Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

Nick’s not a bug, he’s a feature.

Tease target if you’re aiming for Ambrosia. It’s delicious.


Yeah… Me, overbearing and annoyingly over protective siblings that won’t listen to you are like ticks you can’t get rid off and it’s even worse when they can read your mind but you can’t do Jack sh*t 'bout it and it’s world ending when they’re stuck in your head.


I’ve got 2% with Nick, and people are gettin’ over a 100??


Lol I suspect you took every option to not like Nick then or have him like your choices. That or you truly found a bug because it’s easy to raise his up.


I plead the 5th.


:sob: you monster!




U gave him emotional damage that will haunt him forever or u Rickrolled him


I approve this percentage :ok_hand:


I do my best.

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I love this IF so much, and I especially love that your Button can be extremely resentful about their situation. And I love even more that that resentment can be targeted towards your brother; often in IFs you are forced to like your siblings, or perhaps just be indifferent towards them, but being able to be actively hostile towards Nick is such a good variety of choice (and despite me personally liking Nick, I just can’t not play as a hostile, resentful Button lmao).

Also Ambrose… forbidden teacher romance… I love…


Nick thinks u lost your mind romance with her lol.


just finished playing and i regret putting this off for a long time and not reading it sooner! THIS IS SO GOOD! It’s now one of my favorite wips! somehow managed to get 160% with nicky mouse lol

also, gray has my heart :heart: (i also think it’s funny if we try to match nick and sally, we’ll be dating each other’s best friend lol)


I mean, he’s not completely wrong. It certainly speaks for an acquired taste to go for one Rosy Kim when you have so many other great ROs available.

That said, I’m 100% Rosy Kim trash and Nick’s complete and utter disgust is one of the things that make their romance route so enjoyable. :joy:


@wildelight hello! will it be relevant to the plot which book we get from kim? like will it be important later on?

also, i think i spotted a bug.

gray says our superpower is brightness and i think that’s supposed to be for a humorous button? but at that point mine has humor as the lowest stat, with morbidity as the highest

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Oh! A fellow Snickly-shipping Gray-mancer? :heart_eyes:

I know I’m not Jo, but I just wanted to jump in and confirm that the game does track which book you choose in Rosy’s office, and it is mentioned again later. It’s nothing to sweat over though; there isn’t a “wrong” or “right” choice or anything like that.

Ah, ‘brightness’ is the ‘*else’ super power. Essentially, it’s what you get if you don’t meet the stat-checks to trigger the ones before it.

I’ll post the variations under a summary cut for those who are interested; hopefully this is allowed. It’s not really spoilery, but don’t click if you’d like to experience it for yourself. (Also, friendly warning for like two instances of Gray using a certain four-letter word because apparently he is capable of that kind of language, lol.)

stat-checks and super powers

Gray leans forward. “Your super power is
*if (morbidity > 22)
resilience,” he says. “You don’t pretend that your life is perfect, because it isn’t, but you don’t let it slow you down either.”
*elseif (confidence > 22)
strength,” he says. “Every time someone tells you that something is impossible, you do it anyway. Because fuck their limits, you’re you.”
*elseif (humor > 22)
resilience,” he says. “Time and again, I’ve witnessed you tackle setbacks with a grin and a quip. You’re amazing, $!{name}.”
*elseif ((confidence > 14) and (morbidity > 14))
resilience,” he says. “You don’t pretend that your life is perfect, but you don’t let it slow you down either. Because fuck the supposed limits, you’re you.”
*elseif ((humor > 14) and (confidence > 14))
grace,” he says. “You sometimes claim to be amazing like it’s a joke, but it’s one-hundred percent true.”
your brightness,” he says. “You acknowledge that life can be depressing, and you laugh about it. It’s inspiring.”

Now I’m curious. everyone, what are your Buttons’ super powers, according to Gray?

Everly’s is ‘grace’, which I think fits her; she’s confident and humorous – trying to make it through by believing in herself with her head held high and a smile on her face. She’s determined not to falter or crumble until the conclusion, but we’ll see what happens…


My Button’s power is his clinical depression! Or, well, his stubborn nature.


My Button’s super powers, so far, have been grace and brightness.

I think it’s actually a very good spot to fall (back) in love with Gray. I once played a Button who thought they had put their crush to rest until Gray’s comment about Button’s grace and then, BOOM! We’re back, baby. Felt so immensely satisfying. :smirk:

As for Rosy’s books: My Rosy-mancing Button always takes Holmes. It just feels like the best and most fitting option to me.


my button always either ends up going for a humourous stat or morbidity.

when in terms with getting a book from rosy. art of war has always been my go-to.

personally i like K and rosy but lately ive been having quite a surprising interest into people significantly older than me and have been replying rosy’s scenes more often. also having nick be horrified to hear our thoughts as we simp for rosy is very amusing. nonetheless, amongst all the romance options, i think glitch is the most fun route to go to even if they may not be my fav ro. when it comes to gray’s route, id always have my button confess to him and relentlessly flirt with him and make it known that he likes him.


yes! and rosy is my second favorite lol
and is snickly their shipname? bc that’s so cute, i love it!

ah i see, i just thought that it will be useful later on

well i got ‘resilience’ in my first playthrough in gray’s route but the save file got broken so i replayed it choosing the same options so shouldn’t i still get ‘resilience’? i think the only thing i did different is the book