Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



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Ab-so-lute-ly. It’s not even discreetly wrapped up. There’s a singing deliveryman and it’s all tied up in a bow with flowers and confetti- everything.

They’re probably standing in the corner, quietly sipping coffee while the deliveryguy serenades the MC with a smug smile on their face- and yes, yes they are going to have a field day with it later, ahah.

I love it so much. So, so much.

It’s… beautiful.


Ah the typical MC dies over the phone but RO hears final words before death then RO finds out MC is alive and they have a sad, tearful reunion trope. A classic method to get the reader’s tears a flowin.


The best part of this is how the MC is the one who ‘dies’, which would mean the rest of the game is just you pretending to be dead in order to surprise your RO with a ‘hey guess what, turns out I’m actually alive’ moment.


LOL this some reason just makes me think BFF Fin is pretty much that friend who has so much fun watching their friends relationship from the outside. XD LIke “Oh god, please tell me he/she/they sent you another exploding cake that says ‘you blow me away’!” while having their fingers crossed cause it’s been that sort of day where three people missed their deadline.

LIke legit is hilariously snoopy when the MC get’s random gifts at work from LI or


Secret admirer LI!! (Like any of them! That would be flipping cute and hey mini-mystery for the reporter)



“Sorry I didn’t mean to deceive you with my death believe me you were the first one I wanted to tell but plot reasons wouldn’t allow me”

(Semi certain the range of feelings is from elation to anger born of worry/grief – highkey feel Lucy will punch the MC before kissing them for that)



(this is like a four year old meme but like. It fits)


Okay but exploding cake is amazing! You get all the fun of cake and confetti in one! What could possibly be wrong with it?

But yes, that’s definitely how a friend Finn is with an MC who just-so-happened to romance one of the, erm, more outspoken ROs akaV.

Awww, that does sound adorable, give them tiny gifts at their desk or something along those lines.

Word for word that, straight down to the “plot reasons” statement.

Oh god, somebody call an ambulance.

That it does. It fits beautifully!


Hurry! This person’s face has been broken by a ‘love tap’.


“Finn, seriously, stop laughing.”

“OH come on it was kinda cute in a twisted way that he/she/they broke into the office just to leave you love notes everywhere.”

“Who writes THAT on the bathroom stall?!”

“Obviously a nut job in love.”

“Pretty sure this is a business card for a hitman”

“I mean, you never know when you need some muscle?”

“There was a singing telegram guy tied up and locked in the supply closet that sang at least five different love notes once Daisy got the gag off!”

“See, some guys/gals/people don’t do that kinda thing anymore.”

Or something along the lines of poking the MC and pointing out things they didn’t notice that is some grand act and Finn is just enjoying the show? XD

Right? LIke keep opening desk drawers to find little packages of snacks, cookies, soup, and cute notes and little trinkets, or those tiny stuffed animals.


V doesn’t do tiny. Go big or go home (and the MC knows just who sent the “card”)


Just one of those giant teddy bears sitting in the Detective’s chair witha sign that says “I love you bear-y much!”


Saw this and thought of Raf… oh the feels …
(More here for people who want some fluff like me)

reads scenarios about MC faking their death

what is wrong with y’all

reads headcanons about V


I did a google reverse image search and found the original artist and his work is so beautiful ;o; He’s PascalCampion on deviantart. Scrolled through his page a bit and found out he was at CTN Expo which I had the chance to go to at a reduced price if I went with my school but I didn’t go because I didn’t have the time or money (even with the reduced price) :sob: Every day I just regret not going more

I really like all the plants in that piece. I wonder which characters would be really great at gardening and which could kill a cactus?


It’s one helluva a ‘tap’.


Finn definitely gets a kick outta all the crazy things that happen around the MC. This is no exception.

What about a desk rigged with a confetti cannon? So that when the MC opens it a bunch of heart-shaped cut-outs just fly out into their face?

Got the cat 'n everything, haha.

Y’see there’s two moods when discussing Model Citizens- Gloom and Unholy Amounts Of Cheesiness.

Oooooh he’s really talented!!

:frowning: That’s too bad! Maybe one day you’ll get the chance to go? (Perhaps even a better deal will come up/you could split the price with friends? Fingers crossed for you!)

Hmmm… Well,

Finley: I mean they take pretty good care of the plant in their office- at least… in that it hasn’t died yet. But for a home-based plant they would probably keep it alive for a while… but inevitably it would die since they’re so busy and would forget to water it in the wake of everything else.

Raf: He’d do fine with plants. I mean, he wouldn’t forget to water them or anything but he’s also not really a ‘gardener’ per say. He much prefers taking care of living animals than plants. That said, he’s not particularly opposed to the idea.

Jacob: Fun fact about Jacob: He really really likes cacti. He probably injures himself on their spikes by accident, sure, but he really really likes cacti. In other plant would be doomed in his hands but he can take care of cacti alright.

Lucy: Would even kill a cactus. 100% She would not remember that plants need things like water or sunlight.

Yolanda: Eh, she’d be… okay with plants. None of them would die but it’d be less of a ‘she wants to take care of them and make them flourish’ and more of a ‘failure is not an option, even in plant-care’ mentality.

Eileen: Eileen loves plants. Especially flowers. Her house would basically be a greenhouse if she had the time to take care of that many plants. However, she always keeps as many flowers as she can around. She’s great with plants. Loves them.

Informant: He’d be able to keep them well, not too many (certainly not as many as Eileen), but he’s got a bit of a green-thumb. Not very much but…he enjoys them.

Ricky: Ricky could maybe handle one or two plants, maybe. He’s generally very busy though and doesn’t care about them that much… But they’re unintrusive and somewhat pleasant, so he’s… okay with plants.

V: V probably does have a make-shift greenhouse. Granted I’m not saying they’re any good at taking care of the plants but that doesn’t mean they don’t try. And by try I mean raise exclusively carnivorous plants, probably. They find them neat!


They are neat

Also bad news, but Playmoss seems to be promoting their premium service or something and keeps redirecting me to their upgrade page on like every other song. I don’t know if it does anything like that when not logged in, I haven’t tried it, but this is bad news for my playlists either way since it’s been giving me trouble with making and editing them D:

I can’t really move to spotify since not all the songs I’ve used for the MC:U playlists are on there. I’ll be looking for another alternative and probably remaking them when I find one. If I can’t find a proper playlist site, I’ll just have to move them over to youtube, just then I won’t be able to make cover art :frowning:


Awww…that’s my boy. :grin::joy:
My mc would probably be at the same level as the Informant, that is to say he likes greenery and tries, generally with varying levels of success. He probably needs relatively hardy and sturdy plants and then he’d manage okay.


Carnivorous plants always look like they belong on an alien planet to me.

Oh noooo! That’s too bad! I’m so sorry! :frowning: I always enjoy your playlists, they’re super good! I hope you’re able to find a better site!

He’s always an interesting one, eh? :smile:

He could always go with some succulents. I’ve got two of 'em right now and they’re fantastic. Need little water and are generally just some good good plants.


We all need a little bit of angst in our life.


Random mood for the day: MC shopping for gifts for the RO and being nervous giving it for the holidays


All part of a healthy diet, of course.

Ooh, that’s super cute. What would your MC get and for who, I wonder?