Mind Blind (04/30 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

Sometimes it also happens right after closing the stat screen, or if you opened it right after saving. I tend to avoid opening the stat screen and saving on the same page at all.
Also, if you use multiple saves, and you get that bug, close the game altogether before you try loading a different save. If I load a corrupted save and then try loading another one without closing the entire thing, it corrupts the others saves I try to load too…


A way to avoid the bug is by saving first then loading that same save before checking the stats screen.


Is it too wrong that whenever Ambrosia shows up i have a desire to hum “hot for a teacher” by Van Halen?


Love this demo :slight_smile: I have played through it so many times and the only issue I’ve found is on Gray’s route.

After the car scene it says he has his arms wrapped around you, but later “…Gray says. His arms fold defensively across his chest at Ambrose’s skeptical brow.”


Man The demo is so much fun


I’m so so so ready for this WIP to be completed! I’ll be one of the first ones in line to purchase it. I love the plot and romance.


Is yesterdays update only for patreon subscribers?



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I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but it just fills me with so much joy whenever I see the overflowing relationship bar with Nick. He’s honestly my favorite character and I can’t help but grin at the 157%.


same. i was honestly surprised that the bar went over 100 and for a second, thought something is wrong


I don’t know why exactly, but I found the writing style of this story…unique, and more compelling than usual. Everything just felt so smoothly transitioned into and the sarcastic dialogue choices were so on point. I personally find communicating sarcasm extremely hard in written form, so if anyone has any tips, I’d really appreciate them.


Glitch saying “You’re a sight for sore eyes” when you meet them in cafe hits very different if you sprayed K previously, lmao. Legit thought they were just being passive-aggressive with me for a second.


i’m HUGELY enjoying this game - i’ve had a few issues with the interface, but that’s more due to my phone system and my overprotective anti-tracking/anti-cookie add-ons than anything else. this is genuinely one of the most well-polished and well-executed IF stories i’ve come across; not only does the writing feel engaging, funny, and responsive to how i play, but the story itself is gripping and holds strong as a story in its own right (not just a vehicle for romance) which i am a hugely appreciative of. i’m also not a fan of superhero plots in general, so the fact that i’ve been playing and replaying this so ardently is really a testimonial to how sincerely enjoyable it is.

something i really love as well is how much the game prioritises your relationship with your brother. i forgot entirely about romance in my first playthrough (and got sniped by glitch nonetheless, not that i’m complaining) in favour of really just enjoying how strong and well-written the sibling dynamic felt, including the ability to embrace the more complex and nuanced sides of having a sibling. not to mention the complexity and glorious messiness available in how button feels about each! individual! family! member!! i feel SPOILED.

i also really appreciate the different ways button can view their condition. i’m someone who lives with a fair few mental quirks (seeing tourette’s mentioned by name in the game made me do the spiderman pointing meme) and, again, the grasp of nuance and the many ways someone can feel about living with something that is, when it comes down to it, damn inconvenient and something that marks you as Obviously Other, feels really well thought-out, deep, and something that i really appreciate.

the one glaring issue i (and the several friends i showed the game to and have been comparing notes with) have had, honestly, is the age gap(s) between button and some of the other ROs. while, obviously, this is a work of fiction, it strikes me as really uncomfortable and strange to have an age gap of ten years between rosy and button. i’d love to go down rosy’s route (who wouldn’t want to unwrap such a deliciously tightly-bound parcel, with all those glimmers of genuine humanity and care poking through the wrapping?), but the simple fact is that rosy is half-again button’s age and their instructor to boot. the fact that rosy, a fully-mature 30 yr old in a position of power over button, a 20yr old who is both one of their students and, later, reporting to rosy as their…senior/commanding officer, i suppose?, would possibly end up in a relationship with button despite no shortage of attractive people closer to rosy’s age running around the place … it feels creepy, and predatory, and makes my skin crawl, which is obviously not the intention. it mars an otherwise delightful potential dynamic and a really fun and complex character by turning them into someone whose reputation would make me cross the street to avoid them.
even grayson, who, on paper, is the most tailor-made-for-me RO possible, feels hard to enjoy when you consider that he would have known button since they were, what, two-thirds his age? and, again, is a fully mature adult in a position of (albeit far less direct) power over the much younger rookie button. my co-readers and i are all in the middle range between the age gaps between button and grayson, and all of us felt uneasy about that as well. both of these characters are so easy to love, but it’s really hard to ignore the given ages. the age gap between my adult younger brother and i is a year less than the age gap between button and grayson & nick, but the idea of considering any of his friends in a romantic or sexual light turns my stomach.
and on that note, the potential romance between sally and nick: it skeeves me out that button’s adult older brother would potentially be interested in someone a even younger than button, the younger sibling that he practically raised.

i, honestly, feel like it’s such a shame to have this hinder enjoyment, especially when it doesn’t seemt hat hard to solve. why not have button be ambiguously aged between, say, 20 to 23, reader’s choice? say they took a gap year, or were held back a grade, or attended a few years of normie college after highschool, or something along those lines, or just leave it to reader interpretation? why not have rosy be in their mid-twenties, and just act far older than they seem? (which also gives the option of tasty tasty potential scenes of seeing someone who acts a decade older than they really are suddenly seem painfully like their real, younger age in a moment of vulnerability). why not decrease the gap between the older cast members and sally & button a little?
i can’t see any huge narrative reason why not - you could argue that rosy, nick and grayson would be too young to be in their position, sure, but nick and grayson are both exceptionally powered individuals (and the narrative keeps flirting with the idea of unity being…kind of cavalier about the value of individual human life); and as for rosy, i mean, plenty of universities/colleges hire older students or recent alumni as tutors, even disregarding that they evidently are pretty exceptional in their own right and, similarly, might have a lack of experience compared to older agents overlooked in favour of their skills.

i apologise if this comes off as overly solicitous or sanctimonious - i am obsessed with this novel, and eagerly awaiting updates (nice cliffhanger, by the way - totally didn’t obliterate my productivity in the middle of my work day when i finished chapter 8 on my break or anything, absolutely not) - and i literally created an account on this forum for the express purpose of both gushing about it and complimenting the genuinely outstanding writing and plot, and for offering constructive criticism on what is probably my new favourite IF novel. i (and at least one of my friends) are already setting aside funds to throw at the finished product. i’m halfheartedly trying to talk myself out of joining the patreon. this story rules.


Some people like age gaps in fiction. And some people, in real life, have perfectly healthy relationships even with years between them. My best friend’s parents have thirteen years between them, but they have the healthiest marriage I’ve ever seen.

Unless the relationship is being written in an unhealthy way, then there’s no reason to assume it’s going to innately be unhealthy. And if it is unhealthy, well, again, it’s fiction; sometimes people explore uncomfortable subjects with fictional characters because it helps them better learn to deal with their real discomfort in their real life. Others, still, want to explore something that’s seen as taboo in a way that doesn’t harm any real person. Neither of these approaches are wrong.

In the words of wisdom from years of old; if something is uncomfortable for you to read, then don’t read it.


If I remember correctly, I think the author mentioned on their Tumblr that part of the reason for the varying ages and Rosy specifically was to accommodate older IF readers who, as players, may feel uncomfortable romancing a younger character.

I’ll try to find the link where they explain.

Edit: Found the links! There might be more, but hopefully this can provide more insight.

Rosy’s Approach to MC Romancing Him

Rosy’s Inclusion

Reason for Student-Teacher Romance


hey, thank you! i greatly appreciate you having gone out of your way to find these links; it provides a really interesting reasoning and i feel a lot more comfortable knowing it.


i’m well aware, thanks! there are situations in fiction where i also enjoy exploring the dynamic of age gaps, and i know of plenty of people in real life who are perfectly happy with significant age gaps between them and their partner/spouse. it’s not an inherently bad thing. i’m also no stranger to wanting to use fiction to explore offputting or potentially taboo topics, and doing so can absolutely be cathartic and healthy.

to be more specific, my issue arises mostly from the youth of the character of button. i wouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all if it was, say, a six or ten year age gap where button was in their late 20s or early 30s. it’s more just that someone who’s 20 is still immature, regardless of how adult they behave. their frontal lobes are still all squishy and stuff. the mentor/mentee dynamic that i mentioned as well is something that, imo, can be fun to explore in fiction; it’s the combination of the difference in psychological & psychosocial maturity that, combined with the age gap, turns me off personally.

i’m also pretty happy to play and replay various routes of this game and just ignore the aspects i’m uncomfortable with; i’m clever enough to work out that if i don’t enjoy the idea of something when the opportunity arises, i probably won’t like either it if i venture further down that path. i wanted to post this here since it’s a forum for the demo, and i enjoyed the game intensely enough to want to offer both compliments on what is a sincerely enjoyable game, and feedback on something that i and a my friends found detracted from our experience and kept us from fully enjoying everything the game has to offer. i’m not placing any expectation on the author to actually act on my post; nor am i condemning it. i expressed how the inclusion of the age gaps and power imbalance made the game feel, on first run-through and without prior knowledge (as provided by another person in this thread!), unpleasant or offputting to some readers and biased perception of certain characters in a way that was obviously not desired, which i assume would be something the author is interested in hearing. they’re under no obligation to incorporate my advice, respond to it, or even read it, honestly.

as an addendum, i had some issues sending this post, so i’m hoping it goes through this time. while i’ve been waging war on my internet, the reply someone else provided to this topic also has changed how i feel about the points i raised above, so it’s worth mentioning that as well.


I’m still desperately waiting for the announce of the author getting new beta-readers/players/testers/lab rats and nothing :cry: .

Our dear author forgot about us on Cog :sob: :sob: :sob:


Jesus, there’s so much L-word being thrown around when having a crush on Gray it’s putting me off. I could’ve sworn it wasn’t like this before, is this a new edit?? I know they’ve known each other for long, but they’re not even together. Seems too early to use the word “Love” so much. Not only that, to put him above Nick in how much MC “Loves” him?

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omg that cliffhanger I loved it

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