Hey guys, long time no post for me, haha, anywho it seems popular understanding is that ive left the community after over 2 years of me being a member of it, but this is not true, I just don’t have time to post anymore, or read most topics, I occasionally still visit, once every week or two, and I still check out WIP’s and hosted games, although I currently do not work on my own games anymore, they will be fixed/finished but not for a while as I have taken a more laid back role in the community, but I just wanted you guys to understand why and to realize I am still here, just not as talkative anymore, atleast not until I have the time to be. I still love you guys and feel like this is a amazing place, heck the Choice of Games logo has been the background on my laptop for a little over 2 years now, and I still come on and read stuff. You guys are some of my favorite people but I just cant do what I used to anymore due to time. -Wired, obviously but I still wanted to sign it :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you like a robot chimpanze?

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