Military Realism


I was putting together game concepts to possibly work on later, and there was one thing that bothered me. Say someone attack a large population target, let’s say Times Square, and somehow managed to mount an attack by air (which would be hard in the first place because of how quickly the Air Force could mobilize.), would the Air Force blow them from the sky regardless of the residential area? I feel like they’d be in between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, by taking out the enemies mid-air, they can’t kill more people, but the wreckage would most likely kill somebody, plus a possible explosive risk. Anybody know how this would be handled? Also, what about a bio-assault at the same time of the attack? How would the CDC handle treating wounded who were carrying what could become the next pandemic level sickness?


All depends on the threat assessment. If the attacks ability to kill/cause more damage to the civilian population or infrastructure far out strips the damage their crash will cause, they will be shot down without hesitation even at the cost of civilian lives.

EDIT: As for a bio assault if you seen any quarantine or outbreak movies, that’s the handbook to go by. First step is isolation, second is identifying the agent.Third is treatment or in the most radical or threatening of cases where containment is breached or ineffective… they will firebomb the infected areas. This of course will only happen if the threat proves to be a truly significant.


Seems resonable enough. Now what about a simultaneous attack with a gaseous bio-weapon?


The United States has air tracking and control over all the borders and hundreds of miles inland. An attack by air would not be possible on Times Square without the attacking vehicles being intercepted (either by jet fighters or ground-to-air defense systems) before they could reach that objective.

If somehow they were able to get to Times Square, the attacking vehicles would be shot down regardless of being in a residential area. The potential damage they could do far outweighs the damage that would be done by bringing them down as quickly as possible.

Any biological attack would result in the area being quarantined by mobilization of the National Guard and nearby military forces. CDC and medical personnel would not be allowed into the location until the area is contained and the biological agent is positively identified. Military personnel would be outfitted in full MOP4 Nuclear-Biological-Chemical (NBC) gear including suits and gas masks.


Like I said,it would be incredibly hard to pull off, even with distractions elsewhere. Thanks for the info at least.


Wasn’t trying to discourage you, just giving you the info you needed so that you could figure out a way to realistically overcome the defenses for your game. Didn’t mean it to sound like “no way you can do that” :stuck_out_tongue:

One way to do it would be to have the attacking vehicles be something like stealth fighters, which both fly too high and too fast for conventional radar system to detect and defense systems to track.

Another way is to have the attackers bring in their vehicles via semi trucks or something like that and then launch them close to their objective but outside of any area of controlled airspace.


Well, this is still a concept that hasn’t even made it to file yet, so I guess it wouldn’t count as a spoiler. The goal would be to release a form of nano machine into the bloodstream of as many victims as possible in the US. The main tactic to gain high infected rates would be to attack one location with pre-made flying monstrosities birthed by the earlier mentioned machines, then once the bait is taken and an aerial conflict breaks out, attack a second location that has high population but low suspicion for the next target. If the location was open to the air, the plan would be to have several individuals infiltrate the crowd concealing gas grenades haboring the nanomachines. When the attack from the air comes, and bullets each containing a payload of the bots strike into the crowd, the individuals hidden in crowd will fire off their canisters while wearing specialty made gas masks to stop their nano machines within them from mixing with the unstable strain being released. As far as casualties go, each bot will start repairing the wounds to make it look as if the subject was never wounded and all shots that miss will self destruct. After the attackers bail from both locations, rescue efforts will start. Until evidence of the gas being anything but a hallucinogen is found, many will believe there was an attack, but few were harmed (a few real bullets should be slipped into there just to be convincing though, and perhaps causing real attacks with firearms and actual hallucinogen gas in other locations at the same time as the infecting one would lower suspiciouns of a bio-weapon…) so from there, things could go two ways I’m thinking of either having the boys disguise themselves at first (destructing when taken out of the host body, causing no side effects) and let the hosts blend back in, then causing phase two (later), or immediately causing phase two during rescue efforts. Phase Two would be to be for the boys to infect every tissue of the host, then start modifying them at random, turning large swaths of civilians into chaos causing war beasts. Unlike the stabilized versions that the attackers use, these boys would cause transformation at random, both when and how they change their host. The only similarity between these unstable hosts would be complete loss of memory and whatever rules they followed in their normal life. That’s going to be my starting concept if I go forward. It’s not much but it could grow into a WIP. Honestly I don’t even know where to put the MC. Part of the attacking organization, an infected host changed beyond recognition as you strive to create new rules to live by as you’re being attacked by just about everyone, or even a government agent trying to work on stopping this new outbreak.


Well with the concept I can’t see any reason to attack by air at all. If this is a dispensable weapon in gas form that you say individuals can release… then I don’t any counter unless this ‘terrorist’ attack was on anyone’s radar. Is this a group watched by the government, are they aware a potential strike is imminent? Has attacks like this taken place before, and is this a new form of terror attack or is there a history of similar ones with similar nano weapons?

This is clearly not a reckless military attack, so i think every target site would be infiltrated with stealth until the ‘go’ where upon it would be a coordinated attack on multiple fronts at once. There would be no need at all for a flashy air assault because that would simply raise the global alert level and may even exposed the more covert operations early.

The only reason for a flashy air attack i could think of would be for ‘showmanship’ if you have a very vain or eccentric enemy who wants to prove a point. Be it something like nowhere is safe, or that their willing to die for their cause… they want to be seen and have it known. But if thats not the case with them being vain and they have a real motive, then they will likely keep as covert as possible. At least thats my opinion.


I agree with @Divinity_One that an air attack wouldn’t be necessary. In fact, bullets wouldn’t be necessary as the nanobots could theoretically be dispensed through the gas canisters. There wouldn’t be any need for any sort of complex operation at all. If you had the nanobots already, all you would need to do is chuck some canisters in populated areas around the world and viola, you’ve infected a high percentage of the population.

As far as where the MC fits in… it would be hard to identify with the attackers so I don’t think being an attacker would be a good option. An infected civilian or a government agent sounds like fun though.


IMHO the best way to lauch this attack is to ship the components of the weapons to residential addresses and have the cell members pickup and assemble the weapons in the US. You could ship to houses which are known to be unoccupied and stake it out until the delievery man arrives and sign for the package or use bogus to addresses and have the return address be locations accessible to the cell members inside the US.


I sometimes have ideas that juggle around, but it seems the air thing is one I can’t figure where it came from…
Now that I’ve built on the idea a bit, I think I’m dumping the air assault and sticking with the gas soley. Coincidence, but I was planning on making the leader of this group very eccentric. As for the previously mentioned flying abominations as a distraction, I think I’ll keep that in, it would strike fear, and to be honest, odds are you could get volunteers from within the ranks by glorifying them a some kind of matyr.
There’s plenty of games either published or under works where you play as a villain. At least I’d give it a spin that would make the player second guess their standpoint on if the attacks were justified. To be honest though the infected thing was what sparked the idea.

Wow, I thought I was the strange one for attack scenarios, but yikes, I’m pretty sure you topped me.

@Hell_Satan fair point, I suppose 9/11 really ramped up the fear of flight incidents. As for mobilizing at once, there would be no warning.


Maybe look at it a different way.

Rather than ask ‘what would the US do in response to air attack and how would I beat them conventionally’, you need to ask ‘how do I stop that response in the first place’?

Cyber-warfare? Double agents? If the military and civilian air network was brought down long enough to enable a window of flights to enter that particular air space, then you won’t need to be dealing with the Air Force, particularly if you take off from an area that isn’t too far off from the target location.

The military will have to err on the side of caution as flying blind into civilian traffic would be a considerable risk.

Alternatively, if you’re planting a gas attack, or biological attack it makes more sense to be discreet about it and deliver it locally via ground based payload. One of the best bio-attack theories (a programme by the US and the BBC after 9/11) was to have an agent infected with a disease just walk through NYC touching everything and anyone in a discreet way, thus spreading the disease.


So I’ve been thinking about this idea, kicking it over a bit, and there’s some things I just can’t decide.

  1. The villian’s motive, what does he have to gain from this?
  2. How big of a quarantine will be involved? Do I want to tell the story of a city taken over, or half the country?
  3. The player’s role. What side are they on? In the quarantine or out? If they are infected, what did their bodies do before they gained consciousness back?