Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



Since you asked, here is what Cass (canon run/Raf!romanced MC) would give to people:

Finley: a case of their fave alcohol + drinking glasses (especially for celebrating cases and what not)

Jacob: good quality coffee (for his all nighters)

Lucy: a signed album of her fave band

Yolanda: budget friendly yet a cult fave beauty products that everyone swears by

Eileen: flower seeds to plant when spring comes

Informant: two pairs of shades (one serious, the other as a gag gift that the Informant might wear seriously)

V: a friendship bracelet (I can see this backfiring spectacularly on her end but a friend is a friend I guess --> am headcanoning they do eventually get along after their less than stellar first impression, otherwise Cass wouldn’t bother)

Ricky: his fave dessert but home made (because they’re actually friends now too and Ricky deserves nice things made with love)

Raf: makes a photo album of all their memories as a couple, including photos of the “rough patch” – aka the divorce, but mostly humorous ones despite the gravity of the situation. Note that this is on top of the date she’s planned for the two of them – which is to stay at home, with classy but bordering on cheesy Christmas love songs, and lots of slightly tipsy kisses and just catching up after all that’s happened in the past year


I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me earlier, but this song is so V


Some very good good gifts here. :smile:

Honestly I just saw the dude jump down in nothing but underwear and glimmering, fancy, reflective golden sneakers- the music hadn’t even started but you had me sold on the fact that this would, 100% be V.

Because if that’s not what V does in their free time then god if I know what else it could possibly be.

But, yes, the song also fits them very very well, aha.


I forget if this has been brought up but since reading about the stuff in the tumblr asks but has anyone considered Evermore (from 2017 BATB) as Raf pining over the MC post divorce type of song




My current mood is Disney songs for the RO’s so probs will have a crack at a list when am actually awake and not tired


So Christmas is almost here… any headcanons?


MC doesn’t get much of a holiday since crime tends to somehow spike during the season. So they come home on Christmas Eve all tired and finds that the RO left them a gift

Bonus: RO stayed up for them and this is how they officially start the 25th


I tried using playmoss again and it’s not doing the thing where it redirected me to its upgrade page every two minutes anymore! Looks like the problem I had was probably a glitch

Out of the entire cast, Trixie is the one who gets the most holiday gifts


Ab-so-lute-ly. Definitely. Very good and very true.

I… I don’t know how or why or what happened but for some weird reason my mind filtered out the words here into ‘My current mood is Dead ROs’

And I was so confused reading the rest of your post because… I just… I was trying to figure out if you had a hit list for the ROs? I was very confused.

Now it makes more sense.


Oooh I would love to see if you came up with one. (While not Disney songs specifically I’ve been gathering up my own little playlists based solely on songs from musicals that I associate with each character.)

Oooh, I’d love to hear! :smiley:

All those villains gotta get their family and friends gifts somehow. :wink:

This is super cute! :smiley:

Oh yay! I’m happy everything worked out! Congratulations!

Honestly I would not be surprised. She’s obviously the best out of everyone in Nickelport.


This is totally Raf and MC :blush:


Other mood: ugly holiday sweaters ft the MC and RO


Trixie what have you done


Awww… Absolutely them!

What about couple-based sweaters?

It’s a CATastrophe!


Only if they’re ugly couple based sweaters. I’d really love to see Ricky in them (probably after protesting a lot)

Other holiday stuff though: kissing during the New Year’s party. Bonus for the Ex’s if they’re rekindling feelings but not quite there yet as a couple and were planning on partnering up with someone else but nope. Here they are. In front of the MC. Countdown is at 5 seconds left. And everything becomes white noise – with the vague sound of “0, HAPPY NEW YEAR” going off in the background"


[Answer: they do kiss but god is it a complicated thing]


Back at it again with the cute drawings!
(Guess who they remind me of lol)


Uhmm… Raf or Lucy… or Ricky?


Raf! :laughing:
But now that I think of it some quiet ones remind me of the Informant :thinking:


Well… TFP taught me to always “watch out the quiet ones.” :slight_smile:


Hey all! Sorry I’ve been so slow on the replies. I was writing a special li’l thing for the holidays and I just finished that and put it up here! (I would normally copy-paste the whole thing in here as well but knowing how that worked out with the murder-mystery short story where I had to split it up into three separate posts I don’t want to flood this once more.)

So… yeah! Happy holidays and I hope you enjoy my tiny gift to you! :smiley:

Put Ricky into the ugliest holiday sweater ever. The best representation I can think of him in that would be this.

Ahaha, haha… ha… my heart.

It hurts.

Oooh, yeah! The artist is definitely very talented! And I can absolutely see how they’d remind you of Raf!

That… definitely applies to the Informant, I’d say.