Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

Ooooh, that’s devilish!

The forum part felt really strange to me - like, I see the sources of inspiration, but it doesn’t really feel like it fits the world where telepathy and people constantly rummaging in your thoughts are a common occurence. I feel it’d make it feel more fitting to the world to establish the constant breach of privacy, constant telepathic problems and the sheer pressure, the doublethink that it forced upon all who aren’t able to resist.

We know Ments are able to essentially possess people, even beyond their graves, we know the minds of such people can latch onto others, MC being the prime example - in such a world, the problems of finding a suitable partner aren’t that grave. Wouldn’t Vengeance rather latch onto this fear of constantly being watched, checked and possibly controlled without the knowledge of being controlled, won’t it rather fan the flames of fear and resistance towards constant privacy breaches that come to people of weaker scales, like 1 to 3? How can you be sigma if someone might force you to strangle your own wife or brainwash you into blind obedience?

These things can be a mindset, can be something some people believe in, but it doesn’t really feel… real to make Vengeance recruit solely men and women that bear a very close resemblance to incels. Hells, even /pol/ is a very diverse cauldron of opinions, even if these often veneer to the right.


/pol/ is probably the only place on the internet I can go to and see a neo-Nazi and a Jihadi sympathizing with a Communist about the death of his political movement to identity politics. This will typically be followed by a thread advocating for the extermination of Pitbulls, and what the political, social, and economic implications of robotic sex slaves might be.

Place is fucking weird.

Anyway, my personal gripe with the game is the fact that Unity seems to be a UN agency. One that has policing powers in the USA. That’s the kind of thing that would typically trigger an insurgency.
Forget the whole business with “Ments”, folks around here REALLY don’t like the UN. Is that what Vengeance is? It seems like it, but it’s not really laid out plainly.


this is something that’s gone into more past the end of the public demo! which obviously i can’t talk about without spreading spoilers. but rest assured vengeance and their motives + the people they recruit get more depth and exploration as the story goes on . they definitely dont only recruit incels - good ol’ sigma_male is, i think, a way to introduce the reader (and button themself) to one facet of vengeance’s ideology. you’ll get to see the others later

also, “people constantly rummaging in your thoughts” isn’t really a common occurrence! it is for button, yes, but the literal entire rest of the population has mental shields that prevent just that from happening. it still does - a ment could force someone to let down those shields, like what happened to K’s mom, and it happens often enough that unity exists to fight those types of ment criminals & villains, but vengeance’s insistence that all ments are evil privacy invaders is very much inaccurate. most ments are very normal people, and most ments arent strong enough to possess people or force their way through mental barriers - the powerful level 8+ ments that unity recruits from (and that button is surrounded by) make up a very small minority of an already small minority.


But it’s still a thing. And there seems like there aren’t much pre - cautions taken aganist it, that the research is only kicking off – mental shields aren’t everything and what about people on the scale of 1 to 3? How can they be protected?

youre right in that research into psychic powers and the pollard scale is very new, yeah! but mental shields are, in fact, kind of everything - if i recall correctly, people levels 1 to 3 will always know when a telepath is trying to read their mind or when a telemetrist is spying on them, the same as a 4 or 5 would. level 1s are very susceptible to mental coercion & such, yes, but they still have to choose to let their mental shields down in some sense - even if that choice comes under coercion or threat of violence or what have you. even just hearing surface thoughts would require those shields to be let down. apologies if i’m not explaining the lore super well! button’s inability to resist ments at all or sense when theyre being affected by one is very much something specific to them and their level 0.

to go back to your original post & use your example - yes, a ment could force you to strangle your wife or brainwash you into blind obedience, but you have to let them in first. like the yoga cult nick talks about in chapter 5 - the empath leader in a sense brainwashed her followers into obedience, but she was only able to do so because she got them to lower their mental guards first. of course, vengeance doesn’t really care about this distinction: all norms are innocent and all ments are monsters, in their worldview. it doesnt matter to them that most ments don’t directly threaten norms, because they think ments existing at all is a threat

you very much have a point, though! the question of privacy and how to protect people from ments is a pretty big one for button, the story, and mb’s world in general. i can’t do much other than correct you on the specifics of the lore without getting into spoilers, though, apologies (and sorry if none of this makes sense at all)


Don’t worry. Thank you for answering, I was just a bit confused.

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understandable! glad i could help clear things up :slight_smile:

As a weapon you say? Please tell me how?! One the reasons I love this game is I’m still enjoying new random bits and pieces when I replay.

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It’s right at the start, with the test Ambrosia puts you through. I think you need to pick the right breakfast from Nick, though.


Pick the hot sauce as your breakfast, then during the test, when you get the options on what you can do, choose to use the contents of the lunchbox as an improvised weapon, then either have 25 innovation or tell Sally to stay away from the air conditioning when using the improvise pepper spray

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I just reached the most recent update and I think the story is fantastic so far :>>>

It’s kinda funny how I dropped this story a week ago cuz I thought it was “boring.” But after seeing its name pop up so frequently in recommended stories I gave it another go. And my god….it’s beautiful (T^T)

I was so conflicted between Kim and Glitch at first cuz Kim literally reminds me of Azula from ATLA (whom I Love very much) but in the end I opted to romance glitch cuz she was so nice and flirty.

I’m 100% sure this is a game I’ll replay over and over again once it’s done :DDDD

You can tell Sally to use hot sauce to blind K on the assignment if you pick scrambled eggs for lunch in the morning


Well damn, this is great!!! Got to the end of the demo and literally growled when I got to the play again screen. Like damn, just get to an “Oh my gosh!” moment and pfth, the end for now. Uuuugh. Annnnywho, def keeping an eye on this. Will I get out of the funk I have lived in my entire life as a Zero, or continue to be a passive aggressive bitch to every ment I meet??? Who knows.

The former, its the former.


Damn this is great. Also getting serious Chaos Walking vibes from the MC’s mental abilities. so I’m rly hoping that’s how they end up using them like ‘Noise’ in chaos walking. :thinking:


it’s so hilarious, I had so many laughs and smirks while reading the story xD I love it so far and Glitch is so sweet/funny and flirty xD I hope you won’t stop to update and finish the whole book, it’s fantastic <3


So far, this demo is the closest someone else’s writing can be a direct reflection to how my mind works. While, fortunately, I don’t have a miracle fruit-esque older brother to make my life either sweeter or straight up acidic, I do like the idea of having someone like Nick around. His presence is comparable to having a cat. Do I like cats? Yeah! Do I want to eat them? Absolutely. I will not elaborate any further.

My favourite MC is a confident and humorous button that is definitely built without any bias or narcissistic tendencies of mine, and I thoroughly enjoy his interactions with Ambrose! Them finishing each other’s terribly timed puns is just al bacio.

I have read until the recent public demo. As of now, looking forward to having my MC living as his triple-O seven dream. Including the possibility of him being dead. 68 years later, give it or take. Also if Nick allows him to die.


A silly question but always a headache for me (for most games).

What would be the approximate measurements for each option for the height of our protagonist?


Hey yea describe the nurse in excruciating detail asking for a friend

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green eyes, pale skin, high cheek bones