Mind Blind (10/18 Mini Demo Update. A story where you are mostly not The Chosen One)

Sorry have to double post for this hisss I HAVE BEEN DECEIVED BY U!!! I HAVE BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL SO I DIDNT SEE THE TUMBLR UPDATE!! WHY DID U DO ME LIKE THAT YO sadness of being deceived but it was funny


I’m waiting for this conversation if you were mean to Nick.

So Button, It is to bad you weren’t a little nicer to me.

Why is that Nick?

Well I need a body and well you have a body…

Wait, What!?

Look at it this way Button, at least a part of you will get to snuggle with Sally.


Lol not gonna lie I was laughing like crazy waiting on @Haven to hurriedly read through the entire demo just to see nothing bad changed. Well played lol


Aw man. Sorr :joy::sob: it’s all in the spirit of good fun. Sorr if u felt Decived. I would’ve felt bad if I gaved u real spoilers, I hate being spoiled on my favorite series even if u asked for it. But whose to say those aren’t fake spoilers? :joy: Nick could be dead. Sally is already feeling broken, and noh might just be where he is stalking the mc, by jumping from body to body. And I believe it’s only a matter of time until we can ask Gray to marry us.

P. S try deceiving back those that toke advantage of u in school, I myself barley beat up this girl in my freshman year. It’s also like in this where mc is mindblinde but they can still fight for themselves if need be. Just back sure to always go for the hair or the eyes :zipper_mouth_face:


@Azraeel thank you. “Bows”.


Glad to see my suffering is your laughing :joy: glad I could provide entertainment though :grin:

@Nagisa18 it’s okay after the shock was worn off I was laughing so hard and I put the “deceiving” part super sarcastically to make people laugh and yeah I had this habit since I was younger when force awakens came out it that I would do on Wikipedia and see the the entire plot :joy: its a habit now I think the only 3 times I didn’t was Endgame, Frozen 2 and Trials of Apollo Burning Maze(someone still spoiled who died by accident to me) and while that I great advice that I always tell my friends if they get into a fight I meant that u took advantage of me being at school and not seeing the post lmaoo. But thank u for making me laugh :grin:


I just want to say I absolutely love Nick, 1000/10 would want them to be my older brother.


First, I just want to say that I LOVE Mind Blind. I love the character and the plot so far and I’ve been obsessively replying it for the past week!

Idk if this is the place to mention it, but I think I did come across a bug in chapter 3. I chose to look in the room with glitch before the assessment and chose to have sally use the cords as tripwire, but when I met up with rosy, the options involved when I explain myself to rosy mentions glitch coming in the room after me.

Sorry if it sounds confusing, my first language isn’t English


Just a random thought. Since Ments basically can’t choose to not hear Button’s thoughts if Button is inside their brain range, wouldn’t Button be a very effective billboard/ad dispenser aimed specifically at Ments? :laughing:




That… pun :joy: Go in the corner and think about your behavior :joy:
Phaha sorry i’m joking, that was really good though :joy:


Now I’m wondering wondering how criminal organizations in this type of world how far would criminals go is it more dangerous they have the power to f*** with someone’s mind or it could be monitored or can it be monitored to arrest the person responsible for said incident


Ngl the thought that someone can monitor your mind (even if done as a way to police people with ill intentions) is kind og scary cause that sounds like a more extreme version of how apps “monitor” your preferences nowadays isn’t it.

Idk if there are ments that can read minds without permission, or if there are ments that can invade your mind (does it have something to do with your pollard score? If you’re 1 in PS would it make mind-invading ments with, say, 8+ in PS easier to invade your mind than if you’re a 2 in PS?)

But for now I’ll take solace in blissful ignorance and keep Jo’s words to heart: ments are like mind vampires, they need your permission to do stuff with your mind


I’ll take a look at that part. It should only trigger if Glitch enters after you and retangles the cords because they’re a freaking troll.

I love Glitch. They’re so sweetly evil :blue_heart:


MORE GRAYSON, YOU SAY?! :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: my lovelorn MC is ready to swooooon


Gotta replay the K arc now lol. She is my favorite


Just that? :smiling_imp::smirk::imp:


I thought I was prepared to re-read this. “I won’t cry” I told myself, knowing I would, in fact, cry. Let my tears push you, dear writer, to get some rest and take of yourself. Please.

Also I love Gray, so it’s bittersweet and I’m okay with that.


now I’m thinking about it yet has more scarier than the guy trying to f*** with your mind more often


So Grayson can carry Sally inside but MC can’t even get a hug or a comforting hand hold?!?!?!?! :angry: I HATE IT HERE :sob::sob::sob::sob: lol


is it just me or K relationship stats is not visible if I go with Gray route…?


Edit: just found out that k relationship stats will not appear if you didn’t go through their “save puppy mission”. I guess its bc button and K are not properly introducing themselves? Nice detail tho. :eyes:but yeah, I don’t trust anyone but K’s doggos after chapter 3…