both actually pretty chill with the villain label right now. For different reasons, of course. Lucy because she thinks the whole system is screwed beyond repair anyway- so what if that makes life a little harder for her? She’ll work around it. Raf because he thinks of himself as a villain, either way.

Hero team-ups are actually very very rare in this world for that very reason. Villains are more likely to partner up or be more trusting of each other because it’s much more likely that what you see is what you get with them. (Examples include Mambo and his team, a group you’ll meet soon called the Honeybees, and others as well.) Heroes are often highly distrustful of one another until they’ve seen each other work as individuals personally because it can be so unsure whether or not someone really should be called a hero. (Though thats not to say partnerships/teams never happen. There was a pretty gosh darn famous trio you might learn about depending on who you help and what you do in the game.)