Mmmo's and banning


Hello evryone my Swtor account has just been banned for 24 hours I was just wondering what this means and also has any else been banned from any other games as well?


I don’t think this is the correct place to be discuss being banned from other games. Try searching for a SWTOR or MMORPG forum and asking there, they might be more helpful.

I definitely don’t want to see people bragging about getting banned from games. I’m not saying that you are, since you’re not and you seem mostly confused by the ban. But I know some people do brag.

24 Hours isn’t long, it’s just a minor infraction, a slap on the wrist so to speak. Did they not say in their email why you were banned? I’d say contact SWTOR and ask them why but a quick google search has shown me that they’re really awful at customer service in regards to bans.

I know how awful it feels to be banned, especially if you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, and they refuse to tell you what infraction you’ve committed. It must be even worse if they’ve also taken any money from you. (I’m not sure does SWTOR still charge?)


So does it mean a whole day or business hours?


I would guess at least a whole day.


Sounds kinda like when Google banned CoG from AdSense. :confused:


@Samuel_H_Young That’s the perfect example. I don’t think any of us could beat the unfairness of that ban.

I have had a few unfair bans in my time, but at least those didn’t effect my livelihood and I don’t think I’ve been banned from anything where money is involved…


So let’s say I got banned at 12:44 florida Monday time. Would that 24 hours mean the next day? Or would it be on Wednesday?


I would assume that it would be over by 12:44 Florida Tuesday time. Seriously, you’d be better asking on a Star Wars forum though.


Yahoo it has been lifted!


congrats dude though i have neva heard of someone on Star wars the old republic aka swtor being banned before this is a first i heard of this.