Mind Blind (12/18 Demo Update. Now with a Patreon!)

he’s either 26 or 27, i think.


If you read the More Info part in the original post, and go to Your Family, you can see that Nick is 6 years older than the MC, who is 20. If you go to Your ROs , you can see how old the ROs are. :stuck_out_tongue:



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Small typo. Missing a space between the comma and Sally. Don’t know if someone else already noticed this though.


Friday Progress:

Current Word Count: 181k

Goal Word Count: 190k

Public Demo Update: January 31

Writing has been going well! There’s a lot of info that needs to be communicated in Chapter 6, and info dumps always make me a little nervous. But overall, I’m pretty pleased with what I have down. Of course, knowing me, I’ll do a last-minute rewrite of at least one major scene the night before release, because there’s nothing like a 24-hour countdown to kick my inspiration levels into overdrive.

I tweaked the plot oh-so-slightly as well. Now Glitch, Sally, and Gray have a bigger plot role in the next chapters, even though they don’t appear at all in Chapter 6 (a new-ish, equally important character does, however).

If you constantly fail (at observing things, or assignments, or whatever), effort will rise. Unlike the I-sats, effort doesn’t pay off right away. It doesn’t give you any insights or additional dialogue choices. However, get your effort score high enough, and you’ll unlock secret pathways at the end (where you basically power through from sheer stubbornness rather than skill :sweat_smile:)

Each of the three routes in Chapter 1 is meant to give a different tone to the story. In addition to clues that will be useful later, the metro route gives readers meta-knowledge that provides a head-start in solving MB’s mystery. The walking route best facilitates character building and backstory, as well as giving additional insight into Button’s relationship with Nick. Meanwhile, the dog route brings drama to the plot. They each set the tone for different types of playthroughs.


I made an account here just to tell you that this is the best text based game I’ve ever read :purple_heart: It’s really everything I wanted from this sort of experience.
I’m so in love with the humour in this and every RO, especially Grey. I usually just gravitate towards one or two at the most.
Nick is obviously the protagonists brother but I’m in love with him too and I’m rooting for him and Sally.
Thank you for all your hard work. I am super excited to see what happens next.
I skimmed through this thread and I have to also commend you on your responses to all feedback that has been left.
You’re incredible!
:clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Everyone here has been incredibly kind and supportive, and I’ve honestly never enjoyed writing any story more than I have Mind Blind. Having an open alpha was scary (I’m not accustomed to people reading my rough drafts!). There’s a lot that still needs work and polish, and I’ve had to shelve some feedback for later edits. But letting MB be partially shaped and guided by readers has been the best decision I could have made.


How do you do this? XD
Thank you :heart:


Oh nice


You can create a tripwire for K by going to Room 1 after Glitch and untangling the auxiliary cords, then asking Sally to create a tripwire out of them. (Note: Glitch will retangle the auxiliary cords if they enter Room 1 after you.) I don’t think K ever actually trips on your wire, though—poked around in the code and it looks like an auto-failure, which is a shame. I would have liked to see their face.


Thank you :heart:

Sad V_ V
And same
It will be funny and cute at the same time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Chapter 6 ended up being really long, so it’s now Chapter 6 and 7!

Playable Length: 183k

Average Playthrough: 48k

Patreon Release: It’s already up! The link is posted over on Patreon

Public Release: January 31!

Just an FYI, while I’ve yet to do the big save-wipe (it will happen in Chapter 10, when the public demo closes and I update the earlier chapters with my reworks), there will be issues if you play from a save beyond the beginning of Chapter 5. Variables for Sally’s vision and the activities don’t reset, so whoever you first chose for the vision will keep triggering no matter who you choose, and you’ll only be able to pick one excursion. (Normal stat errors will occur as well, but those won’t outright break anything except flavor text and dialogues and obviously the relationship/personality bars).

Also, there’s so much Rosy in this update. So very much. (Poor Nick!) Most of K’s bits got bumped to Chapter 7 when I divided the chapter in two, but they still play a VERY important role in this upcoming demo.

I mean, things get unredacted. It’s all very exciting.


Ooh :heart_eyes: :partying_face: :smirk:


Yay to the update! tears to not getting more K yet, but I shall continue being patient lol


Being a K fan is pain :cry:


K is makes me want to kiss them and then kill them :smile_cat::kissing_cat::roll_eyes:


Btw, in case anyone is wondering about the book strap method: I just did it successfully and my high stat was innovation. You have to measure the room (not sure if you have to go in after Glitch, but I did) then when talking to Sally, suggest making it so K is just never able to get in.


Tbf, we assume Glitch isn’t a Ment but sometimes… I wonder.


I think K can read minds right? But he is a bit boring tbh, he doesn’t talk too much and his dogs are the only interesting thing about him.


That would be an entertaining twist but I feel like Glitch would scoffs at the idea they need powers to be their amazing self. It’s 100% natural baby, organic Glitch.