Mind Games: Obsession (WiP)

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I’m so sorry peeps, there’s been a huge dip in my working due to losing a person close to me IRL and a lot of issues cropping up along with that. I may also be getting a job soon, but I’m hoping my productivity raises soon!


Take care of you first. We can wait.

Sorry to hear about your loss.


Oh so sorry take care and we understand
Take all the time you need. The writing can wait

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Just now stumbled into this game. Question: Is there really no option to save sylvia?

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Maybe you should mark it as a spoiler

But no I don’t think so


How do I mark it as spoiler again?

Then I hope we get to have a bit more with Sylvia before well you know… since as it is right now there is just no time for me to connect and care for her character to be affected by what is about to happen.

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There’s a little gear at the end of the formatting tools. When selected it opens a drop-down menu with three options (don’t worry about the colors–I just prefer the dark theme) as pictured here -


If you can’t access these for some reason, the spoiler blur is this [-spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler] without the hyphen inside the first square bracket. :slightly_smiling_face:

To answer your question though

If knowing you were being stalked by a dangerous looking creep on your way home from work isn’t enough to set off–at the minimum–a protective instinct in the reader based on the idea that Sylvia is an interesting character that your mc has a friendly, almost sibling-like relationship with, then I guess there’s not much to be said about the scenes that follow after other than confusion as to why your character is suddenly traumatized. I know, I’m putting it a bit harshly here.

That said, there are response options in place that allow you to express a desire to ‘build a bridge of revenge, and get over it!’…er, so to speak. :sweat_smile:

My personal take on those early scenes is that there is enough time to establish the part that matters to the narrative; your mc is in some form of distress over a stranger that proves to be something other than human, that kills the mc’s best friend for a cause beyond the scope of reason. This other then shows up like a bad friend reemerging years later to kill the mc–as the one witness to the Sylvia’s murder–because seeing this creature should normally never have been possible.


@MasterChief117John @LadyUmbreon89

There is definitely no way to save Slyvia, and thank you Umbreon for your thoughts on how the first part of MG:O was written!!! It was very interesting to read :smiley:

A lot of people do have mixed opinions on the short amount of time given to know Sylvia, which if I knew a way to add more time without it losing the focus of the story, I’d consider adding more in. However, as the story goes, it felt that only a brief point in time to know her fit best. Now, there will be more memories and Sylvia’s part in Mind Games is not over. That, I promise.

This comment contains spoilers, open it at your own risk.

The way I see it, the time we get to know Sylvia is so short that it makes little difference to me if the story were re-written to make it look like she was killed “off-screen” (or in the past). That being said, I see little reason to add more scenes to a character that was meant to die 20 minutes into the story. Her role was fulfilled - she was an emotional trigger of sorts - the rest is just trying to appease those who want to -feel- an emotional connection to her and understand why the MC gives a damn. Or at least a reason for the reader to give a damn.

How many stories out there use the “traumatic past” trope to kickstart the plot? Some of them don’t even go that much into detail but it is enough to give us a cause and effect, something for us to play off with. Sylvia’s screen time is laughably short but it works and at least it is better than just saying “the MC is a edgelord that suffered a very bad, very sad event in their childhood or teenage years. You figure out the rest.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this feels like a double-edged dagger that is equal parts “too much” and “too little”. But since it’s impossible to appease everyone I accept the fact this is probably the best we’re going to get. Whatever background you had with her, that can be part of your imagination as well. The author doesn’t need to spoon-feed us every detail.


Tbh I don’t think Sylvia should be giving more scenes. Like Ivory already said she doesn’t seems to be meant to be a character with much depth. She fullfils her purpose. Flashbacks or more scene with her would just drag on because she isn’t a character we should attach to. Is she the most memorible character? No certainly not. But that isn’t her place. If you ask me just use the time to make the other character even better than they already are because they are awesome and aren’t already dead


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Now THIS… This is good. I’ll be keeping an eye on this WIP for sure!