Mind Blind (02/28 Demo Update. A Story Where You Are NOT The Chosen One!)

Unpopular opinion here, I think, but I actually love that Nick at least dotes on MC. (And more personally, I don’t have the stomach to be mean to him!) It’s very nice and it fits the tone of the story much more than siblings hating each other. And I’m also relieved it won’t be a “full” love triangle. Angst is nice, but as the author said, as long as it doesn’t become a tragedy. The story seems to be a comedy anyway, even with its dramatic moments, so keeping the tone light is a good choice I believe. Anyway, glad to go along for the ride and see where the author takes us! :heart:


So from what I gather, our Pollard score isn’t indicant of our intelligence, so a plausible defense mechanism could be that we constantly think a lot while keeping our true thoughts underneath what’s basically white noise.


Umm…anyone wanna say something? No one? Okay then.

I’m done​:joy::rofl::joy:

And I thought I was alone😁 Welcome to the loves-big-bro-doting club.

Also, I have a question. Will Nick ever realize that he is part of a “love triangle”? And if he does, what will be his reaction to it?


Make that 3 for the Nick Defence Club :grin:

And he already feels like he stole the MCs share of powers, I’d imagine he’s feel so guilty, poor baby

The angsty love triangle I’m imagining is the one where everyone loves each other too much to do anything for fear of hurting each other and no one gets what they want :joy:


I like him too, I am always all in for some Happy Family fun


Let me just be the first to say… fuck Nick and that’s on foe nem :triumph: loved the story though :blush:


I am also jumping on the pro-nick bandwagon.:grinning:


Haha I’m honestly curious! Why hate Nick? (It’s okay, obviously, I’m just curious about the reasons!)


I’m curious about the Nick hate as well! He’s a bundle of good intentions and softness. Then again, he also isn’t great with mental boundaries (though that’s not completely his fault).

He 100% aware if you both like the same RO (mind reader), but there’s very little that Nick wouldn’t sacrifice for his sibling.

Nailed it! MC can follow their desires (either with or without guilt) and go after the RO, or they can sacrifice themselves on the pyre of unrequited love and push the other two together.

Or, for uninterested MCs, they can play matchmaker and enjoy a nice little secondary love story.

Don’t worry, it will be super obvious when they’re introduced. You won’t accidentally stumble into unrequited angst.

It’s not! Being an MIV is, however. I really like your idea of basically nerding out to keep Ments at bay, and will look in on how to potentially incorporating it.


Jealousy, I think. I have 2 MCs in mind, and both of them resent Nick for being the one with powers instead of them. One of them buries their resentment but the other is pretty open about it. Nick being nice to us doesn’t change the fact that he’s always going to be seen as the better, more important one, while MC is going to be seen as useless, and a burden.


It’s more like I’m already interested and have a favorite in one of these ROs on the list, then when we meet them realize they just wanna bump bellies with Nick lol.


I can already see my character causing mass confusion in opponents, kinda like an overload. I really like this one and I hope it sticks around.


My hearrrrrt. :broken_heart: Ugh. I’m… not giving up Grayson (it’s him isn’t it :joy:) not even to Nick, though!


His life :upside_down_face:. There’s a ledge there big bro…


It’s super interesting so far! I’m excited to see where you go with this I can’t wait :smiley:

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I will start singing “happy ending” by Avril Lavigne if that happens to my MC :joy: :sob: my life is sad…

Edit : after that maybe I’ll just sing “I will survive” while my MC walked his ass away from any more incoming dramas. :joy:


Hmm. At this point, perhaps we should start betting which of the ROs is interested in Nick… I’m betting on A.

So, I’m curious. Are there any ROs that like MC from the beginning? And if so, if MC likes the person who likes Nick and it doesn’t work out for MC, will that RO try to comfort MC? Or will the other ROs not gain an interest in MC if they’re showing interest for someone else?


Im guessing A or the best friend, since they would’ve known Nick as long as they knew us and gained a crush over time.


That’s certainly plausible that it could be the best friend. But which best friend? MC’s or Nick’s? I’d say either is a good bet because of the history.


Probably the MCs best friend Salomé Alavidze.

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