Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

Just curious, what tier is it to access the extended demo? Just whatever gives accessed to the closed alpha?

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Oh, Cupid Calamity is available to the public; you can find the link on Tumblr. :heart:

@Jeeshadow1 Yes, the closed alpha is the same as the extended demo, so it’s accessible to AMOs/the $5 tier and up. :slight_smile:

My pleasure! Glad I could help. <3


Thanks! Good to know!

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Set It Off released a song and it has Mind Blind vibes all over.


This is great, I was almost a little scared at the beginning (my father owns two of the little doggos) this thing is amazing, i love all the characters, and being funny made it feel wholesome as hell.

I got a real kick out of checking the sheet and seeing i had like, a 158% relationship with Saint Nick… and i find it hilarious that the character can be horni mess towards the characters if you’re bisexual, thank you for this, seems like it’ll be big, have a great day! :>


I’ve been following this story since the first day, the day that we readers are promised that we can use a hot sauce as a weapon.

Though i did stop following the development the moment chapter 7 is fully released because i want to wait until the full game is released, i finally gave in to temptation and decided to play it again today.

It’s just as a good as i remembered, if not even better.
Your writing style is just so interesting and alluring to me i can’t help but feel drawn to read more, especially the part where K, Kim, and Gray are on because the interaction with them is pure gold.
Though Nick with his dad jokes still triumph in terms of humor(that last cliffhanger is pure evil though :wink:)

I’m patiently waiting for the full release and can say with confidence that i most definitely will buy this game the day it came out. (Possible release date ?:sweat_smile:)

I wish you good luck on your future writing journey!


why is nick literally me when i’m sarcastic


so question for the author or anyone with more knowledge than I but with our mind blind situation does that mean that any telepath in brainrange can read our thoughts whether they want to or not?

Yes. That’s basically what being a zero means - you’re basically broadcasting your thoughts to any telepath in range. It’s also how you can find out if someone nearby is a telepath.


ok i knew that being a zero meant your brodcasting nonstop but wasnt sure if telepath’s always picked it up or they had to actually tune in


I love love this game!! Keep up the good work!


Also my question to you is what are the ages of the characters? It’s been bugging me lol

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Here’s an ask the author answered about the ROs’ ages. :slight_smile:


I caved and became a patreon today and good god, I haven’t stopped screaming and crying since reaching the end of the closed alpha. The hype is real, take my money, etc. Honestly, I haven’t been this excited for a game in ages. grabby hands :pleading_face::heart_eyes:


This is fantastic! Can’t wait to read more. When you publish, you’ll definitely have a paying customer here! :slight_smile:


This is one of the best games I’ve played in a while and it isn’t even complete. I cannot wait for the full game.


Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed playing through the publicly-available parts of Mind Blind. You have a very prominent narrative voice, and I very much enjoy it. My favorite character probably has to be Nick, though his name sometimes makes me think of this video from The Onion:


Is the demo still up on Patreon?

I became a patron today and I’m a bit confused cause whatever I do, my MC is called Clarence in the game. I tried all the name options but it’s always Clarence. Is that some kind of late April Fools’ Day joke or could it be a bug? :sweat_smile: :joy:


I’m not a patreon anymore but it must be an April Fools thing that hasn’t been removed yet. There’s never been a bug that I’m aware of that made people call you Clarence.

This also sounds to me like something the author absolutely would do and I approve. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: