Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

Not necessarily. Keep an eye on this thread, when there’s an update to the public demo, they’ll let everyone know here.


I came back to this IF after more than a year and was pleasantly surprised to see that the author is still working on it and it’s close to the finish line. I caved in and joined their patreon, MB was already so good but now is 1000 times better. The obsession for this one is real! The ROs are top tier. K, Gray and Glitch my beloved :sob:

My only complaint would still be Sally, I wasn’t a fan of her first version and although some things that bugged me before have changed for the better I still wish we could choose Sally’s personality along the lines of Button’s (confident, humorous, morbid). I don’t mind Sally as a character, don’t get me wrong but it’s really hard for me to imagine any of my Buttons having her as a bff, except my overconfident and humorous Button. Sally reads rather childish compared to the rest of the cast and that’s also the main reason I can’t and won’t play matchmaker for her and Nick. The author said somewhere that at this stage of Nick’s life they only seen Nick with Sally and that if he is not with her Nick will probably settle down in his 30s… and I was a bit job-smacked because despite his endless puns and jokes I imagine Nick as a fairly mature person for his age (he’s the team leader of a crisis and emergency unit, had to grow up fast and take care of their siblings, etc.) and I can’t really see him with Sally. Maybe I’m just a hater and a bit of hypocrite since one of my main RO is Gray. That said, if Sally’s personality was a little different I could definitely see her and Nick together.

Anyways enough of that. I have a question, it’s probably a stretch but it’s highly emphasised that Button is the only zero (that we know of) and I was wondering if maybe they are the result of some Mirrortech experiment :eyes: and the letters that John and Hope were talking about in chapter 4 have something to do with that? I know the letters are also related to something else, but still.


My biggest issue with Sally, I guess, is her crush on Nick. I’ve never truly managed to believe that suddenly she’s only interested in my Button, particularly during a difficult time that’s in which Nick is everybody’s top priority.

That aside, I do support the Sally/Nick ship and so does every single one of my Buttons who doesn’t outright hate their brother. Honestly, I wish she had more moments to shine as a character and to be more distinctive and unique. While everybody else seems to have their funny little quirks and surprises, for example, Sally spends her time watching 90’s movie classics in several scenes and that’s… just not very exciting for me as a '90s kid without an emotionally resonant reason why exactly she’s focusing on this decade, to begin with.