Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)



i don’t think there’s any official measurements, but i always place it as roughly: very short = 4’11 and under, short = 5’0-5’3, average = 5’4-5’9, tall: 5’10-6’0, very tall: 6’1 and over


Well you also have to take gender/sex into account as men on average are 7% taller than women which is a difference of a woman being 5’4 and a man being 5’8-5’9 (average heights in USA) so while 5’3-5’5 would be average height for a woman it would be short for a man and while 5’8-5’10 would be average for a man it would be tall for a woman.


true enough, but also i’m lazy and never bother adjusting for that, lol. easier to just go with broad ranges even if theyre technically inaccurate

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Late to the party, but…I never played an IF where ALL the routes were so great in there own way with their own little things - its absolutely amazing. I can’t even participate in this poll because I’m sitting here hovering over every answer and I cannot choose one! It seams like every path has a potential RO attached to it, will there be a path with Kim?


the metro route is it? I don’t know why but I was convinced for the longest time that behind the mask was Kim

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:rofl:love your writting made me laugh,I definitely need more

Green eyes is pretty obvious
Pale skin because the her face is described with a blush (if I remember correctly)
The jaw bone idk

Okay it’s gotten annoying.

What’s the trick to getting the option to tell our precognitive bestie to use a tool to keep the door shut in the challenge?

I’ve done it once and it won’t let me do it again, despite trying ad nauseum.

usually id choose the top option when choosing why you passed the test with flying colors. id then choose that option and it would always work. i wasnt aware that you need something for it

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idk what you mean but this is the complete paragraph that describes the nurse

Yeah, I prefer the options of “I’m just that smart,” or the method that involves that Mission Impossible montage, and both those options leave you with the idea of locking her out, but incapable of actually suggesting tool use to make it a successful strategy.

an insightful stat over 25 (which you can get easily with the “my entire life has revolved around strategic avoidance” option when asked how you passed the ASE - a vague guide otherwise is that insightful covers observation & book smarts sort of, innovative covers tech & creativity, and interpersonal is, yknow, people) or by measuring the assignment room’s radius if you enter on your own


hello, I’m currently playing for the first time and i just noticed: if we managed to outwit glitch and nox on our first assignment, shouldn’t we gain relationship points with kim since we managed to impress them?


Hi! :slight_smile: Rosy is a bit more complex than that. It’s not your outcome that determines whether you gain or lose relationship points with them; it’s what you learn/take from your win/loss that influences their growing opinion of you. I believe you get more of an idea of their mindset when you talk to them in their office.


Thats so interesting, I didn’t notice that the relationship changes because of what you take from it! So you can loose but still get points with him? Thank you for the info.

Oh Rosy is one complicated little nut to crack :chestnut: …and we will crack him I hope:wink:


i see. also is it normal to have 107% relationship with nick?? :laughing:


That’s basically it, yes. Rosy is tough, but not unreasonable. If they see that you still learned something from the experience regardless of the results, then you start to earn their respect. (Or at the very least, they hold out hope that you have more sense than your brother. :smiley: )

Or make them crack. :egg: (Just follow Glitch’s example.)

In all seriousness, as a member of Jo’s Patreon and having played the alpha, getting to know Rosy (and all the characters, honestly) has been a real treat. :heart_eyes:

Yep! You can get up to 200% with Saint Nick! Anything else is underachieving (in my very biased, Nick-loving opinion)!


OMG! I’m soooo jealous, I can’t get enough of all the character!

I cannot wait for the full story to be released.

To be honest it’s such a long loooong time since I read anything so captivating and well written like this IF! My heart&soul is just singing from all the happiness that I found this!

Oh nice, I thought I had a glitch as well.


lol i thought it was a bug! currently at 117%! i have another question tho, hope you don’t mind :sweat_smile: if we don’t tell gray (when we first meet him) what happened between us and mom, will we have another chance to tell him later?


Haha, no; Nick loves Button very much, and it’s very easy to get those relationship points in with him. (Though I suppose there are those people who would consider Nick a bug.)

I don’t mind at all. :smile: although this time, I’m not sure I can give you an answer. I’m a dedicated Gray-mancer, so I do have Button tell him as soon as it’s brought up every time. If you can tell him later, I’m not sure it will be as detailed as that first opportunity since it is also when the reader learns about the circumstances surrounding what happened in the past. (It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and done a MB playthrough; I should really see about doing that.)

A virus then? Malware? (Oh no, my heart is taking direct damage talking about the best brother like this; I need to go listen to ‘Rainbow Connection’ and cleanse my soul. :frog: :rainbow: )