Missing story segment that is typed out

Okay I am writing my own book and at the part where you meet your chosen RO for the first time it suddenly jumps to a completely different part of the book. I have gone through the code in word, Grammarly and, even read through it line by line and still could not find what was causing it to do that. If someone can help me I would be most grateful.

Post #37 in Guardians Of Thunder: The FLOODRUNNER WAR will show what I am talking about.

Can you post two bits of code?

The section before the story skips.
And the beginning on the section that is skipped

sure one moment

Sounds as if a label or if got iffy (oun intended)

Do you have the actual choice script code for that section? I suspect you have a *goto or similar somewhere.

If you could post the bit where it skips then we can take a look

That is what I am trying to find. I have already gone through the code like twelve times with no luck. I will just post it here for some help.

Check if you have written *goto historyclass1 instead of *gosub historyclass1 ´

EDIT: Also fix label loop3 to *label loop3 (not the cause tho, I think)

No it says gosub history class one

I’ve brought up your code. Which is the first section? Which section is skipped? Which section does it skip to?

The part where the main character is being yelled at is suppose to happen earlier in the chapter not right before a fight.

Based on the screenshot you posted above, I presume you mean this bit?

*label boulderscene1

'Once again Mr. Phate fails to get the facts accurate. This forest is exteremely dangerous.' I think to myself as I start to extend my senses to the world around me. 'If this forest really were safe then there would be no need for my people to constantly patrol this place for lost souls.'


I instantely turn my body to face the sound of a snaping branch. 'There are very few creatures that are capable of snapping anything off of the trees in this forest. Especially considering that blades made from solid diamonds cannot even leave a scratch on the trees without breaking.'

Not knowing what is heading my way I materialize my tybrainium sword and start walking in the direction the sound came from.

*if (romance="hannah")
 *gosub tanoscene5
*if (romance="eric")
 *gosub monroescene5
*if (romance="rose")

*label historyclass1

'She is rather regal looking sitting in the chair as if it were a throne and not some cheap school desk. Her dark blue eyes seem to light up at the mention of learning about past events. It seems that she really loves history. I wonder if she would be interested in learning the truth about what actually happened. Maybe I can even use her to spread the truth of what really happened all those years ago.' I think to myself before continuing to observe my classmate. 'She cuts a beautiful figure with the natural light highlighting her beautiful crimson red hair and lush red lips in an array of golds and yellows. Dare I say she even looks like an angel in this light. How I would have loved to have known her before the attack happened. Maybe then I would not have hurt her so badly.'

"Are you even paying attention $!{Namemc}?" I hear the teacher ask slightly annoyed about something.

How do I respond?

So, the ‘historyclass1’ code is being read and displayed when it shouldn’t be?
If so, the cause is almost certainly because none of the *if statements fire. Presumably ‘romance’ doesn’t equal hannah, eric or rose.

Change the code to this:


*if (romance="hannah")
 *gosub tanoscene5
*if (romance="eric")
 *gosub monroescene5
*if (romance="rose")

And re-run the scene - see what the value of ‘romance’ is at that point and that will tell you if the variable is correctly set or not.

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