Mind Blind (7/31 Demo Update. A story in which you are very much NOT the Chosen One.)

Haven’t fully reread through the update, but going over the orientation portion of the demo that’s been there for a little while let me find a typo I didn’t notice previously.

Isn't the highlighted a double negative?

I’ll let you know if I see more, but for now the demo is wonderful, and reads like a dream even if there are occasional typos. :slightly_smiling_face:


All these great theories about K but maybe they really are just an asshole :sweat_smile:

  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t care K didn’t tell MC [he] was a Ment? Makes more sense for MC to be working under the assumption people can read her since she’s an open book than expecting everyone to disclose they can read her imo… Aw well lol.
  2. Might’ve found a SLIGHT typo after K/Glitch gives the earpiece back. It says: “As strong as the urge to follow them out and say something, Kim’s glare keeps you seated.” I think it should say, “As strong as the urge to follow them out and say something is, Kim’s glare keeps you seated.”

Also, @Artemis1 @SuperHouseCat (& others, re: K theories) that’s actually an interesting theory. Could it be that Glitch is actually the powerful one…? Could explain the presumably complicated relationship between G & K (since G can’t look MC in the eyes when G talks about their relationship) and the way G seems to not be sharing what all caused him to pick the name Glitch (especially since there was that power outing…)


I think it’s “Less powerless” because MC is literally the least powerful person in existence, so while a score higher than MC’s is still considered powerless, those people are still more powerful than her…

At least, that’s how I read it?


So I’m curious. Has anyone chosen the ‘steal nicks fingerprints’ option for the test part?

I have not because I play a character that would automatically think ‘thats a lot of work’ and nope out.


Found a minor error replaying from the beginning. I’m attaching it now so I don’t forget, but I’ll leave feedback on the update soon! :slight_smile:

In the Metro Route

My stats at this point if that’s helpful:


Hmm, the theory about K not being a Ment at all is interesting, though that also seems like a pretty huge lie when agents are potentially responsible for people’s lives. Seems like at that point, transparency about your capabilities would be considered a big deal! While I wouldn’t be as personally put out as I would be if K really was reading our mind the whole time, I’d still be a little skeptical of K’s ethics, especially if nepotism is, indeed, involved. So, not sure how I feel about this theory.

The MC did assume that K could potentially read their mind. Then they saw no outward sign that this was the case, and let their guard down, which is a pretty natural response to seeing that somebody doesn’t appear to be a threat.

If we assume that K could read their mind, this means they heard the MC’s panic, heard them attempt to guard their thoughts, heard them let their guard down when K didn’t react, and kept going anyway, letting the MC believe they were safe when in fact, they were as vulnerable as ever. Depending on the MC, they could have done this knowing that the MC explicitly doesn’t want their mind read, and possibly has massive trust issues already. Then they acted like there was nothing wrong with doing any of this.

I think it’s understandable to be angry about that—again, assuming it is, indeed, the case.

No, if this is the intended meaning, LadyUmbreon would have the right of it. The MC is more powerless than others, not less—the latter creates a double negative and implies that the MC is in fact more powerful than others.


Idk how you played that scene, but based on the responses I chose, my MC wouldn’t have been panicking about K being able to read her. She was living her flirty life lol. So maybe that’s part of why what you’re saying isn’t resonating with me. The way I’ve been playing my MC is more aligned with “Yeah, it sucks being a zero, but also…It is what it is. I have nothing to be ashamed of so read my mind if you want to. I will be flirting with you and/or thinking flirty thoughts about you without shame either way.”

And hm, yeah, that makes sense.


I chose it during my most recent play through (although it’s not really aligned with how my MC would be normally) just out of curiosity - and 'cause it made me chuckle. Basically, since part of the test is how you go about completing it, MC finishes in like 5 mins and tells the proctors they cheated then challenges them to prove it without reading MC’s mind. They can’t so they’re impressed, I guess? MC’s brother finds out but he just thinks it’s hilarious.


Ahh, yeah, you’re right.

…I forget sometimes that it’s possible to be not angsty while playing this game.

But yeah, how you feel about K is definitely dependent on how you played that scenario. Some people, including both myself and my MC, are intensely private about their thoughts. Misreading somebody as “not something I have to worry about for once (thank god)” and then discovering that you were wrong and never should have let your guard down could potentially be incredibly damaging and paranoia-inducing to somebody with this mindset.


Choosing that it’s awkward did not let my MC stay away from K. K still greeted MC and MC gave angry answers until everyone assumed that something happened.


Aaaah what did mom do?? I’m so curious!!


Mom did the big bad thing.


Still, thanks to Sally’s presence, your parents let you lead a semi-normal childhood. To attend fieldtrips and birthday parties, instead of being sent to live with your Uncle Gary in his fundamentalist anti-psych commune. Uncle Gary, who thinks Ment abilities are caused by vaccines and that your Pollard Zero correlates to a satellite launch in Florida.

Doesn’t this sound like it’s saying it would have been possible? That’s why Im confused.


Sally is like mc’s alarm that he could bring to school fieldtrips etc , without sally they would have most likely sent mc to uncle gary who as a paranoid conspiracy theorist would likely have kept mc away from ments , but it also shows lazy parenting if i am being honest , how if sally didnt exists parents would have just given up on mc :confused: i can see why mc loathes his parents tbh , only sally and saint nick are his cool shades in this burning world.


I have because my button is a nonsense person who tends to run with the 1st (and usually most extreme) solution to a problem she comes up with unless someone is there to stop her.

Thankfully Sally prevented her from committing food crimes against K by reminding her that while it was a good idea it was also a horrible thing to do to a fellow classmate. So she ended up going to the opposite extreme and just locking K out. Yay for teamwork! (And K’s eyes.)


Something I don’t understand so far into the story is why there isn’t atleast some crude form of ment hindering or anti-ment technology despite the fact that only around 20 or so percent of the population have ment abilities. People tend to be afraid and condemn what they cannot control or understand. Is such tech non existent or is there some other reason why it isn’t mentioned or used by the MC in the demo so far?


Plus i am also kinda baffled why mc’s parents one of the mst influential and strongest ments out there never managed to find a way to at least shield mc’s mind even if not cure mind blindness . And yes i also find it very weird that there arent any anti ments devices in existence so far.


That rests upon the assumption that such technology would even be possible. And that if it did exist, that it wouldn’t have terrible adverse effects on the ones using it and those being subjected to it.



Yep. In addition my mc would like to believe Uncle Gary’s “theories” have at least a core of truth to them somewhere because that would mean there might still be some hope for him, no matter how tiny and distant.

Well if Uncle Gary is right there might be hidden away by the government’s “äbove top secret” classification. Now getting our paws on it…
It’s usefulness in helping the mc lead a better life would also depend on how crude or refined it would be. A device that takes up an entire room and only shields a relatively small, static area would be less useful than something portable of course.

My mc is willing to risk damn near anything, so bring on the side effects!

I agree.

Nepotism and crony capitalism are the order of the day among the elite, unless this USA has drastically changed on that point. It is just that the mc could never benefit from their family’s wealth and connections due to their condition. So even if my mc is as fit and muscular as Kent, which I really hope he can be, it isn’t of as much use to him because of his rotten condition. But seeing as how working out obsessively at home might be one of the few good things the mc have I hope the mc is allowed to be somewhat of a fitness addict too. :persevere: :muscle: