Mobile game creation?


How difficult would it be for CoG to create a mobile app for creating and uploading games? Something with a built in text editor that helped you to format it correctly as you went, and could upload to dropbox for demo’s and such. I ask because what if you don’t have access to a desktop or simply prefer using your phone?

The closest solution that I’ve found is evernote, which is quite handy since it allows you to edit something on your desktop and then continue on the same document on your phone.


Although I can access the forum through browser on my tablet. I can’t post anything, so if i’m on the bus, and see a comment that I MUST reply to. I can’t. So I agree, we should make this forum more tablet/phone friendly.


i coding my game in my iPhone is the imposible nightmare thanks i got people help me.


I have an android phone and use the following apps:

  • Dropbox
  • Jota Text Editor (or DroidEdit)
  • Browser of your choice

You really need to already have set the game up on dropbox on a pc, that IS too hard to do from a phone. Once you’ve done that log into dropbox on your phone and find the file you want to edit (something.txt index.html etc…) - clicking on it in dropbox should bring up a ‘what do you want to do with this file’ box with your favourite text editors. Select your favourite text editor (which will then open up the file), make your edits and hit save. Dropbox should then automatically upload the amended version.

It’s never going to be ideal for coding - tiny, touch keyboard - small screen, but that’s about as good as you can get and is absolutely fine (in my opinion) for quick additions and edits.

I highly doubt it’s worth CoG’s time to make an app for producing their games.


I cant use text editors I cant use dropbox
only note default and I haven’t pc …


It’s a free application on the playstore, I’ll be very surprised if you can’t use text editors or dropbox on an android phone…



I use dropbox and notepad++ on my pc and jota/jota+ and dropbox on my smart phone and tablet
biggest issue I get is sometimes the formatting goes weird for things written on phone/tablet


I believe @MaraJade has an iPhone like me.


I got a old iPhone no iota and don’t support drop box



It’s not something I can say I’ve ever come across, what exactly do you mean by ‘going weird’?

@fantom @MaraJade

Sorry not an iDevice man… I’m sure iOS has dropbox though.


the tabs misture with spaces without reason? this is what happen to my files



I’d code it like i would on my pc but sometimes when i load it on the pc there are more spaces than should be which kept causing errors.


@MaraJade Some editors/keyboards etc have auto tab insertion, you might have to watch out for that.


I’ve not had a problem Jota, just be careful to count your spaces. Don’t align things visually as they’re bound to be different with the phone screen being smaller and thinner.