Mind Blind (7/31 Demo Update. A story in which you are very much NOT the Chosen One.)

Plus i am also kinda baffled why mc’s parents one of the mst influential and strongest ments out there never managed to find a way to at least shield mc’s mind even if not cure mind blindness . And yes i also find it very weird that there arent any anti ments devices in existence so far.


That rests upon the assumption that such technology would even be possible. And that if it did exist, that it wouldn’t have terrible adverse effects on the ones using it and those being subjected to it.



Yep. In addition my mc would like to believe Uncle Gary’s “theories” have at least a core of truth to them somewhere because that would mean there might still be some hope for him, no matter how tiny and distant.

Well if Uncle Gary is right there might be hidden away by the government’s “äbove top secret” classification. Now getting our paws on it…
It’s usefulness in helping the mc lead a better life would also depend on how crude or refined it would be. A device that takes up an entire room and only shields a relatively small, static area would be less useful than something portable of course.

My mc is willing to risk damn near anything, so bring on the side effects!

I agree.

Nepotism and crony capitalism are the order of the day among the elite, unless this USA has drastically changed on that point. It is just that the mc could never benefit from their family’s wealth and connections due to their condition. So even if my mc is as fit and muscular as Kent, which I really hope he can be, it isn’t of as much use to him because of his rotten condition. But seeing as how working out obsessively at home might be one of the few good things the mc have I hope the mc is allowed to be somewhat of a fitness addict too. :persevere: :muscle:


Most people are able to keep most Ments from invading their mind without invitation. You, the MC, are supposed to be the sole outlier to that situation. Why would they need technology for something that cannot unwillingly be broken into in most situations?

Plus, Aeon has also invested significant time and money into utilizing Ments and spinning them as heroes.


If their powers were useless on most people then Ments themselves would be useless, most people have resistance and would notice if Ments invaded their minds, doesn’t mean it is impossible and therefore the government and the megacorps would still have a vested interest in protecting themselves from Ment powers. However I agree that due to the branding of Ments as heroes any method(s) of shielding against them would really be kept “above top secret” if they existed.
And my mc likes to agree somewhat with Uncle Gary that it is more likely than not that they do.


Idk, there’s got to be someone like Tony Stark in this world who can create something like that and leave it in their basement, just because they’re bored :joy:


But what if the MC IS that Tony Stark and we just don’t know it yet. He’s got an arc reactor, MC’s got a anti-ment helmet(like magneto’s), saw what they needed, created it effortlessly.


Right, inform me when the MC gets kidnapped by Noh and is forced to create a weapon for him to use against the Wisemans :joy:

Huh, funny thing is I can totally see that happening.

Funny thing is that you might actually be right.

But not my MC, no. Because Nicholas Hyacinth Wiseman exists :relaxed:


Funny thing mc might just willingly agree to it :confused:


I fully support this headcannon for my MC in the future, just cause.


You still merging posts bro…


Stupid habit, can’t help it :sweat_smile:


I love this demo. It seems like a real underdog story. As much as I love the whole “chose one” theme, it’s nice to break away from it.


It’s an interesting concept. Though really I don’t think it’s all that unusual in CoG games for the player character to start of as a weak nobody, the whole Ments idea is an intriguing thing to explore

I’m most curious about how being mind-controlled and powerless will ultimately work with a game dependent on choices. Like for how long will you just have to go along with everything that happens. It will be interesting to see if that balance (between being powerless to mind-control / circumstances, but also being an autonomous character) can be struck


The bottle of homemade pepper spray was the perfect tool against K the guy had more training well Shall had none so technically that was the advantage only in my eyes I even tried other choices and I still got the same from response I don’t know how to get the others so the bottle of death is the only way in my eyes a tactical standpoint it’s completely genius but still a little harsh to use that on someone


How did you get that pepperspray man , as for other routes on is you can try to bribe glitch with food for which in the beginning you should have taken pancakes and facon(fake bacon) from saint nick. Other is if you flirted enough with glitch she will ask you out on a date, another way is for sally to fake a prediction that Ks dogs are in a danger and last but not the least you gotta measure the room when you have the chance and do so in glitches absence i.e go in without her , then you can choose the option of locking nox in the room.


Ask for hot sauce with eggs in your meal😌


wait what, they can already ask you on a date?? On the first day?? I didn’t know that,

…might try that route then. :eyes::eyes:


You know, some people would kill for that kind of breakfast (me included). And here is our PC, using it to pass an assessment test. Smh :man_shrugging:


You’re forgetting a way to win : let’s prank Kim. It appeals the best nature of a trickster ~.

And Kim almost smile when we win, he almost smiles !!! :heart_eyes: