MINECRAFT (you read right ^^ )


It is funny that I never noticed that there wasn’t a minecraft thread here which is unusual for me. But if this does get shifted into the games thread that’s fine as well.
Anyway, recently in Minecraft PE you can now add servers, mods and texture packs and also add you Xbox account for minecraft which is awesome. Anyone know any goog UK MCPE servers that do role-playing because I can’t find any. Either because us Brits don’t enjoy Role-playing as much as other countries.


there probably isnt a mine craft thread on this site because there are about a dozen other forum sited dedicated to minecraft


I love Minecraft, but not for roleplaying. In fact I’ve never, ever played Minecraft with another person. It’s all just me, on my lonesome, building silly projects.

Alas I lost my world and my builds when my computer died. I still miss all that effort I put in. :frowning:

We Brits do like roleplaying, I’m sure we do it elsewhere though.


Yeah, I’m a lone Dragon as well, but I do get lonely and bored playing on my own so that’s why I search for servers which has been unsuccessful recently. I found a jury to rob server for minecraft but not for mcpe.
And @communist most people don’t have an account with most minecraft forums so it’s good to have open threads on various forums if you catch my drift.


I cant play mine craft solo


I play minecraft in phases so to say, one time I play ot non-stop f or half a year, and then I stop playing for half a year. Nonetheless, I only play one one server, one which I have been for a long time, but that one doesn’t do roleplaying, am I interested in roleplaying though? Yes, yes I am.



I remember when I used to just mine away all of the world’s resources,just so I could build a giant golden cock.

Life was great back then.


It can help you to design COG books as well e.g designing cities.


I’ve been playing a lot of the Battle minigame on Xbox. It’s like a mini-hunger games. Sure I suck at it, but it’s better than solitude. I wish we got servers on the console Minecraft games. Would be pretty fun. Seems they are in deep with the minigames as well. They even added Spleef.