Model Citizens: Unmasked (WIP - Minor Change May 23, 2018)




Raises you Trixie playing matchmaker/patchmaker between MC and a divorced Raf – idk how but she will


How dare you play with my emotions like that.


The important question here is whether these christmas sweaters actually have cheese on them. (Originally I was going to go with: Whether or not the MC made them but then this other question popped into my mind and of course that took first priority.)

I was thinking more along the lines of this. But that, too, can contain it’s own brand of terror.

Basic law of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Hahaha, haha, ha…


Yes and yes.

It’s painful and beautiful and cute and I love it and also makes me think of this:

If right after the MC and Raf split, Trixie is endlessly confounded because on one hand Raf is sad and she can’t let her person be sad so she must sit on him but on the other hand her other person is missing and that’s also a big no-no so she just wanders back and forth from Raf to the door.


So long as there aren’t any Furbies, it’s all good.

And on the romanced!V headcanon, part of me is just: well, V tbf with all the chaos that seems to follow you, the chances of MC getting hurt one way or another seems to increase (no malice, just an observation)

(not that this doesn’t hurt any less)

Mark my words. If Trixie plays shipper for MC and Raf to get back together, they will. Because she is never unsuccessful since she’s perf that way – all her plans will come to fruition, swear

Like there’s a reason why her hair is so floofy (because it’s full of secrets and plans to help her humans)


Well see now it’s gotta be all furbies.

I have very little doubt in my mind that all MCs will be able to avoid injury throughout this entire game. Be it the direct or indirect consequence of someone who cares about them or simply bad luck.

Just imagine explaining this to someone who asks why it is that the MC is going out once more with their supervillain ex. (“My cat made me.” “Your… cat made you?” “Well, no, made is the wrong word- my cat convinced me.” “I’m still lost, pal.”)

I mean it’s already been deduced that the Informant is secretly just a bunch of cats in a trench coat led by Trixie. This isn’t that far off.


Lots of talk about Raf. No mention of a certain someone. cough lucy cough


Ugh, no. Also while it is a nice hobby and my mom does it very well this mc of mine probably can’t actually knit.


If Finley is romanced, the others working at The Rust have been taking bets on whether or not Finley and MC would get together for years

The typical reaction to V introducing the other two V siblings is probably “oh god no, there’s more?!”

Jacob has mixed coffee with 5 hour energy on more than one occasion. It tastes awful and he’s honestly not sure how he survives it each time, but it works and hasn’t killed him yet so he has no intention of stopping

Besides bars and coffee shops, Informant also frequents Nickelport’s cat cafe

And Eilleen feeds the stray cats in her neighborhood


People are mostly talking about headcannons right now- you got any for Lucy? I’d love to hear them! :grin:

Fair point. Knitting is… hard.

Lemme guess there’s a big celebration for those who guessed correctly, yeah?

I love… all of these. They’re amazing and beautiful.


And the ones who guessed wrong have to pay for the drinks :smiley:


I shall need adequate time to come up with a masterpiece. Hopefully I’ll have it done by Tuesday’s annual stalk n talk afternoon tea and cookies event.


I can do it a little and mom taught me the basics, but I’d be a bit rusty by now. But who knows maybe I’ll take it up again someday as it can be relaxing.
My mc would also still care too much about the clothes to actually, purposefully get cheese on them.


So quick sidenote: I stumbled upon this song and it immediately made me think of the kinda thing a more passive-agressive MC might say to Ricky at the very start of this story, just for the sake of getting him riled up.

EDIT: Actually thinking more on this song… It could really work either way. Ricky to the MC or MC to the Ricky, considering how much they clash at the beginning. :sweat_smile:

Oh geez, I mean, this is The Rust we’re talkin’ about. Whoever it is that’s payin’ better bring a bank. Or rob one.

I’ll prepare a special tea in anticipation of what you come up with!

That’s neat! And very cool that you can do sew! I tried it once, failed miserably, now I have a creepy monkey-dog-cat stuffed-animal thing that haunts me whenever I try to forget about my one failed sewing attempt.

Oh haha, that’s definitely a good thing. I was thinking more along the lines of this but in a christmas-sweater style. Although you could also go all the way and combine both of these.


I just looked up the lyrics and

oh you’re so enchanting
when your mouth is closed
and with a mouth like that
who needs politics and prose

This part is just so perfect omg

The MC probably isn’t the only one at The Rust who has blackmail material on a wealthy politician :wink:


Well I like clothes and I wasn’t the wealthiest, so I had to make some alterations on occasion in the past to make them fit.
These days I just outsource that type of work, so my skills probably aren’t what they used to be.
Besides sewing isn’t so bad, unless you’re being forced to do it under essentially slavery like conditions in Bangladesh. :unamused:

I don’t know, my mc would probably pick matching Reindeer ones for him and Ricky.
I wonder on the alternate playthrough is V up for wearing silly sweaters too or is he just too fashionable for that?


Right?! It’s amazing how well it fits!

Now that I’m listening to more of April Smith’s songs I’m finding a lot of them that work well for different ones here. (Ex: This one for the Ex and the MC, and another one for Ricky and the MC at the very beginning, and this one which works well for either Raf or Eileen with the MC. And this reminds me of V and the MC.)

I’m… I’m gonna add these to my writing playlists…

All of them combine their respective blackmailings in order to afford an extravagant party in celebration of the fact that someone won a bet on their boss getting together with the MC.

Ahh, alterations I can do as well… I’m just horrible at making things from the ground up.

Those are very cute as well! And just as cheesy! Just… not quite as literally cheesy.

V is absolutely up for silly-sweaters.



No commentary needed


What’s in the pocket? Booze? A weapon? Several live ferrets? Who knows? :wink:


“Because I’m a gift”


For Raf

She’s really good :open_mouth:

The best use for it


Awww…Vincent is in far better shape than that guy. That sweater though is the silliest of them all.


I wanted to actually draw him in it, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to today :cry: