Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)



I’m… admittedly not entirely sure that Grace would see that as a good thing, ahaha.


If she’s loyal family, why’d she break up with the MC? Why you no love me lucy?


Break your heart to save you obviously (look at all that angst)


To be honest, I completely forgot that you have already stated their preferences. xD


I saw that but forgot about the Informant’s part



You’ll see.

I like the way this is just here in parenthesis, like you’re gesturing to something physical, as if I’ve just sorta thrown a buncha angst in a pile and now we’re here, looking at it, wondering just how much there is inside of there.

Ahahah don’t worry, I never mind restating these things (especially considering how long ago it was and how things can get lost in here) so it’s no problem at all!


A sassy Ricky is a good Ricky

Imagine him letting that slip out one day when his patience is really being tested and the MC is just. Speechless.


Ha! I love it, so much. Oh god, the MCs reaction, just… pure confusion followed by absolute amusement. This is fantastic!


Omg, Informant’s reaction in the last ask you answered on tumblr about the MC resting on their head on the ROs’ shoulder omgggggg

You can’t just do this to me when his fancast is Godfrey Gao, the man of my dreams!

He’s just too beautiful :sob:

(And Raf’s just broke my heart :cry:)


This is very interesting, or at least to me it is. I have always imagine the Informant to be, Noel Fisher…


Well, technically Godfrey Gao isn’t Informant’s official face claim or anything. A few months back though, someone asked @RenaB for which actors/actresses she’d choose to play each of the main characters and she chose Godfrey Gao for Informant and I haven’t been able to see him differently since (not that I’d want to though because he’s gorgeous)



The big big secret about the Informant is that he’s basically a fluffy pillow. Relaxed, easy to hug- a pillow. (it’s his secret identity.)

Ohoho, but you see, my friend, that’s exactly why I must do it.

I can promise you that was entirely on purpose a complete accident, I’m so sorry. :angel: (Raf’s romance is somehow simultaneously one of the happiest as well as one of the saddest in this game, ah, well, I suppose it makes the possible happy ending all the more well earned, eh?)

That’s fine! Like @princecatling said I don’t make any official “this is the actor who best represents X” or such claims, I just answered as those who look closest to how I imagine them in my head while writing. Part of the fun is getting to see how others picture them in their heads, too, after all! :smile:


Funny you mentioned that because

I found this (though I doubt he’d have a body pillow of himself. Seems more like V’s thing)

Well I better hope so! You’ve been putting the poor guy through so much, he deserves a happy ending ;__;


Well, we know the informant is a bunch of cats in a coat, and I sometimes call my cat Fluffy Murder Pillow, so I guess it makes sense. :smile::wink:


Raf :sob: He’s just so precious and sweet and he needs some love omg :sob:

Alsp Jacob is an anime character confirmed


Ya’ll I just want Ex!Raf and MC to be happy :(( it’s Christmas time (at least for me who celebrates it) and the need for them to be okay in time for the holidays is real


I’m guessing Rena-senpai will make it as angsty as possible…



There better be softness and gentle hugs >:C


I am…
I don’t…
I honestly don’t know what to say. This is… beautiful and I’m cackling. Serendipity has its ways, I suppose.

That is absolutely a V thing. V probably also made one themself- probably as a gift for the MC. In fact, that’s probably their holiday gift to the MC.


It all comes together…

Soon, my friend, soon. (And by soon I mean eventually but… y’know… fun times. We’ll get there one day.)

Ha! So now we know that the Informant is a pillow/a series of cats in a trenchcoat, and Jacob is secretly just a character in an anime. Quite a… colorful collection of secret identities.

Hmmm… Well, I’ll see what I can do, perhaps…

You know me well…


Does that get delivered to the MC’s office because I feel it would? And Finley’s gonna have a field day with that :))

If we be talking about angst though, consider LI x MC having to hear the other’s final words but can’t do anything to stop them from dying (bonus: they aren’t there when the other dies, this convo happens over comm devices)