Mind Blind (9/09 Demo Update. BOOM.)

My first new read back on the forums and it was such a banger! 10/10 I love the complicated family dynamic. More than that, I love the whole story about becoming a hero despite one’s disability no matter how different that disability is in our world’s society. Definitely, looking forward to seeing more.


oh mom…cant wait for the deets of what she did :grin:


Or a villain. Just saying.


I can’t seem to pass my actual assignments but here is the MC passing the tests without even breaking a sweat with just some eggs and hot sauce. Legend.


oh man I can stop thinking about the cliffhanger. did mother dearest pull a “I heard a rumour” and perhaps mind control Button to do chores or stop them from misbehaving?


I’d like to say that I am so happy with Rosy’s personality. Yeah he’s super…everything when working but I’ve read the answers on tumblr. He really commits once in a relationship huh?

I can also low key see him and Button taking a nitting class together as a couple.


Y’know, usually when I’m playing a choice game I have a handful of character ideas bouncing around in five minutes. This is the first game I’ve played in awhile where the first character I played is MY character and I can’t imagine playing him different. It says a lot about the quality of the writing that I connected to the MC so fast. Really looking forward to whatever’s next.

  1. I seriously love the humor in this game and the descriptions, this has to be one of my favorite stories on this site.

  2. This has to also be the first time in a while that I’ve played a game and multiple of the ROs are catching my affection, I gotta play through multiple times now!


Just tried the update demo. Took me an hour to rerun and try every options I could think of and it’s SO MUCH WORTH IT. K is…*sigh what should I do with this boy.


Marry him and go on a honeymoon to Bali with Cassandra and Antigone :joy:


Hii, finished the demo read some things in the forum and just HAVE to ask you @wildelight :
How hard is for the MC get together (romantically)with Sally? I just instantly connect with her (she is ginger, which is like one of my weakness) but I read/see that she and Nick was “made” for each other’s… :pensive:
I’m playing with a ultra confident/little funny MC also interested in Rosy when she appears the “I don’t know whether to be scared, appalled, or turned on. Perhaps some uneasy combination of all three?” Was tooo perfect, definitely turn on :new_moon_with_face:
Also wanted to know how Rosy/Sally will deal with the ultra confident/knows all MC.
Awesome demo, looking forward to more, thank you for the content!
PS.: Hope I made myself clear, never had written so much in English before…


Don’t worry–if you want Sally, you’ll get her. There’s only 2 requirements: to have an existent crush on her (i.e. you must choose the “I wish we were more than friends” option in the bathroom flashback), and you’ll need to pick Sally to come with you instead of Grayson at a certain point in Chapter 4. Sally and Nick will only get together if you encourage them. Getting with Sally isn’t a whole guilt trip either (although you can set her up with Nick while pining if you’re really into angst). You simply persuade her to choose you.

Also, I’ve been loving all the theories floating around on this thread so freaking much. Haven’t confirmed or denied anything because I have a big mouth and want to at least keep myself from revealing some secrets, but it’s really interesting to read what you guys will think happen!


that sounds vaguely ominous…


And other characters have romances beyond your own, making it feel like the world doesn’t revolve solely around your character?! Bless


One of the most powerful Ments pairing off with a precognitive person. This is going to be an interesting ride. Waiting for what’s next.


It’s just Nick and Sally.


I wonder how glitch got her nickname and one of my wild and probably stupid theory is that she has ment abilities but are glitchy like it comes and goes and she doesn’t know how to control those control even though the strength of those powers is weak.


I am sorry but this meme reminded me of Gray :joy:


So I’m planning fanart and need to know that the uniforms look like? Is it ever explained in the demo, idr :sweat_smile: