Minor News


I’ve been busy as of late, mostly with writing, and I actually have some good news to report. Efictionmagazine (efictionmag.com) is going to publish one of my short stories in an issue coming out February 1st! I hope it goes well. The story is called Quilting at the End of the World if anyone is interested.




yea yea


i wish i was in your place well you have put more effort so you deserve it good luck :smiley:



I guess it is sorta ‘whatever’ lol, but it’s a minor validation of a lot of the hard work I’ve put into writing over the years, is all.

@Lucid @Draggo

It really is! I’m very happy. :slight_smile:


Congrats! You definitely deserve it. Can’t wait to read it when published.


Grats Farside, i’ll have to check out that site on Feb 1


Congratulations!! You definitely deserve this. I GRACE YOU WITH MY NYAN POWERS.


congratulations! you are a amazing writer


that is good news you deserve it, hope it’s good :smiley:




Well done :slight_smile:


Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words from everyone! :smiley:


Good job! That’s exciting news. :slight_smile:


Hopefully it is 1of many more to come. Good job, you really do deserve it.



Well, the same magazine did decline a story I wrote only a year before, so it helps just submit things until someone says “yes”


I hope so too. Thank you.


well i am too small to publish stuff i will till i am over 18 i will hopefully improve by then



Thanks for bringing that site to my attention I may submit something myself :slight_smile:


Well done @Farside
Getting that first story published is the hardest step. Here’s hoping it will be the first of many!