Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

What’s funny is that K counts it as a fair win instead and they’re the one getting potentially blinded. I love K.


I’m refusing to play matchmaker between Sally and nick because Sally just annoys me to be honest and comes off as borderline obsessive lol and to be honest a tiny bit of my personal me (no not my mc), the real me has a stupid crush on nick​:smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: it would be so amazing if in the sequel we could play as another character and not as button and we could come to aeon and nick would be a romance option, it would be sooo amazing.


Probably an unpopular opinion: I like Sally/Nick because 1) it makes Nick happy and I love Nick, and 2) it also gives us several hints that Nick is into bossy women which means that, in an alternate universe, Nick probably simps for Ambrosia. (An image that makes me laugh like a maniac. :smiling_imp:)

By the way: Not sure in which context it’s revealed but there was a time when Nick had a big crush on Branham, so he’s an absolute hypocrite for calling us Rosymancers out.


same. i really tried to like her, but that hospital scene where she insists on seeing nick with the MC just makes me irrationally upset lol. maybe it’s because i’ve been in a brother-in-hospital so i take it too personally idk.

i also don’t really like sally and nick together because my older brother is very similar to nick and we have a similar age gap too and i can’t help but think of my brother getting with any of my childhood friends and it kinda grosses me out ngl :sob:


All his raging when you talk to ambrosia is then what? Sexual frustration and denials? :joy:

Wonder if that gonna come out at some point from sharing head space like that.


Not unpopular. Just different strokes for different folks. Personally, i think the fact that they’ve known each other almost their entire lives and both still having feelings for one another, is all the more reason they belong together.

My Button is 100% Nick & Sally, and made it his mission to play matchmaker.


Literally so many people feel that way I always found it amusing because I can’t see him in a romantic light as a character he shows up in a scene and I’m like MY BROTHER WHOM I LOVE. DESIGNATED BROTHER CHARACTER. BEST SIB OF ALL TIME


Hah, if he wasn’t the MC’s brother, I would be all over him. Like how do you make this amazing man and then make him your MC’s bro? :face_holding_back_tears: :sob:


Yep, i see him as my loving brother, reasons i should leave out here.

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You mean unbearably overprotective :roll_eyes: not respecting boundaries, not accepting when MC says “leave me alone”.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but these kinds of characters make me want to play even more mean, ungrateful MCs.


god out of all the characters Nick if my fave, its a crime he’s our brother :smiling_face_with_tear:


Yess different strokes for different folks.
Different people different opinions and reasons.
Where I come from we have a popular saying in our native language that translates to another man’s food is another man’s poison.
What it means is that what one might consider to be a certain way might be seen in a another certain way by another person.
For example I am a no no for Sally and nick, never shipping em together and you’re the opposite. Doesn’t make either one of us right or wrong.


Couldn’t agree more.

It’d be a bit boring If all our playthroughs were the same. We wouldn’t even be having this discussion.


Not to mention it would make having choices in the first place quite irrelevant.


My older brother generally didn’t give a crap about me, so having mc’s big brother being so caring is pretty nice, idk


This IF got me daydreaming sometimes. It’s so good.


I can relate as a older brother that doesnt give a crap when it comes to my younger brother

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I like Nick, I like Sally and treat her as basically the MC’s sister, two great flavors taste great together. I ship it. Now I just need Nick to stop judging my attraction towards authority figures…


Maybe it’s just me but Sally’s Route feels too abrupt one moment we were talking about sally getting over her crush of nick to smooching

The game is at its end stages so i don’t expect any prominent change but just thought to throw that out there XD


Has the author stopped updating the public one?