Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

This looks interesting, will keep an eye on it!


Woah this was really really interesting. I’m excited to read what’s next. Good luck!


This looks like a fun start! I’m very much inclined to enact petty revenge whenever possible.
Btw, it might be easier for you to use the quote function to reply to multiple users at once.

Best of luck, I’m definitely looking forward to it.


Yeah I am the oldest of 5 so I feel you:D


Oh wow, I really like this!
I like that we can make our character a brooding grouch that broadcasts the most awful images they can conjure up to all prying minds lmao.
Looking forward to more!


This seems really intriguing, and I’ll have to keep my eye on it for the future. I hope I get to play as an angsty Mc, who’s moping, and is angry and frustrated at the world for their unfair situation :joy:


I like the premise of the story. I love that we are weak. I am looking forward to read more.


I’m sold


It was short but sweet! Just by reading your post I knew the story would be funny, the way you write in general is hilarious lol. The little I’ve seen of big bro Nick made me love him already! I thiiiink Nick is the one who will ‘steal away’ one of our ROs, but if it’s him, I will allow it. In fact, if it’s Nick, I hope we don’t hurt him by pursuing the LI!

I’m super excited to meet Grayson. His description was perfection, especially this part:

Gray’s sense of humor at times wars with his ingrained sense of propriety, causing him to blush at his own infrequent jokes. He is extraordinarily embarrassed by his repeated inclusion on The Buzzer’s ranked lists, including his number one spot on “The Top 20 Ments We Wish Would Save Us from a Fire.”

He’s adorable.


Ever since the United Nations first created Unity during the Korean Reunification

Oh hey, are we reunified in this universe xD I hope we weren’t taken advatage of again

And I love that we have a morbidity stat!! I do wonder what would happen if people can see in my head… Not many people would come near, I imagine.

Could you implement a save system btw?


Best friends gonna have a crush on our brother or other way around lol. Having a crush on said best friend while they pine for your brother, OOF.


Reader’s note: Now I’m hungry, too, author. I think you just triggered a trip to Waffle House.


I’m super excited to meet Grayson.

I’m glad you’re excited for him! I try not to pick favorites among characters, but Gray was created pretty much self-indulgently based off my personal preferences :see_no_evil:

I thiiiink Nick is the one who will ‘steal away’ one of our ROs, but if it’s him, I will allow it. In fact, if it’s Nick, I hope we don’t hurt him by pursuing the LI!

Having a crush on said best friend while they pine for your brother, OOF.

I’m going to plead the fifth, but angst can be delicious. :smiling_imp: Also, keep in mind that Nick and half the ROs can read your mind, regardless of what you may want to keep secret. Soooo . . . good luck?


Can we have a school flashback where someone reveals our crush.:pleading_face:



Maybe let the brother in though so he can see how much I hate him.

Does it start of positively from his side while we hate him lol


Couple of questions. What exactly is a MIV? I know what the acronym stands for but what exactly do they do?

Also, will MC have an opportunity to do some cool stuff and actually progress the plot? I assume so, since this is a game after all, but the way the summary is currently written makes it seem like MC is pretty useless.

What is the plot anyways? The summary gives us some examples of things we can do, but is this just going to be a series of events in MC’s life, or is there some overarching narrative?

I’d suggest answering at least a couple of those questions in the summary section of the game. As it stands, it sounds interesting, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing it develop, but I have no clue what’s going on with the plot as a whole.

With all that being said, I’m very interested in this game and can’t wait to see what’s going on with the plot.


Very enjoyable writing style.


I quite like the setting of the story and how the protagonist initial place in it is being set up, though I can’t shake off the feeling that having positive relations with your family under these circumstances seems kind of… forced, for a lack of better word? In a family of essentially super telepaths I think a child like MC would unfortunately end up with strained relations rather than being dotted on.

Then again, I don’t know how relations end up with the rest of the family.


It’s an interesting set-up!

And I quite like your style and writing. Even reading your FAQ was amusing :smiley:

@Aznable I think this really depends on the persons involved. And also the direction the writer wants to take it. I do agree with you that realistically… this would suck. We keep many thoughts unspoken for reasons. But if the tone of the story is supposed to be overall light then starting out with a character you can positively bond with isn’t a bad idea. :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed this! The setting is intriguing and the infodumps are comprehensive and informative without feeling forced. I am a sucker for lore, so I always appreciate when an original setting front loads the information the player character would know just by living there. Makes the MC feel more natural.

I also dig that we get to see early on that all may not be sunshine and puppies in the family - and that we get a choice on how the MC adjusts to their circumstances (I really appreciate that “resenting the fuck out of their situation” is a valid option.) Being so far past “defective” that you broke the scale is super intriguing to me, and I’m looking forward to more backstory on what the MC’s life was like growing up (were there doctor’s appointments to figure out why two super ments produced a black hole - genetic integer overflow?)

I really like Nick from the start, and part of what I enjoyed about him is that he’s sweet and clearly a dedicated big brother, but the hints of unintentional (?) condescension makes him so very human and approachable.

I’m hooked and looking forward to seeing where this goes!